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From the Morningstar Database of Industry Sector Performance,, examine the financial performance of various industries over 1 year and 5 year timeframes. Pick one industry that has achieved an excess of 10% return to shareholders in both time frames. Then pick one industry that has had a negative return to shareholders in both time

What is Organizational Culture, and how does it impact Managers and Management?

How can a company’s culture help it to set up a wellness program?

1. What employee characteristics are most important? 2. What type of culture is likely to be the end product if layoffs of a company were to proceed? 3. Why is culture important? 4. What are some of the legal and ethical issues that must be kep in mind when making layoff decisions?

How would you describe the US culture? How do key cultural factors impact US firms operating overseas? Given today’s complex international climate, do you think it is more difficult for US firms to go global today? What are some IT security , infrastructure and language issues that companies encounter when expanding globally? How does planning

An article in the readings file discusses Nokia’s hiring practices and its culture (“At Nokia, temperament is a core competence” from Research Technology Management). ? Please describe two other aspects of the organization you would like to observe to see if the company has developed its corporate culture at the deepest levels. Why do you

How does a leader ensure a healthy organizational culture?

What are some distinctive characteristics of entrepreneurs in Japan? What distinctive challenges do they face? How do Japanese patterns of starting up and growing a company differ from such patterns in Silicon Valley? Do you think that Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurship in Japan might or might not become more widespread? I hope someone who really understands

I hope you could do this one as well. Someone else did it but he didn’t consider any Japanese business culture. Please do it keeping Japanese business culture in mind. Thank you for your help. You have invented a new technology feature for digital cameras and have been trying to license the technology to Japanese

Create and describe the healthcare organization’s service strategy. In particular, link your service strategy to the creation of a healing environment and developing a culture of customer service. Identify how your service strategy is linked to the organizational vision and mission. The organization this strategy should be linked is Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser’s vision statement says