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Could you please help me with tips and suggestions for finding relevant academic literature? These tips may relate to navigating particular electronic databases, applying general searching techniques, constructing search term queries, broadening or narrowing your initial search results, finding monographs and other resources, or other topics.

Explain virtual organizations and address the question do networks represent a new hybrid form of organization, combining the benefits of control and flexibility, or simply a transitionary stage from form to market transaction?

A distributor of large appliances needs to determine the order quantities and reorder points for the various products it carries. The following data refer to a specific refrigerator in its product line: – Cost to place an order – $100 – Holding cost – 20% of product cost per year – Cost of refrigerator –

Please list 10 ways that Fedex can grow its current territories. Please be creative.

How does job satisfaction affect job performance? What is the difference between profit sharing and gain sharing?

Is there ever a situation where we are free of constraints? As the previous question asks when either constraints are more important and when the objective function is more important, should we assume both share in importance? Why, why not? Please include references.

Please provide an executive summary to be used in a Powerpoint presentation on how FedEx can gain a competive edge.

In a three page paper, identify a different organization for each of the three specific approaches listed [Differentiation, Cost Leadership, and Response] (see Figure 2.4). Support your position with references to specific actions, policies, or events that demonstrate why your opinion makes sense.

You provided an executive summary for FedEx. Can you help me with 5 additional ways Fedex can grow their territory.

Choose a management theory and prepare a presentation. The presentation must include: a. The name of the theory, who developed it, and when. b. An explanation of the theory. c. A notable user of the theory (for example, the Gilbreths and Scientific and the contributions made by that theorist. d. What this theory can teach