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The text used is Chapter 16 & 17 of: Berk, J., & DeMarzo, P. (2011). Corporate finance: The Core: 2010 custom edition. (2nd ed.). Boston: Pearson Education. Thank you. 1. The “irrelevance principle” states that in frictionless markets, capital structure (the mix of debt and equity to finance a firm’s assets) doesn’t matter. Explain this

Select one motivation theory discussed in Ch. 3-5 of the Latham text provided below. Provide a paper wherein you trace the theory’s origins, its key researchers, related research findings, and its possible effect in this century. Include a minimum of 5 scholarly sources. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Chapter 3: 1950-1975: The Emergence

This case involves thinking about the meaning brands have for consumers, the roles brands play, the views customers have of brands developed through marketing and non-marketing influences and how products are distributed. Write an answer of no more than six pages in length (excluding title and reference pages and any appendices) addressing the following question:

Please compare and contrast the proprietary theory and the entity theory. Please discuss the entity theory of equity. Who is the center of interest with the entity theory of equity?

P16-3 Charleston Industrial revised its dividend policy and decided that it wants to maintain a retained earnings account of $1 million. The company’s retained earnings account at the end of 2008 was $750,000, and its earnings available to common stockholders of $800,000 in 2009. What is Charleston Industrial’s dividend payout ratio for 2009? P16-7 Eliza

Consider organizational strategies and practices that could be enhanced by the application of Expectancy and Equity Theory.

The major, overall argument against the “residual theory of dividends” is Answer a the uncertainty surrounding capital investment projects. b the lack of ability to adequately measure corporate investment returns. c the diversity of stockholders and their potential investment returns. d its failure to consider stockholder preferences. If a Czech crown is equal to $.04

Essay Questions 1- Discuss the concept of a “just-meaningful pay increase.” A successful answer should contain several elements. First, a student should discuss the notion of perception. The pay increase must be seen by employees as making a meaningful change in compensation. A discussion of equity theory would be appropriate. Second, students should discuss cost-of-living

Emily and Richard have invested in Faster Distribution, a small publicly traded company. They each own 40% of the stock of Faster Distribution. They could want to sell Faster to Leeds but do not want to pay any tax on the sale. According to Section 368 of the IRS Code, there are seven allowed types

Examine how various motivational strategies affect productivity in a selected workplace,your own or one with which you are very familiar. Include an explanation of organizational efforts to improve performance, employees’ resistance to increasing productivity, and the management’s philosophy of motivation and its practices. Identify and analyze the implications of applying any two motivational theories not