Brooks Corporation sells computers under a 2 year warranty contract that requires the corporation to replace defective parts and to provide the necesary repair labor. During 2010 the corporation sells for cash 400 computers at a unit price of 2,500. On the basis past experience, the 2 year warranty costs are estimated to be $155

Please complete the following questions: 1. What accounting issues does the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 address? 2. How do the act’s provisions change the behavior of senior corporate executives and accounting professionals? 3. Do you think this is an effective solution or will it create additional paperwork? Explain.

Answer the question as if you are counsel for Jolly Canning Co in 200 to 300 words The Jolly Canning Co. in Hawaii agreed to sell 10,000 cases of canned green beans to the Merry Produce Co. in New York. The terms were FOB Bigport in Hawaii. The parties agreed that the governing rules were

Answer the question as if you are counsel for Reardon: Ressorp, Inc. in Japan agreed to sell 700 television sets to Reardon, a wholesaler, in the United States for US$ 144,417.00. Ressorp, Inc. and Reardon expressly agreed that Reardon would not pay for the television sets until Reardon both received and sold the merchandise in

Can you please help me in identifying the issues that are asked involved with the scenario, Health Insurance vs. Privacy for Computers by Design? Health Insurance Costs Versus Privacy Computers by Design (CBD) is a small computer systems sales and service business located in the Midwest. The owners of CBD, Abigail, Megan, and Andy, are

Which articles and sections deal with the qualifications that people must have in order to serve as a member of the House of Representatives, as a Senator, and as President of the United States? How do those respective qualifications differ? Locate the U.S. Constitution by using an online source.

Define intellectual property and Discuss intellectual property laws

View the video script: ‘Bait and Switch’. Write a report that answers the following: 1. Betty drove three hours in one-hundred degree heat. Explain if this fact has any bearing on whether or not the dealer must perform in accordance with the published advertisement. 2. When Tony said over the phone ‘three thousand dollars firm’,

Visit two competitors’ web sites. Locate the Web page at each site where customers can purchase something online with a credit card or by using another electronic payment method. Locate the privacy policy that tells how those companies will use the customer information they collect. 1. Write a summary in your own words of the

“The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing,” by Al Reis & Jack Trout. What are your thoughts on the opinions and positions of Ries and Trout? Do their laws still apply? Considering how we communicate and respond in the 21st century, do basic laws of marketing change over time.