Identify the important factors necessary for a project to have accountability. What impact does this have on the overall project?

Explain the possible benefits to using one of the simulation methods when assessing for possible project risks. Why is this method better for some projects than risk mapping, FMEA, the gut-feeling method, and the Delphi method?

I am looking for assistance in the analysis of the attached Jet Propulsion Laboratory case study. 1. Should Gentry Lee recommend launch or delay for the MBE mission? What are the most important factors to consider in this decision? 2. Identify the principal risk-management processes used in the MBE project. What role does each play,

Ajax is about to embark on a project involving the design, manufacture and introduction of a new microwave oven. The first three activities and the immediate predecessors are: Activity Predecessor A Prototype Design none B Acquisition of Materials A C Prototype Construction B However, it has not yet been decided whether the prototype materials will

How does the development of project software compare to other methods of scheduling. What are the benefits of using project software? What are the downfalls of using technology in this manner?

I need help with the following: -The definition of a project -The features of a project -These short examples can be liven up with examples of a project that you have been involved with.

What are the variables that must be considered when developing a project schedule? Give a short explanation of how they impact the schedule development

Multitasking has become the norm in our everyday society. Why is it important for a project manager to be aware of multitasking during a project? Do you think there are benefits to multitasking? Explain your answer

What are the possible project costs that need to be considered when analyzing a project trade off ?

What are the steps for a project change to be implemented once the tools have validated concerns for the project