Compare and contrast the roles the prison system, the family, and the social stratification system play in either contributing to or alleviating the problem of crime.

How do social institutions contribute to the problem of poverty? How do attitudes and ideologies help perpetuate poverty?

Like products, markets evolve through four stages? Characterize each stage of the market’s evolution.

Successful organizations are also those who are able to make relatively accurate forecasts about the future needs (inventory, facilities, capacity, manufacturing, manpower) for the products produced or the services delivered. Forecasting is an uncertain science since it calls for predictions but current theoretical and mathematical models (quantitative and qualitative) make it possible for organizations to

Consider the selection process. this is the “ground zero” of your talent acquisition. You depend on your people for your company’s success. What can we do to ensure that we get the best talent? What kind of behavioral, situational and panel interviewing techniques can help ensure that you get the right person for the job?

Annual demand for a product is 13,000 units; weekly demand is 250 units with a standard deviation of 40 units. The cost of placing an order is $100, and the time from ordering to receipt is four weeks. The annual inventory carrying cost is $0.65 per unit. To provide a 98 percent service probability, what

Sarah’s Muffler Shop has one standard muffler that fits a large variety of cars. Sarah wishes to establish a reorder point system to manage inventory of this standard muffler. Use the following information to determine the best order size and the reorder point: Annual demand 3,500 mufflers Ordering cost $50 per order Standard deviation of

Explain how purchasing price parity and the Big Mac are used in global financing operations and describe its importance in managing risks.

What is the value of orientation training? How can you make sure it is effective?

Integrate the concepts and operations management principles address the following questions as they pertain to the fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s: 1) How product design is applied in decision-making of that organization? 2) Can you describe a Product Life Cycles in the organization? 3) How different Issues for Product Development are applied in the organization?