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Requirement Gathering Interview Questions: Put together between 1-20 Questions on the following topics. Please Put the Requirement Gathering Interview Questions into a template Format. Agenda: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, Account payable, Fixed Asset and Purchasing Who will be attending? Business Process/Knowledge Process Diagram Studies Surveys Next step Risk/Objectives Critical Success Mitigation Risk Log

Interviews are one of the easiest yet most powerful techniques available for gathering requirements. Anyone can learn to conduct interviews, as after all, an interview can be seen as a slightly more structured dialogue between two persons. The hardest part is often to come up with bright questions to ask. Take it easy, read on

From an operations management and supply chain perspective, technology has changed the way work is done today. In essence, the work has changed, which means that we have to change. What is different today regarding the way work is done? What are the necessary skills required to excel?

To further build on your abilities as a critical thinker, choose four fallacies and explain why they can be persuasive and appear to be logical. Give examples.

Contrast employee involvement and quality of work life with organization development and If you were developing a change program in a company, how would you create readiness for change?

What are some things buyers should do to make sure everything is fully completed and handed off properly at the end of a project? What are some things the seller’s PM should do to make sure the customer is satisfied and all members of the project team are utilized efficiently in the long-term?

This proposal must: 1. Identify the company you have selected 2. Give a brief synopsis of the company, summarizing its purpose and goals 3. State your rationale and reason for selecting this company 4. Describe your role as a stakeholder in this company 5. Describe at least three other stakeholders and their relationship to the

1) What is your opinion on the questions below? What are some common elements or aspects of the four operations management areas covered in this course: productivity, inventory, capacity, quality? Compare the relative importance of these in manufacturing (e.g. Excellent Mfg. Co.) to the importance in other kinds of business, e.g. the ones you have

In APA format, discuss the challenges for company grade officers (2LT-CPT) in the US Army in the next 10 years.

How is compensation related to an organization’s financial performance? How could compensation be affected if an organization is under performing financially? How could compensation be affected if an organization is over performing financially