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!) Why should you question the motivation of the sources of secondary research? 2) What are the differences between quantitative and qualitative data? Then what are two or three examples of each? 3) Please provide 2 different sources of secondary data.

You will take on the role of an investigative journalist by using the Internet to seek out different kinds of art works — art that is not conventionally considered art. Choose two specific; works of art; that will make for a captivating news article. Your search begins by looking for ideas in the Classroom Materials,

You are the manager of a team that collaborates on various projects. These projects need to be addressed by the entire group to provide resolutions that are in the company’s best interest since it will affect all parties and departments. Today in the management meeting, a discussion evolved around the HR policies. There is one

You are making a presentation to the supervisors in the company on the Tuckman forming, storming, norming, performing model. Put together a PowerPoint presentation that will explain the model and the highlights of each phase. Insert any examples you can. Include the fact that the stages can be repeated.

How is goodwill and/or ill-will created for an organization? Give an example of either goodwill or ill-will created by your company or another organization.

What is a rational business model? Discuss the rational business model in rapidly changing business environments. Provide an example of a rational business model and references of how it relates to a changing business environment.

I need to use the Internet or other resources to collect both primary and secondary data regarding the research issue, opportunity, or problem I selected for your Research Process Outline in Learning Team Meeting One. Find at least two different sources of secondary data. Then, prepare a 1,000-word analysis of your collected data. Also, describe

What is an Organization? The concept of an organization has changed since Moses received advice from his father-in-law about leading the tribes of Israel out of Egypt. 1. Briefly discuss the shift from viewing an organization as a machine to the concept of a learning organization using actual examples. 2. Describe how an organization with

One of the critical steps in any survey process is approaching the people you have chosen as participants for the survey. A good approach and rapport can increase a participant’s willingness to give you information and their candor in providing it. Discuss your strategy for implementing this survey. I need you assistance in helping me

Scenario: During lunch, the conversation turns to customers and the new role of the salesperson to add new business to the company. Problem: Would you prefer to sell to businesses or consumers or both and why?