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Based on Questions tell whether True or False 1. For any normal distribution exactly 97.50% of the z-score values are less than z=1.96. 2. For any normal distribution, the proportion located between the mean and z=1.40 is 0.9192. 3. When determining the probability of selecting a score that is below the mean, you will get

You have been research for your statistics class on how nervous the American adults are in general, you have decided to use HINTS 2007 data set that has a scale (going from 0 to 24)measuring the psychological distress of the respondents. a. According to HINTS 2007 data, the average psychological distress score, for this sample

According to a report published by the Pew Research Center in February 2010, 61% of Millennial (Americans in their teens and 20’s) think that their generation has a unique and distinctive identity (N=527) a. Calculate the 95% confident interval to estimate the percentage of Millennial who believe that their generation has a distinctive identity as

Suppose you are playing Texas holdem and you hold the 8 and 9 of hearts. The flop comes the 3 of hearts, the jack of spades and the Queen of hearts. You now have an inside straight draw (needing a 10 for a straight) and a flush draw (needing a heart for a flush). a)

Probability for population proportion

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In an online survey of 4,001 respondents, 8% were classified as productivity enhancers who are comfortable with technology and use the Internet for its practical value (data extracted from M. Himowitz, “How to Tell What Kind of Tech User You Are,” Newsday, May 27, 2007, p F6). Suppose you select a sample of 400 students

Given the research scenario, data points, set of population parameters and alpha set at p = .05, generate the correct: – Pair of hypotheses for each data point – A z statistic and p value for each data point – Decision about the null hypothesis for each data point – APA-formatted statement of results for

Events Relations in Statistics

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1. According to an Ipsos poll, the perception of unfairness in the U.S. tax code is spread fairly evenly across income groups, age groups, and education levels. In an April 2006 survey of 1,005 adults, Ipsos reported that almost 60% of all people said the code is unfair, whereas slightly more than 60% of those

Do you think the state has any intention of ever stopping the lottery, given the fact that the state relies on it to bring millions of dollars into its treasury? Is it possible that lottery can make everyone a millionaire? Is it ethical to suggest that the purpose of the lottery is to make everyone

Question 1: A railway company operates a number of different services. One of these connects two cities and the journey time is assumed to be normally distributed with a mean of 125 minutes and a standard deviation of 5 minutes. The company operates a scheme where it refunds 25% of the fare paid if the

Probability scenarios

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Looking for assistance to make sure I am calculation answers correctly for the following 2 scenarios. Please provide the answer and any formulas in excel spreadsheet. A standard deck of playing cards consists of fifty-two cards. The cards in each deck consist of four suits, namely spades (♠), clubs (♣), diamonds (♦) and hearts (♥).

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