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In the past you created a work breakdown structure for the entire CRM system implementation. You also elaborated on that structure and identified more details for one of the deliverables. In the past you also created a schedule for the training deliverables. You also identified the skills you needed for a team. Now, as a

What constitutes “quality” in assessing and reducing risk.

Why are Assumptions important and what should happen to the project plan if an assumption changes?

Costing the Project The project is progressing well, and you have now been asked if there is enough time and budget to create and distribute a new marketing mailing. This mailing will be focused on a new international marketplace, so the existing materials cannot be used “as is.” The materials will need to be translated

You just finished up your status meeting with Ben and are deeply concerned about the CRM implementation of the project. You are not sure, given what you just heard, that the project will be able to finish in time. The head of the sales department requested a significant amount of new functionality that will require

Let: rj = regular production quantity for period j, oj =overtime production quantity in period j, ii = inventory quantity in period j, and di = demand quantity in period j Correct formulation of the demand constraint for a multi-period scheduling problem is: rj + oj + i2 – i1 di

I have the answer on a Vop problem and need to know the calculation steps. — EMC Corporation has never paid a dividend. Its current free cash flow is $400,000 and its expected to grow at a constant rate of 5 percent. The weighted average cost is WACC = 12%. Calculate EMC’s value of operation.

Graduate Level: Please provide examples of necessary requirements of project reports to ensure that projects are on track?

What are the responsibilities of Project Managers and what do they do?

There’s a need to conduct a review of a project after completion. Graduate Level: What are some reasons that the project review or audit does not focus on an individual’s wrongdoing?