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Choose any group to which you currently belong or have belonged to in the past. Discuss the type of group, its intended purpose, and how it was formed. What were some benefits and challenges you faced while working in this group? Do you think it is essential to appoint a formal leader? Why or why

Describe a situation in which you believe conflict ended with a positive result or change in your workplace or some other group activity.

Introduction: Organizations develop numerous teams as part of their operational environment. These teams perform different activities, such as decision-making, advising, and investigating problem-solving options. The key to team effectiveness includes identification of the right members, appropriate empowerment, and combining various team members’ strengths. Tasks: Conduct research in the internet for various approaches that can be used

1. What do you see as the intersections of Drucker’s discussion on effective decision making and the Lussier/Achua discussion of charismatic, transformational and transactional leaders Where do they agree and disagree 2. Using Drucker’s discussion of generic vs. exceptional issues, how would you categorize/analyze the Katrina disaster and/or the events of 9-11? 3. Think about an

Group collaboration tools are leading organizations to a group decision-making model. Agree or disagree and why?

“Identifying a Global Leadership Team” you developed a strategy for identifying the top 15 percent of talent for development. How will you engage others to support the development of that top talent? As an HR manager, you need to create at least one strategy to support the concept of global management with local respect.  

1. Consider your present or recent organizational leaders and the culture of the organization. Which perspective(s),(competency, behavioral, contingency, transformational, or implicit) would you say were most applied when it came to influencing those within the organization? What about the culture of the organization made this an effective way in which to influence? 2. Do you think that

Should all CEOs be transformational leaders? Would you like to work for a transformational leader?  

You make an excellent point about using open-ended questions. In the course of performing a review of an operational loss at the bank, I would first send out a questionnaire to the person responsible for posting the loss. The questionnaire I developed is intentionally designed to be open-ended with the hope that the person will provide more

1. Identify an organization and its leader, analyze the leader’s functional role in the organization. 2. Analyze the expectations of the role and how the leader fulfills the expectations of the role. 3. Analyze how the leader shapes the organization’s strategy and design. 4. Analyze and justify whether the leader is currently taking the organization in the