What They Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them During my last two years in college, I worked for animal hospital in my hometown. In my time there, many animals passed away in their sleep or four unknown reasons. It was not uncommon. In the situation, our facility would offer the owners the service of an autopsy.

How do performance standards apply to service organizations? How can they be measured?

Describe the types of decisions that do not involve uncertainty and risk and common approaches used for analyzing them.

Can you describe how to model decisions involving uncertainty.

Explain the components of a decision tree and how optimal decisions are computed.

Could you provide me with an explanation the following terms: A) Calling population B) Reneging C) Jockeying D) Balking E) Queue Discipline

The usage and significance of third-party logistics (3PL) services has grown dramatically during the past two decades or so. Explain why this has occurred and what the benefits are, if any?

The CEO of your organization stops you in the hallway and inquires about gain-sharing. It is clear to you that he is mixing up gain-sharing and profit-sharing concepts. You suggest that you meet with him tomorrow to go over the basics of gain-sharing and profit-sharing plans. Briefly describe what gain-sharing and profit-sharing plans involve. What

An airline company must plan its fleet capacity and its long-term schedule of aircraft usage. For one flight segment, the average number of customers per day is 70, which represents a 65 percent utilization rate of the equipment assigned to the flight segment. If demand is expected to increase to 84 customers for this flight

A process currently services an average of 50 customers per day. Observations in recent weeks show that its utilization is about 90 percent, allowing for just a 10 percent capacity cushion. If demand is expected to be 75 percent of the current level in five years and management wants to have a capacity cushion of