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What events led to the appointment of Reichart as project manager over the Trophy Project? Did the project appear to be planned correctly? Why or why not? Did functional management seem to be committed to the project? What evidence is there of the functional managers commitment or lack thereof? Did senior management appear supportive and

Why did CMS become more involved in the reimbursement component of health care? How does their involvement impact health care organizations? What tools can be implemented to ensure an organization is meeting the policies and procedures set forth by CMS? Identify 3 tools from the CMS Web site that are helpful to achieving the goals

In writing a paper about all three of them individually, identify the consequences of the actions taken, and then determine whether the actions taken represented a greater good, who would benefit from the good, and whether the consequences ethically justify the decisions and actions. The Mayor of a large city was given a free membership

At July 31, Kuhlmann Company has the following bank information: cash balance per bank $8,069, outstanding checks $856, deposits in transit $1,500, and a bank service charge $26. Determine the adjusted cash balance per bank at July 31.

Describe your interest level in working in lodging and resort operations after considering the material presented in the text. Discuss your ideal hotel job, including hotel size, star level, its location. How does this ideal job compare with the positions described in the text? Are you more likely, the same, or less likely to pursue

Discuss the expansion of the basic accounting equation to include revenues and expenses. Discuss and illustrate how this expanded accounting equation stays in balance after every transaction. Do the rigorous rules of accounting necessarily mean there is only one numerical answer? Explain.

How should governments report permanent fund and fiduciary fund balances and income in their government wide statements? Explain. How should an employer determine its annual pension cost? What minimum GASB criteria must it satisfy?

When conducting an error analysis, what must a CPA consider? Why? What might happen if these items are not taken into consideration?

How are the tax benefits of net operating losses (NOL) disclosed on financial statements?

On July 1, 2007, Gibson Compnay acquired 75,000 of the outstanding shares of Miller Company for $12 per share. This acquisition gave Gibson a 35% ownership of Miller and allowed Gibson to significantly influence the investee s decisions. As of July 1, 20007, the investee had assets with a book value of $2 million and