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Explain how HPS model interacts with a process diagram to aid in performing an Enabler Analysis, identify the process and explain each of the elements.

Competitive markets are economic battlefields. True or false? Explain.

What is the analytical value of studying competitors and trying to predict what moves rivals will make next?

How would you describe Hewlett Packard on each of the 6 basic design dimensions? For example, is it a very formal organization or an informal organization? Why?

Explain the differences between the following contracting principles relating to disputes remedied with damages to the aggrieved party: specific performance, compensatory damages, liquidated damages, and punitive damages.

What steps must a project manager take before building a risk management plan?

Define the purpose, rationale, and method for the environmental risk process. Discuss and explain the benefits of environmental risk management.

What do you think should be added to the list of “Rules for High Performance Organizations” below? Is there anything on the list that you disagree with? Please support your opinion with evidence from our readings and also from your own work and life experience. Ten Golden Rules of High Performance 1. Hire by committee

Can I get help on answering this question: Name two task-related competencies and two relationship/process related competencies and explain why each is important in a high-performing team.

What are the differences and similarities of a bid and an RFP?