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How are global business operations impacted by national and cultural differences?

What is the difference between arbitration and mediation ? Describe a time in your career where either of these would have an effective way for you to resolve a conflict issue within the workplace or in another outside situation.

Explain the difference between arbitration and mediation. Now, give three reasons why arbitration is a better alternative to litigation. Now, give three reasons why mediation could be a better alternative to arbitration. Finally, have you ever been involved in any of these three methods of dispute resolution? What was your impression?

What role does language and language diversity play in the critical thinking process? How does language empower or limit the expression of our thoughts? What is the role of critical thinking in persuasion?

How do perceptual hypotheses and assumptions based upon theme play a role in conflict at work? What happens when bias and stereotyping enter our observations of other people’s behavior?

Of all the reasons given to explain why the concern for diversity management emerged when it did in the United States, which do you think are the most important? Why?

Please provide 100 word response to each question thank you. 1)How might the effectiveness of diversity in a workforce be measured, and what metrics might be used? 2)What is the most significant HR challenge resulting from our society’s shift from a manufacturing orientation to a service orientation? Why?

Is affirmative action contrary to our capitalist/market economy?

Develop a cultural profile for one of the countries in the following list. Any African Country People’s Republic of China Saudi Arabia Mexico France India Compare your findings with those of other students. Be sure to compare specific findings regarding religion, kinship, recreation, and other subsystems. What are the prevailing attitudes toward time, change material

This solution provides the learner with an understanding of the affects of diversity initiatives have on hiring practices.