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Due Week 8 and worth 300 points In this assignment, you get the chance to create your dream job and to build its compensation plan and appraisal performance. Write a six to eight (6-8) paper paper in which you: Create a job description and specifications for your dream job. Design a compensation and benefits package

1) A woman with amenorrhea could possibly attribute her condition to extremely low body fat.           2)Body Mass Index is one indicator of a person’s health risk due to excessive weight. 3) Cell phone, e-mail, and other convenience items have contributed to record numbers of overweight individuals. 4) The prevalence of obesity and overweight

i need a complete market analysis project to be carried at either of the following firms. a. Wal-Mart stores b. Apple iPhone c. Apple iPad d. the Coca-Coal company when conducting out the marketing analysis, the following issues should be clearly addressed. – the company background including recent performances and current marketing strategies – environmental

Your document should be at least a ten-page double-spaced Word document, including title and reference pages.  It must follow APA Style and contain no spelling or grammar errors. • From your own research, identify one streaming cipher and one block cipher. A two to three page paper that compares and contrasts these two ciphers by

Atomic potassium emits light very weakly at 365 nm when an excited electron moves from a 4d-orbital to a 4s-orbital , and at 689 nm when an electron moves from a 4d-orbital to a 4p-orbital. What is the energy separation (in kJ/mol) between the 4s- and 4p-orbitals in a potassium atom? 2. Look up the

You are a marketing manager interviewing for a new job at a large automotive company. You know that being well prepared for an interview gives you a better chance of being offered the job, so you decide to study the company as well as some of the company’s future marketing ideas. One of the company’s

Law enforcement agencies exist on federal, state, and local levels. What is jurisdiction? Describe the difference between federal and local police jurisdiction.Describe the difference between township (village) police, city police, and county police (sheriff’s office). Are their jurisdictions always distinct? How is local policing used to enforce the law?

Does anyone have a tutorial for PSY 480 Week 5 Day 7 Learning Team PPT. covering the topics of Prescription privileges and Changes to family structure?

The Marvel Mfg. Company is considering whether or not to construct a new robotic production facility.  The cost of this new facility is $588,000 and it is expected to have a six-year life with annual depreciation expense of $98,000 and no salvage value.  Annual sales from the new facility are expected to be 2050 units

This problem will introduce the learner into a technique called Analysis of Variance. For this course we will only conduct a simple One-Way ANOVA and touch briefly on the important elements of this technique. The One-Way ANOVA is an extension of the independent –t test that can only look at two independent sample means. We