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Can you help me with this question?

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Can you help me with this question? The importance of instituting adequate information systems for performance tracking.

Stakeholder relationships are built on their claims, risks taken, or bonds with companies. Illustrate by giving an example of each type of relationship.

Many fast-food restaurant chains spend a great deal of time and effort designing the tasks required to prepare food and provide it to customers. Yet, customers frequently have to wait for food to be prepared after placing an order, and the wait time could vary from visit to visit, even if the customer places the

Hello I would like assistance with answering the following question thank you. How should an organization respond along the reactive-proactive continuum after receiving bad press? Can you give an example from your own experience?

Looking for information that describes the evolution of business. Including information about the following points. Feudalism Mercantilism Capitalism Commerce Property rights The Industrial Revolution

Barry is the computer systems director for a medium-sized consulting firm. One night Barry is at happy hour at a local bar talking about his job with some people he has just met. Barry mentions that he needs to buy computers for the three new persons the firm has recently hired. One of the persons

Give me an explanation of internal and

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Give me an explanation of internal and external growth opportunities in big corporations.

Control Mechanisms Select an organization with which your Learning Team is familiar. Prepare a 1,050-1,400-word paper in which you address the following as it related to that organization: a. Identify four types of control mechanisms used in your selected organization. b. Compare and contrast the control mechanisms that your Learning Team identified. c. Determine the

The local university is accepting bids for the hot dog and cold drink concession at the new stadium. The contract is for a 5 year period. You believe that a bid of $40,000 will win the contract. A preliminary analysis indicates that annual operating costs will be $35,000 and average annual sales will be $50,000.

Subtopic 1: importance of product knowledge Subtopic 2: development of a sales presentation with sales aids Subtopic 3: finding the customer: define and provide examples of prospecting, cold calling and getting appointments Subtopic 4: closing techniques Subtopic 5: overcoming objections Subtopic 6: follow-up service I need this to be focused on selling car wash chemicals