Please assist me with the following two discussion questions: 1. Research an industry (other than the Flat Screen TV industry) that has experienced globalization or may be a good candidate for globalization in the future and explain why you selected the industry. 2. Choose two countries (other than the U.S.) within the same region of

Describe a time when you did not actively listen during either a professional or personal conversation. What happened as a result of not actively listening? How would have actively listening helped you during this conversation?

Expain the availability, representativeness, and affect heuristics. In your answer, compare the three and discuss the positive and negative aspects of each.

Question: Discuss bounded rationality. In your discussion, explain the term as well as its importance in rational managerial decision-making. 200 word minimum

Question: With information that you gained from an internet and literature search, discuss the concept of satisfying. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of applying satisfying in decision-making. 200 word minimum

Question: Describe and discuss fully the new reality for leadership. How will this affect you in the future? Please use at least 200 words at a minimum.

Management and leadership are not the same. Please explain in at least 200 words why this is true.

Emergent technologies may create entirely new ethical problems for the business of health care. Provide and discuss a list of practical tips to be prepared for the challenge of emerging technologies.

Can somebody please describe in detail how corporate governance affects the decisions of top management and the board of directors?

Tom Bray: Tom Bray was mulling over today’s work schedule as he looked across the bay at the storm that was rolling in. It was the second official day of the Pegasus project and now the real work was about to begin. Pegasus was a two-month renovation project for AtlantiCorp, a major financial institution headquartered