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Can anyone help to clarify what the pros and cons of internal practitioners are? What experience do you have with organizations who use internal and/or external practitioners?

Performance Standards and benchmarks established by top industry peers help a grangerization to identify causes of poor performance and move ahead in the right direction to improve the performance of the logistics department.” What is an example of such leading industry organizations that have done this?

Wal-Mart is not as cheap as the organization wants customers to believe. I prefer to shop at Target. Target has some of the same products at a cheaper price. Respond to this statement.

Hello I need help discussing the effectiveness of teams. (qualities) and Help elaborating on a discussion on team success.

Examine the role of the risk manager in integrating the risk management program within the organization and ensuring compliance. Evaluate challenges that a risk manager might confront in developing, communicating, and implementing a risk management program.

How should a company assess readiness for learning? (Be sure to include characteristics of both the employee and the work environment.) Use at least 75 words and cite any sources used in APA format.  

Can you provide descriptions of at least three implications of outsourcing and/or globalization for public and/or nonprofit managers and leaders. Provide specific examples and references please.

I need help identifying at least six reasons for project success and failure. Also examples of how organizations overcome challenges associated with project failure and describe best practices of project management utilized by the manager to ensure success.

When and under what conditions is it right for companies to buy their inputs from suppliers that do employ women and children at unfair rates? Give an example.

Explain at least 2 different types of team building concepts used by business today by answering the following questions. – What type of team building concepts does this type of concept promote? What type of team dysfunctions does this address? – Do you believe these team building concept techniques would benefit or enhance team performance?