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Last week a painter painted three houses in five days. This week she painted two houses in four days. In which week was the painter more productive?

Hello I would like assistance with answering the following question thank you. 1. Under what circumstances would you agree with someone who said that alliances are very risky between the involved parties?

Persuasive Letters Lying is a form of persuasion. Think of an example from your own, first-hand business, workplace or professional experience when someone lied to you. Do NOT describe lies from a politician, or celebrity. Briefly describe the lie. Describe harm done to the people and/or organization. Do you believe the lie was justifiable, given

The most important issues for a human service agency to address are direct and indirect costs, depreciation and use allowance, unallowable costs, profit margins, fixed and variable costs, break-even points, market prices and variable fee and sliding fee schedules. Out of this list which issue is the least important? What is the basis for your

Consider an organization you are familiar with, have or are currently working in. Can you define at least one problem in its design? What are the symptoms of the problem? What could have been done to solve the problem?

A supplier of instrument gauge clusters uses a kanban system to control material flow. The gauge cluster housings are transported five at a time. A fabrication centre produces approximately 10 gauges per hour. It takes approximately two hours for the housing to be replenished. Due to variations in processing times, management has decided to keep

As a time-study analyst, you have observed that a worker has produced 40 parts in a one-hour period. From your experience, you rate the worker as performing slightly faster than 100%–so you estimate performance as 110%. The company allows 15% of job time for fatigue and delay. Use excel to show each problem. A. What

In order to make Social Security solvent (able to pay you when you retire) the following should happen: a.) Make all income (not just the first approximately $100,000 a person earns) subject to social security tax. b.) Raise the social security tax rate (It is currently a little over 7%) c.) Not give social security

Details: On May 10, 1871, the third and final phase of what are known as the German Wars of Unification came to an abrupt end. Paris had fallen in January; and the German states had proclaimed their union under the Prussian Kaiser, taken from the ancient Roman Caesar, thus creating a new nation-state, or Deutsches

Eric Johnson determines his cost to be as follows: Labor: $10 per hour Resin: $5 per hour Capital Expense 1% per month of investment Energy: $.50 per BTU Show the percent change in productivity for one month last year vs. one month this year, on a multifactor basis with dollars as the common denominator. Units