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What are the advantages and disadvantages working for a supervisor high in need for achievement, affiliation, or power? why?

How does the dilemmas of teamwork might be intensified in a virtual team. What dilemmas are felt when one have to do class assignments as part of a team?

I need some help with responding to this scenario: You have joined a small manufacturing organization that will be implementing an Employee Relationship Management (ERM) enterprise solution. This is their first large software implementation. At this time, software and computers are used by less than 10% of the employees so the IS department has simply

I need assistance with a paper that describes the main reasons that companies implement intranets and one major obstacle to obtaining these benefits.

A contractor is preparing a bid to install swimming pools at a new housing addition. The estimated time to build the first pool is 35 hours. The contractor estimates an 85 percent learning rate. a. How long do you estimate the time required to install the second pool? b. How long do you estimate the

What are the reasons for existence of alliances in a health care system? What is the life-cycle model associated with alliances? Includes 2 references

Describe 3 strategies a training organization can take to help ensure that training and development initiatives are properly aligned to business strategy.

Explain why a company should use these techniques to manage risk throughout a project. Attach an example of each (questionnaire and survey) as well that you would use for a fictitious project. Show all in cite references and all other references used.

Explain the thinking behind quick response (QR) logistics. How could QR help a retailer to plan and control product lines for a new fashion season? Document your sources.

Kenneth Dayton, former Chairman of the Dayton-Hudson Corporation, has said that “If business does not serve society, society will not long tolerate our profits or even our existence.” This logic suggests that CSR benefits not only society but the business as well by securing its place within a society. What other reasons are there for

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