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I need help with the following assignment: Write four to five (4-5) pages in which you follow these formatting requirements: 1. Create an argument for diversification of your business that will be presented to the board of directors or business investors. 2. Develop a strategy for diversification indicating the products and industries for the diversification and how synergies may

Problems that arise in expatriation that go beyond the typical HRM responsibilities include the application of ethics and values abroad and external factors such as safety, security and counterterrorism. Explain these issues briefly. In what ways might the core ethical values and guidelines apply to them?

Question: In about 75 words, discuss how may managers increase the level of guest service provided? Recommend at least three strategies.

Please help me to write a reserach narrative describing the mass customization of footwear and marketing addressing the following issues below. 1. What is a proposed title of your project? Describe the project you have in mind. What question(s) will be answered by your research??”) 2. Why are you interested in pursuing this project? How will it

Use “The Seven-S Framework” (listed below) to examine a firm with which you are familiar and address how the firm stacks up in respect to the “qualities of excellence” (listed below). Does alignment with this list help explain why the firm is currently successful or unsuccessful (use any metric you think is appropriate to judge success)?

Question: What is forward integration as it relates to strategic management? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it? When would it be a good strategy to use?

Who can I talk to regarding the instructor for AC410B, Intermediate Accounting II, Mr. Glenn Daniels? His work attitude in the class or/online is very unprofessional. For an example, I have a busy work schedule and I have posted weekly discussion early sometimes. This week for discussion I posted early and a few days later Mr. Glenn Daniels

Draft a news release that you will use in your public relations campaign for Red Cross and explain in detail how the content, style, and essentials of your news release will help you persuade the public to your point of view.  

What are the challenges that strategists face today? What are the reasons for these challenges?  

What is the difference between product layout and process layout? Which product and process layout represents your organization’s current layout? Is the product and process layout appropriate? What challenges have been faced as a result of the current layout?