As a project manager to build a new data center for XXX Inc., how do you estimate this project’s costs? This is the first time that your company is bidding on this project and there is no historical data available to use. Suggest three methodologies that you will use to estimate the costs? What are

What factors need to be considered when balancing productivity with quality in a service organization? What are the consequences of focusing on only one factor?

Define projects in project management and why are so many businesses reorganizing to include them?

An investor is considering a two-asset portfolio. Stock A has an expected return of $4.50 per share with a standard deviation of $1.00, while stock B has an expected return of $3.75 with a standard deviation of $0.75. The covariance between the two stocks is -0.35. Find the portfolio risk if: a) the stocks are

1. Why should all projects include risk in their project planning? What are some of the drawbacks if risks are not considered? 2. What does project risk management mean in the context of project management? Describe project risk management as a component of the project management process.

Project teams are an essential part of most projects and depending on the project scope and work scope team membership is likely to change. The question is “When should the Project Manager form a project team?” An expert answers this for you!  

Imagine that you have been selected as the PM for a process or product improvement activity or the design of a new product or service in your organization. Write a Project Requirements Document for this project that answers the following items: a. A description of the problem or opportunity b. Impact or effects of the

In your opinion, what factors contribute to the success of a project? How does a project manager influence these factors?

What determines the likelihood of occurrence on projects? What gives a risk high priority status and how can a contingency plan safeguard against threats?

What is a risk matrix and how can it help with the process of identifying and assessing project risks?