T-Shirt Enterprises is selling in a purely competitive market. It is producing 3,000 units, selling them for $2 each. At this level of output, the average total cost is $2.50 and the average variable cost is $2.20. Based on these data, the firm should shut down in the short run. decrease output to 2,500 units.

What would be some barriers to implementation of Lean Management in an organization? Cite two or three examples of such barriers and explain why you have selected them.

A. In 2003, Senate Democrats proposed that all workers receive a one-time tax rebate check of $300 for each adult in a family, and $300 for each of the first two children. The goal of the program was to stimulate the consumer spending. On the basis of the life-cycle model of consumption behavior, would you

Find a video clip or cartoon online depicting a work team with problems or a work group grappling with a difficult problem, which appears to be breaking them apart (you can clip the segment to not show the positive end that may its conclusion). Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their group behavior and their

You have been asked to assist your friends with some personal financial planning. Following their current budget they find they are able to save approximately $10,000 per year. They expect their investments to grow at a nominal rate of 8% and you expect inflation to remain at approximately 4% per year. Your friends expect to

At a recent executive board meeting, the owners of your 300-room resort property were presented with the fact that energy costs for your property have risen from six percent of the property revenues to eight percent of revenues. They want to know what you plan to do to correct the situation. Explain how you would

You have found three investment choices for a one-year deposit: 10% APR compounded monthly, 10% APR compounded annually, and 9% APR compounded daily. Compute the Effective Annual Rate (EAR) for each investment choice. (Assume that there are 365 days in the year). Please show in Excel.

Question: A manager who is conducting a time study now needs an accuracy of +/=0.1 minutes, rather than +/=0.2 minutes as in the past. Because of this change in accuracy, the adequate sample size becomes: A. 1/4 as large B. 1/2 as large C. 2x as large D. 4x as large E. none of the

Write a business proposal for a small gift basket company. For a company working from home with only $60,000 to use: How would the money be divided and what items a person need to get started and begin operations?

Please assist me with the below question. Describe past instances in which communication has resulted in conflict. Can you identify the real issue(s) of the conflict? Provide examples of how you might avoid the conflict