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If you were hired as the new manager of a public fitness facility in a small community, what are some the goals and objectives you would try to develop? What would the goals and objectives be if you were the facility manager of a large stadium used by a professional baseball team?  

1. Why is it so difficult to measure the effectiveness of leadership in an organization? According to J.T. Wren (1995) there is no possible way to measure the effectiveness of leadership for the reason that an individual’s leadership style varies from person-to-person and is determined by the methodology in which he/she handles the situation. Leadership

I can see the different behaviors of a transactional and transformational leader and they appear accutate to me, but would it not be difficult to measure these very behaviors that described them? If so, why? If not why not? Also, what does effectiveness mean to you?

Should group participants make decisions or should such responsibilities be reserved for leaders only? Can followers be led effectively when those followers participate in group decision processes? Are there conditions or circumstances that guide our view of yes or no or sometimes? Are there times or situations where participative leadership is infeasible?  

How can the book “Winning Every Day” by Lou Holtz, be applied to military leadership? Can the concepts of his book provide the basis for success as a leader in the military. Point out examples within the book that may apply.

Impediments to Change: “In considering the forces for change, the business decision to be made, and their organizational consequences, leaders need to choose between treating the change in an incremental and linear way or in a fundamental, systems-based, and diagnostic way. If an incremental change strategy is chosen, it is likely to deal with “first things first” and to make

What would you prescribe as a leadership model for healthcare organizations? Why? Identify specific factors/considerations that were important to you in terms of your recommendation  

Some of the key skills integral to the job of public health administration are: **The ability to monitor, assess and identify health problems **Determine the best preventative and cost effective measures to reduce health care problems, and **To build community wide awareness of the problems and precautionary measures to utilize when developing a resolution. Based

Provide a summary on one of the following leadership theories: 1. Charismatic leadership 2. Transformation leadership 3. Leadership substitutes theory 4. Cognitive resources theory 5. LPC contingency model 6. Multiple-linkage model 7. Path-goal theory 8. Situational leadership theory 9. Social exchange theory 10. Strategic contingencies theory The summary should 1) identify the theory and individuals

Explain the employee training and development practices that you would recommend in Hong KongThe training and development practices I would recommend to Hong Kong will be geared towards building skill competencies, creating an environment of accelerated technological advancements and establishing employees that are multifaceted in various job functions. The objective is for Hong Kong to become