What are the pros and cons to using surveys for data collection for continuous improvement?

Solve the following linear programming problem graphically, Maximize profit= 4x + 6y, Subject to: x + 2y ,< 8, 5x + 4y < 20, Non-negativity requirements x, y > 0, the greater than and less than sign have line under therm.

What do most experts believe to be the single-most important analytical tool for evaluating a business?

What value creation activities should a company outsource to independent suppliers? What are the risks involved in outsourcing these activities?

Explain why economists believe that marketable emission credits add to overall economic efficiency. Other groups in our society prefer across-the-board limitations on maximum discharges of air pollutants by firms. What are the different goals of these two groups? How are voters to decide which path to follow?

Realizing that the major function of profit is to allocate resources according to consumer preferences, why are some groups in the U. S. extremely critical of corporations that earn growing profits? Is this criticism a function of large CEO salaries or is something else driving these attacks? Discuss.

Regarding making changes to software, please review three generic approaches to change management listed below. Please discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. Which approach would you use? Why? – Any and all changes made to the code base must be approved by a change control board prior to implementation. – Significant changes made

Currently, workplace privacy is a very hot topic and it continues to be a contentious issue because technology is outpacing the law. New technologies for communication and new technologies for surveillance go beyond what the law has previously addressed. Explain what right to privacy you believe an employee should enjoy at work. Describe what right

3.The criteria for Performance Excellence for the Malcolm Baldrige award consist of a hierarchical set of categories, items, and areas to address. Which of the following four is NOT one of them? Strategic Planning. Workforce Focus. Process Management. Return on Investment. 4. ââ?¬Å”Moments of truthââ?¬Â? are instances when: new products are launched. a firm is

“congestion at the major airports results in over 25,000 hours of delay per month, inconvenience to the traveling public, and increases the direct operating costs by more than $10 million per month for the domestic airline industry,” if you are a management scientist, you need to find ways of relieving the congestion at the airport