Discuss the following topic: Environments shape organizations. In turn, organizations also shape the environments in which they interact. Organizations, in part, also choose which environments they enter and exit, choose which coalitions are most desirable, and determine the contexts in which they function. Explain how organizations relate strategically to their environments. Give me an idea

Discuss: Students and the Free Enterprise System: Are Students Losing Interest in Entrepreneurship and the Free Enterprise System?

During a crisis, such as a rat infestation at a restaurant, is it effective crisis management if a franchise owner refuses to speak to a reporter? What if the owner of the restaurant does not know all of the details?

Products & Product Marketing

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Products & Product Marketing Consider the following scenario: Develop a written proposal outlining a specific product or service idea you have as the product manager for Triangle Solutions. Triangle’s company type and product area have been left unspecified in order to allow you creativity in invention of your own product ideas and exploration of areas

The spot rate between Canada and the U.S. is C$1.2381 – $1, while the 1-year forward rate is C$1.2379 = $1. The risk-free rate in Canada is 2.8 percent. The risk-free rate in the U.S. is 3.6 percent. How much profit can you earn on a loan of $10,000 by utilizing covered interest arbitrage? a)

Preparedness of FedEx to deal

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Preparedness of FedEx to deal with internal resistance to technology changes.

The treasurer of a major U.S. firm has $12 million to invest for 3 months. The interest rate in the U.S. is 0.42 percent per month. The interest rate in Great Britain is 0.52 percent per month. The spot exchange rate is â?¤0.70, and the three-month forward rate is â?¤0.71. Ignoring transaction costs, in which

Economics 1. What other real-world examples of changes in “consumer’s tastes” do you have to share? How have these changes affected (increased or decreased) demand? 2. Do you have other real-world examples of diminishing marginal utility? Do you have any real-world examples related to purchases you have make or to items sold by your employers?

Assume that you are a relocation specialist who must advise a global manager and his or her family on what to expect when they go to JAPAN. Specialists in relocation have determined that global managers and their families should seek satisfactory answers to at least these ten questions before undertaking an international assignment. Please write

Global warming is a topic that has been in the news. In your own words, do you believe that there really is an environmental crisis or do you believe that there is “hype” to create demand and profits in certain markets? Support your answer with at least three reasons, and remember to cite your research