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Analyze how the organizational mission and customer demands (ex. what teachers and parents want) impact the organizational behavior of the NYC Department of Education (250 words). Cite at least two references in APA format

I am writing a paper and the Topic: The relationship between women and minorities and their pay based on occupation and location. I need help with a 200 word intro and conclusion.

1. Nikita is one of the 12 workers in Department X. She has strong leadership qualities and all her co-workers look up to her. She dominates conversations with them and expresses strong viewpoints on most matters. Although she is a good worker, her dominating personality has caused problems for you, the new manager of department

Bazerman makes a pretty convincing case in his writ-up regarding the futility of trying to “beat the market.” If this is the case, is the securities industry doing anything more than profiting from carefully cultivated investor irrationality? Additionally, have you made any investment strategy changes after reading the write-up?

2000-2500 word research paper on the successful and/or unsuccessful application of organizational behavior concepts in any organization. Select and research three to five organizational behavior main concepts that, uniquely practiced, make your chosen organization either successful, unsuccessful, or a combination of both. The organization you select should provide you with ample opportunities for research, since

1-What are the advantages and disadvantages to group decision making? 2-How can an organization use more than one type of organizational design? 3-Is your employer responsible for motivating you? Why or why not? 4-How do group behaviors impact motivation?

Group: attribute, column, field, file, record, relation, row, table, and tuple into three synonymous groups. (There should be three columns of three items.) Give one explanation for each group.

Deliverable Length: 3 Paragraphs Focusing on organizational commitment and job satisfaction, what major challenges do you see FMC locations Green River and Aberdeen experiencing in the next several decades. Explain why these challenges are significant to these two organizations. Please to provide reference and citation in APA style.

Could you please compare and contrast the rational, natural and open systems organizational paradigms? In doing so, could you please provide an example of each from specific real-world organizations?

1- Evaluate the planning function of management. 2- Analyze the impact that legal issues, ethics and corporate social responsibility have had on management planning, and give an example for each. 3- Analyze at least three factors that influence the company’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. Cite at least 2 sources.