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The qualitative sales forecasting methods include educated guess, executive committee consensus, Delphi method, survey of sales forces, survey of customers, historical analogy, and market research. Clearly, different sales forecasting methods are better suited for some businesses than others. What sorts of businesses would each of these qualitative sales forecasting methods be used in and WHY?

Why is inequality an environmental problem? People in the richest countries consume many natural resources. People in the poorest countries often misuse natural resources. People have a tendency to abuse natural resources. Both A and B, but not C.

Why does bureaucracy remain cornerstone of organization structure? What are three principles used for designing organizational structure that avoid bureaucratic dysfunction?

What are some of the dominant group member roles in the stages of group development?

Implementation an Evaluation Plan Please answer the following questions: 1) Under what circumstances would benchmarking (or any other evaluation tool) be appropriate as an evaluation tool? 2) How do you evaluate an implementation plan? 3) How do you evaluate a contingency plan? 4) How can you tell if your decision-making process was effective?

What are four variables used in the forecasting portion of the budgeting process? What is the danger of forecasting based on history alone? How can you create a meaningful forecast that reflects the fact that business conditions are always changing?

? Write a paragraph that describes the process for making a straight-line depreciation schedule. Include visual and graphical representations. ? Prepare an example of a straight-line depreciation schedule using a forklift with the following details: the first four years of depreciation of the forklift that cost $9,450, and it is expected to be used for

Answer the following questions related to the Department of Justice lawsuit against Microsoft. 1. What is the current state of ruling? 2. What is the next step? 3. What effect has any part of this suit had on Microsoft products? 4. What do you believe the future effect will be on Microsoft? 5. Were the

In detail and using your expertises please attempt to create a plan for effectively training, developing and retaining employees in the FORD MOTOR industry. Keeping in mind the strategic needs of the industry and include methods like workers gain and retain desirable skills, find opportunities for growth and advancement, and experience work environments that promote

Management experts often say the management process is both an “art” and a “science.” Do you agree with this statement? To what degree is healthcare management an art, a science, both or neither? Provide an example to illustrate your position. OBJECTIVE: (1) Describe the role of regulation in the healthcare industry. (2) Explain the drivers