Ambrose Motor Corporation has expected earnings before interest payments for the next year equal to $100 million if it does not lose a product liability lawsuit. Interest and principal payments on its debt equal $60 million, leaving $40 million for shareholders if it does not lose a product liability suit. The probability of losing a

As it turns out , you were correct when you purchased four contracts for feeder cattle at 88.8, as the spot price on cattle rose to 101.2 on the delivery date given in your contracts. How much money did you make? What was your return on invested capital?

Question 31 When a warranty covers the future performance of goods, the breach occurs: A. at the time the buyer should have discovered the defect in the product. B. anytime within four years after the buyer discovers the defect. C. anytime within ten years after the buyer discovers the defect. D. none of the above

Identify which tangible and intellectual properties are significant to information technology, what managers in the industry might do to protect an organization’s property rights, and what they must do to ensure an organization protects others’ intellectual property rights? 522 words including bullet list for expansion

Use the NewCorp Legal Scenarios to answer the following questions: o What liability does NewCorp have? o What regulatory and compliance requirements and legal principles, such as statutory or case law, are relevant to this situation? 963 words, two references

Phase Five Overview of Data Collection Techniques ? Complete Phase Five: Overview of Data Collection Techniques. Prepare an overview of data collection techniques. Include ? Records tracking ? Assessment centers ? Assessment instruments ? In baskets ? Leaderless group discussions ? Nonverbal tests ? Situational tests ? Interest tests ? Projective tests ? Work samples

Question One You are the owner of a catering business. One of your sales reps is gay. He has just returned from Iowa, where he was married to his long term partner. He is well liked, generally, by all of the employees. He has also decided that he wants to leave his job and has

The law of non-contradiction as stated by Aristotle: “It is impossible for the same thing to belong and not to belong at the same time to the same thing and in the same respect” According to Allan Bloom, “the earliest-known explicit statement of the principle of contradiction – the premise of philosophy and the

Miguel buys a truck in Texas, then moves to Washington. A year later, he is driving his truck in Oklahoma, and causes an accident by running into another car, whose driver is from Florida. In what states will the other driver be able to sue Miguel? Texas? Washington? Florida? Oklahoma? State the reasons for your

Which is better, to have the states regulate business law, or to have the federal government do it? Why?