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A measurable plan to monitor the human change elements of the project 1. The project is implementation of RFID tags at Target Companies 2. Please provide: Identify and explain a concise clear and measurable plan to monitor the human change elements of the Target project. 3. I am using Kotter’s Eight-Step Model of change in

Why is it important that the project manager keep up with the latest trends in project management?

Explain how the project manager will communicate performance evaluation results to both management and the customer.

Give an example of a project that is driven by each of the following needs. (Each need should have a different project described.) Marketing Demand Business Need Customer Request Technological Advance Legal Requirement Social Need

Assume you are hired to manage the following software development projects. Make a list (each should have at least two but no more than five) of the stakeholders for each and their relative level of control of the project: website College telephone directory A graduate research project

Emerson Company makes surfboards. Each surfboard requires 9 pounds of fiberglass to produce. The sales forecast for March is 1,700 surfboards. Estimated beginning and desired ending inventories for March are the following: Estimated Beginning Inventory Desired Ending Inventory Surfboards 300 420 Fiberglass (pounds) 4,400 6,000 a) Calculate the number of surfboards to be produced in

Consider the tasks, durations, and predecessor relationships in the following network. Draw the AON network and answer the questions that follow. Activity Description Immediate Predecessor(s) Optimistic (Weeks) Most Likely (Weeks) Pessimistic (Weeks) A — 4 7 10 B A 2 8 20 C A 8 12 16 D B 1 2 3 E D, C

What are key attributes for a high quality university that are critical to success?

1. Which of the following is an example of an external risk? a. Poor staff assignments b. Incorrect cost estimates c. Inflation d. Contract type 2. Critical Path can be best described as: a. Activities to be completed without delay to finish the project on schedule b. The longest path in the project schedule c.

Although this product is being targeted at the home consumer, the sales department thinks there is great potential in the commercial market, and it should be pursued. You brought this issue to the project sponsor who, in turn, brought it to executive management. They decided that this opportunity should be investigated as part of your