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What are the steps of developing a policy within the criminal justice arena? How does the United States constitution impact the development of criminal justice policy? Is there a better way in which policy can be developed? What is the role of state government in criminal justice policy development and implementation? How does the role

What is comparative legal research and what are the reasons for comparing criminal justice systems?

How does personal experience shape one s view of family and motherhood?

Describe Karl Marx s perspective on population growth. How does it differ from the earlier views of Thomas Malthus?

What are the differences between conflict theories and functional theories?

Why is Elder Abuse underreported in the community?

Definition of Ageism/Agism as It Relates to the Media and Popular Culture.

What are Elisabeth Kubler Ross five stages of grief an individual undergoes when coping with imminent death?

What is Sociological Theory? What types of issues to sociologists debate and investigate?

What are GMO s? Are they safe for all age groups? Why or why not?

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