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1 – What is the importance of having effective communication and negotiation in the workplace? 2 – What happens when they are not effective or break down? 3 – How do things like culture and gender affect communication? 4 – What is the value of using a problem-based approach to learning in an MBA program?

Do you believe that a company should have strong communication across the corporation nationally and internationally in order to successfully develop a technology solution. Why or why not?

As part of a business e-chart group you have recently joined to advance your skills and increase your business contacts and savvy for the future, the topic comes up about how nonverbal communications can affect business relationships, and ultimately, business outcomes. Describe an experience in which you have had where non-verbal (or non-verbal combined with

Your group represents the members of the training and developing team at Washington and Jones. Part of the management track is about developing effective interpersonal communication. Instead of developing a traditional classroom presentation, your group will develop a day-long retreat to address this subject.

This week’s peer/mentor group meeting is all about statistical methods. Use the Discussion Board to discuss the goals of two statistical methods. You might want to discuss hypothesis testing as one of your statistical method since you need this information Use effective communication techniques. Describe the goals of various statistical methodologies conceptually

How would you go about doing a literature review on the following topic: Outsourcing and Financial Industry?

Safety training at the Moline plant has been completed. As a member of the team that developed the safety policies and procedures, you have been asked to prepare a summary report to the Vice President of Technology and Manufacturing apprising him of the results and offering your recommendations for future training. At a minimum, you

1. Describe the three techniques for managing communication apprehension. 2. Why should all three be used to obtain the best results in decreasing anxiety? 3. Explain a personal strategy you have used for reducing your own anxiety.

What are several examples of internal, management prepared information that ordinarily would not be communicated externally? examples in the accounting field if possible.

Discuss the levels and functions of the organizational communications hierarchy from your perspective and experience Describe how information travels up, down, and across your workplace. Explain your organization’s rules of communication (who may or may not talk to whom).