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What types of intellectual property protection would apply to protect software?

What are the pros and cons of

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What are the pros and cons of a two tier legal system?

What are four characteristics of a legally enforceable contract? Please help me with this.

I’m trying to understand the different kinds of laws in certain situations. What kinds of categories do these two scenarios fit in? Why? If putting in Issue, Application, Rule and Conclusion form, how would u respond to these? Thanks. EXERCISE ROOM A guest injured his shoulder when he lifted too much weight on the bench

I am trying to figure out what laws would be applicable here and if I were formatting these two issue into: ISSUE, RULE, APPLICATION, AND CONCLUSION, how would I do so for each situation? Thanks. MUSTANG A woman buys the Mustang, thinking it was an 8 cylinder based on the salesman’s representation, is there a

Please help me to understand these issues presented and help me to understand the issue, law it’s relevant to, how to apply it to the law, and what conclusion can be drawn from them. Thanks. SIDING: Juan owns a house in a poor area of a large city. A salesman visits his home, selling aluminum

Is anyone able to help with these? Thanks. BUTLER: The Butler Telephone Company Inc. (Butler), contracted with the Sandidge Construction Company (Sandidge) to lay 18 miles of telephone cable in a rural area. In the contract, Butler reserved the right to inspect the work for compliance with the terms of the contract. Butler did not

Employer responsibilities

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Employer responsibilities under the FMLA.

Will someone help me to understand these problems? I need to know what the issues are, the rule/law, application & conclusion drawn. Thanks. 7. Diana is up for promotion to Sales Manager at West Coast Products. The company presently has 12 female sales managers and 10 male sales managers. Diana is turned down for the

Describe the long-term incentive programs used in the healthcare industry. Clearly state the key elements essential for its success. Identify programs that are used mainly for the senior executives in an organization. Research various long-term programs that are used in an organization. Examine key elements essential for its success.