Scientific Method Matrix

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FYI…. need worksheet done by no later than 10pm EST 3/19/13 Research is a primary component of sociology. Valid and relevant sociological research is dependent upon a commitment to applying the scientific method in a systematic and organized way in order to ensure maximum objectivity and consistency in research. Complete the following matrix based on

Wireless Local Area Networks

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High-speed Wireless Local Area Networks   What are the benefits of using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)? What are the differences between authentication and privacy?  

persuasive problem solving

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Choose a real-world problem you have encountered. The problem should be chosen with the intention of applying persuasive thinking as a solution so your teammate can do the finishing on paper. Write a 500 word paper with an abstract only (no conclusion or intro needed on this part) Paper must include abstract and A description  of

History of Probation

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Write a 750–1,050 word paper using the concepts from your learning in the class to answer the following essay questions on probation and parole. Discuss the history of probation and parole. Compare and contrast the development of probation and parole practices in England and their adoption by the United States. Describe how probation and parole

problem solving

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Please attachment… 450 words requirement

Probation Officer PSI Report

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You are a probation officer who has been directed to prepare a pre-sentence investigation (PSI) report. Remember, you are providing the judge with a complete picture of this individual offender, and what may have caused him or her to break the law. You also want to tell the judge about the current criminal offense, so

Organized Crime

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Use the concepts in your learning and the materials from the class to discuss your understanding of organized crime. In a 3-5 page paper, analyze the origins and history of organized crime in the United States by addressing the following: The major areas concerning the foundations and definitions of organized crime. Compare and contrast at

Your Youth Pastor has just returned from a conference at Willow Creek Community Church. He shares with you that they participated in the Lord’s Supper in a unique and exciting way. There were six couples stationed around the sanctuary with a loaf of bread and cup of juice. People moved to one of these six areas to partake of

“I have two children and my boyfriend who comes over on the weekend. I am presently having trouble with my 9-year-old son from a former relationship. He goes to schools daily but I think he is getting in with the wrong crowd. His grades are not very good this year. We lived with my mom

The owners of XYZ Construction Inc. are nearly ready to proceed with their Initial Public Offering (IPO). The last remaining item that is needed is the strategic plan that pulls together all of the information that you have produced thus far along with the leadership and business integration requirements. Your final task for the owners