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Read the scenario and answer Who was more effective—Colleen or Ricardo? What did the more effective communicator do that made him or her effective? What values directed Ricardo’s response in this situation? What values directed Colleen’s response in this situation? What particular aspects of their communication could have been improved upon and how? Scenario Colleen,

Communication in organizations varies according to where and how it originates, the channels, the speed at which it flows, and whether it is formal or informal. Discuss some of the cultural variables that arise due to communication channels. Course Text Book: Deresky, H. (2011). International management: Managing across borders and cultures (7th ed.). Upper Saddle

1. As a future executive, explain what you think are the most important communication issues you will have to face as you embark upon your career. 2. Discuss whether communication will become more complex, or less complex, and why. 3. Address what role technology will play in the communication of thoughts and ideas. 4. Discuss

Analyze organizational communication within management groups in Lowe’s Home Improvement and answer the following: – Identified the major forms or types of interpersonal communication. – Analyzed how interpersonal relationships are formed. – Explained the implications of these relationships on communication. – Recorded supporting examples. – Analyzed the observed communication practices. 2 pages, APA 6th ed.

Research the latest trends of electronic media in the workplace. Write a response considering the following: – Select and summarize three specific software products or computer-mediated communication trends. Compare their advantages and disadvantages. – Analyze areas for opportunity in your workplace concerning the implementation of specific web conferencing software by answering the following questions: –

Analyze how informed decisions are made at Lowe’s Home Improvement. Examine the barriers faced when making such informed decisions. Identify the communication strategies used to overcome such barriers in the organization. Record any examples that support your observations. Analyze the communication practices observed. – Analyze how informed decisions are made at the workplace. – Explain

Book is “Leadership Communication” D.J Barrett (3rd Ed) McGraw-Hill Irwin 2011 1. Compare and contrast logos, pathos, and ethos in relation establishing credibility for communication. 2. Identify a business, government, education, or sports leader whom you perceive to be charismatic or transformational. Explain the basis for your judgment. 3. Develop and propose a plan for

Outline the differences between productive and counterproductive conflicts. Select an example for each type (productive and counterproductive) of conflict from your workplace and explain where each went wrong. Analyze the behaviors that led to the different outcomes. Provide suggestions for correcting the counterproductive conflict.

Look at specific conflicts and examine the conflict styles and tactics involved. How do groups and individuals react in conflicts? Do they engage in conflicts productively? Analyze how conflict is handled and resolved in Lowe’s Home improvement stores. Record any examples that support your observations. Analyze the communication practices observed. Consider the following in your

Describe the tools a project manager may use to control and manage project communications. What are some possible results of ineffective communication?