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Discuss whether or not the law should prohibit all bad behavior and provide a rationale to justify your answer. From the e Activity, describe the company and the disconnect of what it says and what it does. Discuss the conclusions about ethics and the law that you draw from this example. Week 1 eActivity Research

Looking at the legal environment of business today, discuss where you see the law has fallen short for businesses or consumers. Review the four components that make up legal astuteness and rank order the four components in order of most valuable to manager s in today s business climate.

In a two to three page paper, review and analyze the information on traditional training methods. Which do you think tend to be the most effective and why? Which do you think tend to be most ineffective and why? The paper must use APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide.

Imagine that you are a manager at a delivery service and you are creating a report to project the effects on your company of rising gas prices in the next ten years. Using the preceding statistical analysis as your basis and outside scholarly resources to support your claims, write a 3 to 5 page paper

Explain how a work group becomes a team.

Answer the following scenario thoroughly utilizing key terms and concepts covered in the previous units reflecting full understanding of the concept of macro economics as it relates to the scenario described. Provide examples and clear rationalizations for your statements. Essay should be no less than five pages in length double spaced. Describe your own interpretations

On October 1, 2010, Chung, Inc. assigns $1,000,000 of its accounts receivable to Seneca National Bank as collateral for a $750,000 note. The bank assesses a finance charge of 2% of the receivables assigned and interest on the note of 9%. Prepare the October 1 journal entries for both Chung and Seneca.

1. How does Apple Inc income statement common size data and the profitability ratios differ from Microsoft s? Based on annual report data, why might these differences exist? 2. What balance sheet and liquidity ratios differ from competitor? Based on annual report data, why might these differences exist? 3. Do the operational ratios compare favorable

How much does the company need to have set aside today to meet future obligations? The company is assessing the employees fund. At the end of each of the next 25 years the company will have to pay its retirees 5,432. If the fund is estimated to earn 2%, how much does the company need

Minnie, the manager of the marketing department for one of the industry s leading retail businesses, has been notified by the accounting department that her department experienced an unfavorable sales volume variance in the preceding period but a favorable sales price variance. Based on these contradictory results, how would you interpret her overall performance as

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