Choose a management theory and prepare a presentation. The presentation must include: a. The name of the theory, who developed it, and when. b. An explanation of the theory. c. A notable user of the theory (for example, the Gilbreths and Scientific and the contributions made by that theorist. d. What this theory can teach

Write a bad news MEMO to employees explaining that all employees will have to take 6 unpaid furlough days this year. With the current economic climate, you’ve decided furlough days are important to ensure a balanced budget at the end of the year.

Provide a critical assessment of the following comparative general claim: The increase in the number and support of conservative think tanks has been substantial since the mid-1970s. The American Enterprise had twelve resident thinkers when Jimmy Carter was elected; today it has forty-five. The Heritage Foundation has sprung from nothing to command an annual budget

Wouldn’t the critical path be the shortest if there is only one path? Please include and references

Two vice presidents of a large commercial dairy farm have each developed a different sustainability plan. The overview of the first plan is written in a matter-of-fact tone and contains many facts and figures related to nutrition, finances, and energy efficiency. The overview of the second plan uses more emotional language and contains alarming prospects

1. What are some of the challenges presented to transnational organizations? How important is it to recognize these challenges before responding to them? 2. What are some of the capabilities needed in a multidimensional and competitive environment? How might an organization develop these capabilities? 3. How might an organization best create awareness of the need

What is the learning curve and how can it be applied? Would the learning curve be appropriate for your organization?

In what ways do these enhanced capacities have the potential to benefit and harm the social good? Is there a way to embrace the benefits of computers without risking the harms to the social good she envisions?

In an ORIGINAL response: Discuss the concept of “value” as it relates to social, environmental, and economic inputs. How is value perceived differently from different stakeholders? When looking at sustainability, why is “value” important?

Internal Evaluation; this is the “SW” of the SWOT analysis. Every organization has strengths and weaknesses. Give an example of a company you know or read up on who did not really develop their strengths or deal with key weaknesses. Please make the example a United States based company and provide a reference.