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What are the significant types of powerful learning experiences according to a Journal of Applied Psychology study? Please summarize in your own words. How do powerful learning experiences contribute to the development of leadership and managerial skills?

Name two or more individuals who you believe are effective leaders or managers. Discuss the attributes that make these people effective leaders.

Discuss: What important steps can a leader take to demonstrate that he or she respects a group member from another culture? Why is cultural understanding so significant in today’s changing world?

How can opinion leaders be used to boost a persuasive presentation?

The “Leaders Must Be Seen” approach is becoming even more important as we move further into the 21st Century environment. Effective leadership styles need to change and change fast– command and control is out, organizations are getting flatter, the competitive landscape is chaotic, markets are morphing, people are looking for meaningful work, customers are in

Read the following article and discuss whether you or your manager/supervisor is a “Conserver, Pragmatist or Originator” as a leader in your work environment.  

I need leadership opportunities that one can use in organizations or businesses. Thank you

How have the critical thinking skills you have developed while participating in your university degree program affected your approach to problem solving in your workplace? Describe a specific example you’ve experienced.  

What is the relationship between influence and effective leadership and how does each impact group dynamics and functioning?  

I’m taking the capstone and need to statement explaining why this type of consulting firm is well suited to the skills of the team members. The consulting firm is in information systems. The matrix of all team members has a matrix where they know computers, bilingual in English and Spanish, customer service.