A filed financing statement remains in force for a period of: a. 6 months from the date of filing b. 4 years from the date of filing c. 5 years from the date of filing d. 90 days from the date of filing

Which of the following would constitute “notice” of a fact for the holder in due course purpose? a. actual knowledge of the fact b. having reason to know from facts and circumstances of the fact c. having received notice or notification of the fact d. A, B, and C e. A and B only

Sany signs a negotiable instrument that orders Sally to pay $1,000 to the order of Pat on May 4, 2001. What type of instrument is this? a. time draft b. sight draft c. check d. promissory note e. money order

In order to become a holder in due course, one must take a negotiable instrument without notice of the following except : a. that the instrument is overdue b. that there is a defense against it c. that the instrument was signed by an agent d. that the instrument has been dishonored e. that there

Under Article 9 of the UCC, ” protecting of the buyers of goods” means that: a. a buyer in the ordianry course of business takes free of any security interest b. the buyer can never take title to goods c. goods must be delivered to a common carrier in order for title to pass d.

With the “on us” item, which banks are the same? a. the payee and depository b. the payee and intermediary c. the collecting and intermediary d. the depository and the payor

Give example and define ADR- Alternative Dispute Resolution

Provide very general explanation (to readers who have never heard of these terms) about the following topics : 1.- discuss the concept of DEPENDENCY EXEMPTION as it applies to the income tax of individuals 2.- discuss the concept of CONSTRUCTIVE RECEIPT as it applies to the income tax of individuals 3.- for individual tax purposes,

1) Which of the following statements is false? A) Notice must be given for directors meetings B) The solicitation of proxies is governed by the Securities and Exchange Commission C) Shareholders may vote by proxy D) Notice must be given for shareholder meetings E) Directors may vote by proxy 2) The statute that covers the

Which of the following is not generally true about artisan’s and mechanic’s liens? a. there must have been authorizaton from the owner of the goods for the work done on them. b. they apply where one provides materials or services with respect to goods. c. Artisan’s and mechanic’s liens are super-priority liens given priority over