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Timber King is a new Midwest company in the portable saw mill industry. You have been asked to give Edward Perry, Timber King’s new CEO, general advice and guidelines to assist him in doing an external analysis of the portable saw mill industry. Part A: Explain three benefits of conducting an external analysis. Part B:

Controlling represents a very important function of management. Necessary at all levels and all aspects of the organization, controls should be applied to organizational design, planning, employee performance, etc., among many other functions. Level-wise, controls should be part of headquarters, of division, or departments. Lack of control can lead to costly delays or financial losses,

Explain the links between business continuity, system availability, and disaster recovery?

What constitutes a virtual organization? How does strategy implementation differ between it and traditional organizations? When is one type of organization preferable over the other? Research a company’s internal dynamics and the influence on business continuity along with cultural and structural leadership considerations incorporated into the implementation of the company’s strategy. What resources are being

Discuss the accountant’s role and responsibilities in the planning process. The discussion should take into consideration the four planning phases; strategic, tactical, operational and contingency.

I’m developing a business plan for a pharmaceutical company, and need help explaining the following: How will your service be distributed (DISTRIBUTION, LOCATION & TIMING)? What are the VARIATIONS in distribution/delivery BY TARGET MARKET, if any? Describe what forms of PERSONAL SELLING will be involved, including the information needs of target market(s). What TRAINING should

Need a jump start answering this question In your opinion, has the emergence of an active board of directors in the last 5-10 years been a benefit or hindrance to proper corporate governance?

Can anyone talk about the statements used to discuss financial aspects of a business? How are they used in a strategic plan? Can anyone provide a list of non-financial forecasts? Please provide references if possible.

What are some of the ways public health agencies/organizations can address privacy but still be able to collect needed data?

Hospitality Management Skills and Competencies – Develop a career path for a events manager position in the hospitality industry. – Create a skills and competency chart. In the chart address the trends in the hospitality Industry such as leadership, technology, and guest service. – Create a personal development plan that analyzes personal strengths and areas