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Select a project that needs capital investment, such as community-based prenatal-care for substance-abusing mothers.

I need some help getting started with the following case: 1. Identify the problems identified in the case. Evaluate the options of possible solutions presented by the authors. 2. Do you agree that NYSEG’s Project Share is both altruistic and good business? Why, or why not? Explain. 3. Would Milton Friedman and R. Edward Freeman

I would like to know if a manager and a leader are the same or different. I understand there has been much debate over this subject. Can someone provide me with the answers to the following questions? Please provide details and examples if possible. Also, could you provide some references where I can research further?

Details: Scenario You have been asked to be the project manager for the development of an information technology (IT) project. The system to be developed will allow a large company to coordinate and maintain its records of the professional development of its employees. The company has over 30,000 employees, who are located in four sites:

Why would a project with larger cash flows in the earlier years be regarded more favourable than one with the main cash flows in the later years?

What does CCB stand for and what is

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What does CCB stand for and what is its purpose?

You are attending your local PMI chapter meeting. Fortunately, it draws project managers from many different industries, not just technology. In fact, several members have experience managing projects across industries. Respond to the following questions to join in the discussion: How important is it for a project manager to have expert judgment in the subject

How much power does a project manager have in a matrix organization?

This is an assignment related to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Details are in attachment. This assignment/project has THREE PARTS: PART 1: Each identified hazard should have the following components (Item 1 ~ 4 below): 1) What kind of employee exposure(s) does each hazard have? In other words, what is the hazard? Think in

Describe the steps involved in conducting a risk and opportunity assessment.