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Researchers were interested in learning the effects of trans fats on levels of cholesterol in the blood. Two different research designs were constructed. Part I: Between-Groups Design In the between-groups design, researchers were interested in whether cholesterol levels would differ depending on diet. Twenty participants were randomly assigned to one of two different groups. Group

Concepts of Statistics and Parameters

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1. Determine whether the given value is a statistic or a parameter and explain. In a study of all 4171 students at a college it is found that 25% own a television. 2. Determine whether the value is from a discrete or continuous data set. Number of notes in a song 24. 3. Determine whether

Statistical Technique Determination

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– Dependent Variable (DV) and Independent Variable (IV) – Level of Measurement of each Variable (Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio) – Look up the Statistical Technique on the attached matrix – Briefly explain your reasoning for assigning the variables, DV and IV A: Is there a relationship between the number of people going to a movie

Various Math statistics Questions

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1. Find range, variance, and standard deviation. Identify one reason why the standard deviation from this sample might not be a good estimate of the standard deviation for the population of adults. 56 54 64 67 58 2. Below are 36 sorted ages of an acting award winner. Find p60 method: 16 23 24 26

Given the following information, use Table B.4, which is; values of the correlation coefficient needed for rejection of the null hypothesis. I’m certain you have access to said table. Use the table to determine whether the correlations are significant and how you would interpret the results. The correlation between speed and strength for 20 women

Confidence in recall differs depending on the level of stress. Recall for participants in high-stress conditions will deteriorate over time. Boys will have higher levels of confidence than girls. For each hypothesis listed above, indicate: A type I error and a type II error, given the context of the hypothesis Whether the appropriate analysis would

Can you help with this sample exercise I have no clue what a empirical study is… In Part I, you will perform a literature review and select two empirical articles on a research topic of your choice. Both articles must be on the same general topic. Provide a summary of both articles that includes the

Albany Automotive is a specialized auto and body shop and mostly serves residents in the Eastern part of Albany. The chief mechanic has determined that the time to paint automobiles is uniformly distributed and that the required time ranges between 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. a. Write the function for the probability density function.

1. The Gallup Organization contacts 1,426 undergraduates who attend a college and live outside the U.S. and asks whether or not they had taken a course in a conversational English during their studies. -What is the population in the study? -What is the sample in the study? 2. Identify the type of observational study (cross-sectional,

Find the Attached data file, lecture notes and Bluman Chi-Square supplement A sociologist wishes to see whether the number of years of college a person has completed is related to her or his place of residence. A sample of 88 people is selected and classified as shown. RQ: Is there a relationship between years of