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Can you help me get started with this project? Pick a product with high brand equity, and then describe its brand personality. Explain how brand equity and brand personality benefit the brand and its company.

Identify the traits that effective managers possess. What is the significance of the development of these traits? Which of these traits are more important when managing conflict?

Define/describe the 4 personality types of Freud/Fromm. Which of these personality types do you feel best describes your own personality? Describe a productive and unproductive version of your personality type. Do you know someone who is a productive narcissist? What characteristics do you find most beneficial in this type? Define and describe the glass ceiling.

Managers should select team members based on three skill areas: Technical or functional expertise Task-management skills Interpersonal skills Research has shown, however, that team members often judge one another “at least initially” not on the basis of the three skill sets but on the basis of perceived traits. This perception can create tension, especially when

Can a person with average charisma or personality ever hope to be a superior leader? Likewise, can a humble person be a great leader?

Discuss two of the following statements. Statement #1 Distinguish between self-esteem and self-efficacy. How is someone you know with low self-efficacy, relative to a specified task, “programming themselves for failure?” What could be done to help that individual develop high self-efficacy Statement #2 Explain the social learning model of self-management. Compare and contrast high and

Describe the traits of a networked economy. Which trait(s) do you believe are the most significant? Why?

What are the personality types to be identified by a project leader as per Wideman’s classification?

There are many successful entrepreneurs, such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Steve Jobs. What are four traits they have in common? Were these entrepreneurs born with these traits, or did they develop these traits?

Analyze persuasive requests and sales messages. What traits do persuasive requests and sales messages share in common and how do they differ? Defend your analysis with supporting examples.