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Frederick’s Farm Factory (FFF) currently marintains an average inventory valued at $3,400,000. The company estimates its capital cost at 10 percent, its storage cost at 4.5 percent, and its risk cost at 10 percent. (a) Calculate the annual holding cost rate for FFF Annual holding cost rate = % (Round your answer to 1 decimal

Use the following project information. Activity Activity Time(weeks) Immediate Predecessor(s) A 3 none B 4 A C 2 B D 5 B E 4 C F 3 D G 2 E,F Calculate the completion time for the project. (Completion time = weeks) Determine which activities are included on the critical path. A, B, D, F,

Using the following project information, calculate the variance for each of the project activities. Activity Optimistic Time Most Likely Time Pessimistic Time Immediate Predecessor(s) A 3 6 9 none B 3 5 7 A C 4 7 12 A D 4 8 10 B E 5 10 16 C F 3 4 5 D,E G

Given this information about an activity: ES = 10, EF = 15, LS = 26, and LF = 31. The amount of slack associated with the activity is?

The following table lists all costs of quality incurred by Sam’s Surf Shop last year. What was Sam’s appraisal cost for quality last year? Annual inspection costs $ 155,000 Annual cost of scrap materials $ 286,000 Annual rework cost $ 34,679 Annual cost of quality training $ 456,000 Annual warranty cost $1,546,000 Annual testing cost

Explain the role of technology in

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Explain the role of technology in project communications.

Comment on the following quote: “A project manager is completely ingrained in the culture of an organization a project is generally run from multiple levels of an organization as well as many different department involvements. The high level of interaction between the client’s customers as well as the internal culture makes it vital for a

If the initial investment in a project is $100,000 and the expected annual net profit for the project is $20,000, the payback period is: -5 years -4 years -one fifth of the year – 10 years A functional project structure is NOT characterized by: -lower personnel costs -improved communications -lack of “projectitis” -lack of technical

Comment on below. Risk management is a major component of successful project management. From our in class discussion I learned that risk managers alone is at a huge increase in demand because of the importance to companies. The risk management factor can majorly affect a projects success. Both internal and external factors need to be

Comment below: Is the project worth doing? In my job we are often reviewing whether or not we should do something. I think it’s important that a project absolutely makes sense to do from either an economic or strategic standpoint. In today’s economy a company can not afford to take on projects if they don’t