What are some types of body language that should be considered inappropriate at work?

How could the Internet be used to expand the global operations of Nokia. What other recommendations are there to enhance cross-border business for the company Nokia?

Explain the importance of yield

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Explain the importance of yield management in hospitality.

“Operations managers are extremely concerned with reducing the amount of inventory held in their organization (Swink, Melnyk, Cooper, & Hartley, 2011).” The reason for this concern is that the managers don’t want too much inventory sit dormant and they don’t want to run out of a product that could cost them customers. The reason why

When would we use the mean with ordinal data? Is it not possible to have two point of the same value at the peak of the bell shape curve? If this is the case, then there are two like value at the peak of the curve meaning there is a finite solution. Is this possible?

“The textbook states that seniority has become a deeply imbedded feature of the collective bargaining process. What are the general theories and practices of the seniority system? Be sure to discuss some of the specific problems and the typical exceptions and limitations to seniority.

“When the world is hopelessly confusing and nothinb is working, reframing is a powerful tool for gaining clarity, regaining balance, generating new options and finding new strategies that make difference.” Briefly explain the principle of reframing (40% of the marks) and critically assess the value of the modern manager (60% of the marks).

The notion of “universal healthcare” has proven to be controversial in the U.S. Using research-based examples, describe three benefits and three potential problems related to a government sponsored healthcare system.

Change management is usually seen as an add on rather than an integral part of the process of managing the transition. Why?

In change management leaders seek to get commitment and compliance with employees regarding the change. Compliance strategies rely on external enforcement. Is this always the case? Explain.