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In what form can we quantify real facts in a scientific study or process?

What are the two major ways of

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What are the two major ways of collecting scientific data? Any clues?

Is environmental pollution actually happening? If yes, how, where, when, what is it? If no, why? Explain.

Please research Petsmart

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Please research Petsmart 1) Introduction and background of the industry (company history; products and service offered; financial info for past five years)

Can you share with some details, the steps used in a scientific method? You can show either life science steps (biological) or social science steps (using questionnaires, other).

Sometimes the data collected is not sufficient and more research needs to be done in order to make sure that the results will be accurate and not flawed. There is not a specified amount of data that is required to be collected to get a result; it is all within the discretion of the person

1. Name four (4) intervention strategies: Fill in the blank The sources of power referred to by Lewicki are informational, personal, position in an organization, _________Referent___________, contextual.

Provide Intervention strategies? What are sources of power identified by Lewicki?

Use the Internet, Library, and unit resources to research informative and persuasive presentations. Explain the reasons why, or when, you would use each of these approaches.

Please solve this step by step so I can understand. Activity Activity Time (days) Immediate Predecessor(s) A 2 — B 4 A C 5 A D 2 B E 1 B F 8 B, C G 3 D, E H 5 F I 4 F J 7 G, H, I 1. Draw the network diagram