Recently Asked

Why or why not is trust essential to effective teamwork? Support your response with a specific example.

Describe the role, in your opinion, that biological agents, sleep deprivation, and construction hazards can impact or create industrial accidents

You have just been hired as a risk management consultant for a Fortune 500 company. What specific crisis prevention strategies would you recommend to your client? Substantiate your response.

Do you personally subscribe to the eight-hour window theory? Why or why not? Its referring to when a crisis happen, the books says you have an 8 hour window to get the information out about the crisis

Thoroughly describe one major crisis of national or global importance that was handled well and one crisis that was handled poorly. What specifically contributed to these distinctively different outcomes?

Compare the similarities and differences between politically-related crises and health-related crises.

You have just been hired as a risk management manager for a large not-for-profit organization. How would you determine the areas of greatest vulnerability to experiencing crisis situations for this place of employment?

Thoroughly describe the two-phase crisis coach system. How effective would the two-phase crisis coach system be for small business organizations?

Discuss the best and worst team communications practices you have observed in your workplace. What makes them effective or ineffective communications practices? Please provide example.

Imagine for a moment that you all are safety managers for a large company which makes consumer goods. In addition to providing warnings about side effects, what communication best practices can companies use to educate consumers about how to properly use a product?