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List some of the challenges facing global organizations and the mechanisms for addressing these challenges.

You are the global subsidiary branch manager of a U.S.-based MNE, Leather Extraordinaire, which manufactures leather goods. The Latin American division exports the largest volume of goods due to the high quality of leather and cheap labor, of which the majority is produced in Argentina. The Argentine subsidiary is proposing to Headquarters to be given

What considerations are important when implementing decisions in global organizations? Why do ethical standards vary from country to country? What are some standard business practices in America, which could be seen as unethical in other countries?

Does the Honda Corporation operate in

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Does the Honda Corporation operate in global markets? What marketing and strategy approaches does Honda follow?

I am trying to implement Best Buy in Taiwan. (a company like best Buy) I need to get some research based on the following: In the government or politics? Benefits to locating in the country Liabilities to locating, and Potential solutions or mitigation to these liabilities Marketing considerations Employment management considerations Final recommendation on whether

1. What are process flow structures? What structure does your organization rely on the most? How effective has the structure been in achieving organizational goals? 2. What are some factors that affect global business processes? How would these factors affect development of new processes? How are those factors different from those that affect local business

What is effective about the ways Apple manages knowledge? What could be improved?

How important is intermodal transportation with respect to global logistics? How do supply chains get more complicated when firms are doing business across borders versus domestically? Case Assignment Expectations: Research the topic with information from the background readings as well as any other resources you find on your own. Clarity of presentation is important, as

Analyze the financial crises that have affected the global economy from 1997 until now. Do they all have a common origin? Explain your answer and give some examples.

1.) What are some examples of internal and external crisis situations? What steps should be taken to manage these situations? What risks are associated with improperly implementing a crisis management plan? 2.) What is the difference between crisis management and contingency planning? Which one is more important in the hospitality industry? Why?