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Which career management perspective most resembles your current workplace: individuals focusing on themselves, the organization focusing on individuals, or the organization focusing on itself?

What moral view did Albert Carr implicitly endorse a-Moral relativism B. Moral absolutism C- Moral Imperialism D-Moral supremacy

Pick one: When we answer a moral question we appeal to….law, moral standards, community standards, or God.

Is it inevitable that employees will respond the change of fear? If you believe the answer is yes, state the implications of this for managing strategic change. If you believe the answer is no, describe what managers can do to minimize such feelings during change.

As HR professionals, what would you conclude are three key elements to a successful organizational training program? Please be detail and list references.

What do you think makes people want to feel satisfied on the job and therefore more productive? Please support your rationale with two outside references. (In fact, if someone has “job satisfaction,” will that person automatically be more productive?)

1. How do you encourage and increase employee commitment and collaboration? 2. How can issues and problems impact productivity and quality within the health care setting? Cited material should follow the APA guidelines.

From an HR perspective, (a) Do you consider your organization to be a ‘learning organization’? Why or why not? (b) Why might an organization want to be (or not be) a ‘learning organization’? What might be the business relevance? Please list references

What is appropriate attire/dress for

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What is appropriate attire/dress for someone making a presentation?

Do you see where an individual’s body language plays a role in perception of displaying ego and self confidence? Why or why not?