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Some questions regarding Wendy’s Hamburgers and their ability to adapt to their environment. I’ve attached a case study I found on Wendy’s can you give me your opinions on: WENDY’S is an excellent example of an organization that has displayed environmental adaptability. However, the external environment has three components: the remote environment, the industry environment,

The following table gives the distribution of daily traveling allowance to salesmen in a company Travelling # of salesmen allowances 100-120 14 120-140 16 140-160 20 160-180 18 180-200 15 200-220 7 220-240 6 240-260 4 Compute Karl Pearson’s co-efficient of skewness and comment on its value

Computer training schools, stock workbooks with the following characteristics: Demand D = 19,500 units/year Ordering cost S = $25/order Holding cost H = $4/unit/year a) Calculate the EOQ for the workbooks b) What are the annual holding costs for the workbooks? c) What are the annual ordering costs?

You have been asked to provide your expertise and opinion on the issue below to a Congressional Committee. State your position on this issue: Pharmaceutical companies are unfair in charging prices that so far exceed the costs of the chemicals in their products, especially in lifesaving drugs.

Which is more important today,

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Which is more important today, education or training?

Have your professional goals changed since you started your college studies?

What professional characteristics should a college graduate demonstrate?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual offices and telecommuting?

3) What courses were most valuable to you in your undergraduate studies?

2) What advice would you give someone

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2) What advice would you give someone starting College?