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What are the responsibilities of your current (or most recent) employer with regard to the Family and Medical Leave Act? Please submit your assignment I work for the Department of defense and our policy is below: Entitles eligible employees to use a total of 12 administrative workweeks of unpaid leave during any 12-month period for

Part of assessing the market potential is the calculation of the (TAM) total available market in dollars. For India, do you have any suggestions about how to actually calculate the TAM for their service?

1. List three key distinguishing characteristics that you identify with the era called the information age. What experiences have you had that supports your selection? 2. Draw a correlation between data warehousing and strategic thinking, highlighting how data warehousing allows the enterprise to compete across time. 3. Underlying technology substitution is the idea that people

“Paying a large tip to secure a better table in a restaurant is the same as offering a bribe in business to secure a contract.” Defend or oppose this statement.

What is the service or product supplied by a hospital organization? If there are more than one, pick one. What is the market structure for the market in which this firm supplies this product? Why? What does economic theory tell you about the short-run and long-run economic profits for a firm operating in this market

1) Who are the internal and external customers for private, public, not-for-profit, global, and government organizations? How are they different? How does an organization tie its internal and external customer’s expectations to its procurement strategy? 2) You are the director of procurement. Your CEO has come to you with a request to reduce material costs

In 300 words What kinds of written communications strategies have you used in your job while delivering negative or persuasive messages?

Discuss how you will know if you have accomplished continuous learning as a life-long learner.

I need some help on the following questions. Discuss corporate governance. What role does the board of directors perform? Does management ownership increase or decrease the value of a firm – how and why? Does executive compensation affect the value of a firm – how and why? Please properly cite your references.

What do you think constitutes a good

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What do you think constitutes a good corporate strategy and why?