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1. The labor contract negotiation process has been depicted as: a poker game, an exercise in power politics, a debating society, and _______________. (Points : 1) a baseball game a rational process armed military conflict mediation carried on by other means 2. The vast majority of problems that arise in interpreting and applying the contract are: (Points

Which of the following is not considered a union unfair labor  practice? (Points : 1) Telling an anti-union employee that he will lose  his job if the union gains recognition Union picketline violence Under a valid union-shop agreement, demanding the  discharge of an employee who fails to pay his union dues Issuing patently false statements

a)Write the values of variable that make a denominator zero. There are the restrictions. b) Keeping the restrictions in mind, solve the equation. 1- (2/x)=(13/8x)+3 2- (x-5)/3x)+1=(x+5)/(x) 3- 2/(9x+45)=8/(X+5)-(5)/(9)

Can anyone help with this assignment?   Create a fictional village of 2,000 people. Five hundred people in the town are Christians, five hundred are Jews, five hundred are Moslems and five hundred are atheists. The town gets together for a general town meeting to debate the new town charter that gives direction for an

I am in need of help with these 2 disucssion questions for my Leadership in the 21st Century class. I have attached a pdf file to read for the first question. both questions should be at least two paragraphs and no copy and paste. please cite references if used. 1. When managing organizational change, which

Essay format should include an introduction paragraph with a thesis statement, a body, and a conclusion paragraph. The essay should be 2 – 3 pages (750 to 1,000 words) and should include at least (2) academic resources, not including your textbook. Your reader/audience is the general public. Research racial and ethical issues in a country

400 of your own words Employees are considered to be the greatest risk to an organization’s security. Explain why this is the case and what can be done to minimize this risk. Make sure to provide support and discuss cases where human error or actions caused major security incidents and how they were–or could have

Hello urgently need help with AED/222 week 8 bi-weekly reflection. In 200-300 words given the purpose of an IEP meeting, describe 1) what data you may need to collect and bring to be prepared to contribute to the discussion taking place, 2) the rationale behind its significance, and 3) at least one other professional you

Research a global organization and a cultural issue that affects this organization’s interactions outside the United States. Define the cultural issue within the global organization. Prepare an analysis of the ethical and social responsibility issues that your selected organization must deal with as result of being a global organization. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper

Deliverable Length: 1,500–2,000 words Two important policy goals of the government and the Fed are to keep unemployment and inflation low while at the same time making sure that GDP is increasing an average of 3% per year. It is important to have the right mix of policies and that all the variables be timed perfectly.