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How does organizational culture affect individual values, motivation, or job satisfaction? If employees have values and attitudes that differ from the organization, is it an issue? How do diversity and individual differences affect your organizational culture?

Should an organization s strategies be reactive, proactive, or both? Support your answer.

(1) Identify and discuss at least three issues that telecommuting raises for HRM. (2) When may an organization legally hire employees based upon religion, sex, or national origin ? Provide an example of a job that would permit such a restriction (1 example for each of the three qualifications. (3) List and discuss the six

Identify an approach that is taken by an employer to ensure that ethical individuals are hired into the organization. In your opinion, what is the single most important thing an organization can do to ensure they hire the most ethical individuals? Can ethical violations ever be completely eliminated within an organization? Why or why not?

Describe the roles of international financial institutions , and how it is used in global financing operations, and its importance in managing risks.

1. Identify and explain three characteristics of a learning organizations. 2. Explain how an organization s human resources can contribute to the competitive advantage. 3. Explain the link between organizational and individual goals. 4. List three potential barriers organizations encounter in their attempts to implement change and explain why they are barriers. 5. Discuss how

What life style do we project on job applicants? Should human resource managers and managers have empathy for entry workers backgrounds and personal life styles? Support your answer and explain. How do the atmosphere and workplace environment of the human resource department office contribute to the behavior and attitudes of job applicants?

Discuss how to adapt leadership style to address International, Cultural and Ethical issues?

How much has Corporate responsibility and ethics and Society and trends changed in the past 10 years?

How do cognitive biases affect organizational learning and the quality of decision making? What can be accomplished to reduce the negative impact?