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Leaders in health care organizations require two critical skills in order to succeed in their role. These skills are critical thinking and communication. I am the chief executive officer of a community general acute care hospital and the employees, medical staff, and patients are very culturally diverse and speak many languages apart from English. How

Do you see the communication process working more like a turn-taking situation, like a linear set of ordered steps, or more analogous to a dance? Stated earlier, it’s more in line with “Dance.” Why and why not the others?

In your position and opinion, can you describe what communication skills/area that are most developed for you? What would you say needs improvement and how can you improve upon the weaker areas?

Since we live in such a media-influenced society, what would be some steps that we could all use in order to reduce one’s distractions and apply active listening more effectively to others?

Describe the active listener and how active listening can impact communication between leaders/managers and their employees.

As I am learning about the concepts or organizational development, it appears that many companies are somewhat effective and still remain competitive, with only 2/3’s of the changes ever being successful. Why is organizational development so difficult? Are there any barriers (within organizational development) that you have experienced as an employee that sticks out as

What were some of the challenges inherent in meshing ones personal culture with your organizational culture in the beginning, and how did one adapt to such challenges?

With mediated communication and social media influences such as; emails, blogging, Facebook, Skype etc. It seems they have played a major part in altering how organizations engage in communications with its customers and employees. Can someone explain/provide examples how mediated communications has improved and/or hurt organizational communications?

I need some help in answering these questions on nuclear war and terrorism: 1. What would it be like to live under the threat of nuclear war. 2. Compared to the threat of terrorism, what are the differences and similarities.

An advertising manager wants to use a test market. What can be assessed using a test market, and how would a test market be used to assess each of these? Your response should be at least 200 words in length. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response.