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As the Internet became more popular so did the rise of receiving annoying spam-mail. However, because of the continued cry from the public’s demand regarding this, being removed from these such list are much more effective. One thing that helps is if you receive an email from an unsolicited site is ignore and simply delete

Look at how much the U.S. taxpayer is incurring as a result of the sub-prime debocle. Free-market deregulation has cost our citizens tremendously. China’s citizens are moving into the middle-class segment of the population at exponential rates. Industrialization does happen to bolster economies and individuals, however China’s citizens are also benefiting from the business methods

One method I’ve found very effective is to open what I call a “trash account.” Open a Gmail or Yahoo account to be used only for web registrations and such. I’m VERY stingy with my real email address. If I need to give an email for activating rights on a website, I give my Yahoo

Are there some who are bypassing or shirking their responsibilities as retailers or service providers in interstate commerce, claiming their website as an excuse? Interstate commerce has been established for quite some time, and there should be laws and regulations established regardless of the method of engagement or communication, in my opinion. I estimate that

The only thing even with paypal that we need to be aware of is that there could always be a breach. Especially when it comes to anything online. Explain

3. Explain management of the customer life cycle in terms of the three phases of CRM: acquiring, enhancing, and retaining customer relationships. 4. What are some organizational challenges of implementing CRM, and what are some next-generation CRM trends? 5. Test your comprehension of the principles in this module by discussing ways to acquire new customer

Please explain the following subjects in 200-300words each Online security issues ● Security for client computers ● Security for the communication channels between computers ● Security for server computers ● Organizations that promote computer, network, and Internet security

Michelle’s has contracted you to prepare a plan for taking their business into e-commerce. Many areas of the company are not prepared to handle this transformation and they’ve asked you to prepare a set of recommendations on how to handle the following areas: Transactions (e.g., How do we handle Billing and Payment in an e-commerce

I can understand how some people would be unhappy about the “buy it now” option on eBay, because it appears to be taking the auction out of an auction site. But, the auction part is still there for any that want to participate. Even with a “buy it now” tag on an auction – a

Facebook has had its challenges with security issues as well. They had a virus last fall that targeted users and created spam messages and sent them to the infected users’ friends via the Facebook site. They also had chain letters telling users that Facebook was going to start charging them to use the site. In

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