Can a presenter really change his/her image from presentation to presentation? If so, how? Is it ethical? Try to think of an example in which this might happen or has happened. What are/were the results?

Discuss two differences between social responsibility and corporate responsibility.

A novice author wrote a moving memoir and was lucky enough to be included in the book club list of a reputable talk show host. As a result, the memoir was an overnight success. Shortly after, it was discovered that some fundamental details of the memoir were fabricated. The publisher provided a refund to those

You have recently been hired by Jenny and Brad as corporate controller. After being on the job 6 months, you are given a raise and additional responsibilities in other commonly owned corporations. One of you responsibilities is being the check signer. You notice that you are signing checks payable to Design Emporium (a local, pricey

Recommend a set of best ethical practices that a small electronics firm can apply in order to compete successfully in the global arena.

Evaluate each of the following approaches that a business firm could use to gather information about competition. For each approach, mark your felling about its appropriateness using the following scale: 1. definitely not appropriate, 2. probably not appropriate, 3. undecided, 4. probably appropriate, and 5. definitely appropriate. The business firm should try to get useful

How does college education impact your personal sense of ethics? Or has it had an impact?

WorldCom Corporation, the second largest telecommunications company in the United States, became the largest bankruptcy in history due to financial reporting irregularities and misstatements of nearly $7 billion. WorldCom’s controller, director of general accounting, and director of management reporting all pleaded guilty to financial reporting fraud. These employees all stated that they were ordered by

Explain the importance of ethics in

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Explain the importance of ethics in global finance.

Drug use is information that is rightfully private and only in exceptional cases can an employer claim a right to know about such use.” Defend or oppose this statement. How is your response to this consistent with the moral philosophy described below; and if it is not consistent with that philosophy, explain why it is