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1. If you see a team member who is struggling, what are you going to do to help? 2. Have you ever been in a role that wasn’t predefined with expectations? What were the results?

Please give a brief explanation of the impact of OBAMHACARE on business and the economy

Is instragram and Youtube replacing a social behaviour, or creating a new one? Example: Facebook replacing postcards/letters

Jones Soda There are few companies with as intimate a relationship with their target market as Jones Sodas of Seattle, Washington. Jones was started by Peter van Stolk, whose innovative idea of making soft drinks with names like Fufu Berry and Perspiration was a hit with the young, hip counter-culture demographic that was his target

Discuss the concepts of altruism and egoism in terms of motives and benefits. Is it possible for businesses to be altruistic? Why or why not?

Organizations manage the turnover of their employees. Some are much better than others in this regard. Some methods used to manage turnover are: exit interviews, employee attitude surveys, salary surveys, attention to corporate culture, employee motivation programs and processes. Please help me explain how to manage retention.

Discuss how the use of a Performance Management Process for retention purposes could be a valuable tool.

You are an organizational manager for a for-profit company. Develop a forum post that addresses the following: Can offering employees the opportunity to participate in a structured telework program benefit an organization? Consider the recent controversial decisions by companies such as Yahoo and BestBuy. What advice would you give to senior executives considering a telework

Compare and contrast the following two sentences, taking into consideration the writer’s style and tone: Regarding the prices of our products, respondents to our recent survey were negative. One third of them stated that if they could buy from another supplier, they would. Clearly we are making enemies with our high prices. Many customers can’t

Do you see value in the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as a means of increasing employee self-awareness? Justify your position with support from the text and/or additional academic sources.