Mike just finished his bachelor degree in business management, and he is ready to apply for his MBA at Harvard University. He worked at his family Automobile body shop collision and auto sales for 8 years as a salesman, insurance adjuster & a sales and accounting manager, he also have an associate degree in management

Also consider what might happen if there were no UCC in the United States. What might happen with business across state lines?

Identify various methods that can be used to evaluate employee performance. You can include a discussion of ways in which you have been evaluated at work. Include some comments on whether or not you believe the performance evaluation methods you identified are effective and/or fair.

You are a salesperson and you happen to oversee your manager’s expense report for a time frame when he was working with you. Clearly he has reported fictitious expenses. He has been with the company a long time and is highly respected. What should you do about this? Please discuss in detail and justify your

What roles do outside environment (such as laws, economic conditions, political forces, technology etc) and competition have in formulating organizational startegy?

Characteristics of dynamic capabilities include all of the following EXCEPT: a) timely responsiveness b) reactive responsiveness c) rapid and flexible product innovation d) coordinating and deploying organizational resources and capabilities

An organization’s ____________ are its goal-directed plans and actions in which its capabilities and resources are matched with the opportunities and threats in its environment. a) mission statements b) vision statements c) strategies d) objectives

A challenge in conducting an external analysis is that: a) brand loyalty is low b) markets may be concentrated c) markets may be fragmented d) forecasts arenââ?¬â?¢t facts

What are the two possible characteristics of nursing that might have contributed to this job burnout?

Hint/Help: “While most managers may talk about wanting their employees to think outside the box, many organizational and team cultures frown on creativity as it challenges existing authority. Team creativity requires a conscious effort in design. Based on materials from this and previous weeks,” (along these lines of answering the questions. I want to ask