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Do marketers customize marketing strategies for non-profit and e-commerce consumers differently than other consumers? Support your position in a minimum of 200 words. Be sure to address both non-profit consumers and e-commerce consumers (separately), and to provide substantial support for the position that you take in each case.

Case Assignment

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Case Assignment: Imagine that you have been hired as a consultant to write a report for a group of executives from a start-up company. This company wants to create a website as a resource for people who want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle combining the best fitness and nutrition options. They will collect articles, tips

1. When employed, which of the power bases do you think lead to effective leadership and which do you think lead to ineffective leadership? 2. Discuss and analyze the differences and similarities between leadership and managing or leaders and managers. 3. Identify and discuss the six trait characteristics in the trait approach to leadership. If

Operation management-About….. Problem: Describe the typical process discussing in depth how product/service is produced and provided,generating a blue -print. Subsequently, examine how environmental greening and sustainability issues have impacted them and what initiatives they have taken to address these issues within their operations strategy.based in your analysis you should comment on the future direction

Social media sites and apps are increasingly utilizing (and providing to others such as “friends”) consumer information that many might consider private, including a person’s location and product or service purchasing preferences. This has resulted in a degree of controversy, such as that experienced by Apple and Google. Discuss how you think marketing departments can

Assess the impacts that the Internet and e-commerce have had on international business and how it is conducted. What are the main opportunities and challenges these technologies have presented to MNEs? Explain your answer and give some experience examples.

imagine that you own a small local

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imagine that you own a small local clothing store along the jersey shore boardwalk and decide that you want to engage in e-commerce imagine that someone has offered you $1,000 to buy your domain name shortly after your started your business online the e-commerce software you will be using must provide a catalog display, shopping

A local bike store that does not employ e-commerce needs to develop an internet strategy for it. What steps does it need to do this?

Which of the following is an advantage of a sole proprietorship? * The owner of a sole proprietorship has no liability The owner of a sole proprietorship has complete control over the business The sole proprietorship’s existence does not depend entirely upon the sole proprietor Owners of sole proprietorships can raise a lot of cash

What recent strategic choices

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1.) What recent strategic choices have been made by the top folks at WalMart that help the company to be more competitive? 2.) Can you categorize these choices as following any of Porter’s four generic strategies? Explain. 3.) From the SWOT perspective how successful has this strategy been at: Capitalizing on WalMarrt’s strengths? Shoring up