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On January 1, a company issues bonds with a par value of $300K. The bonds mature in 5 yrs and pay 8% annual interest each on June 30 and December 31. On the issue date, the market rate of interest is 6%. Compute the price of the bonds on their issue date. present value of

Leaders can improve the chances for a successful change outcome by following Kotter’s eight-step change theory. Pick three of the eight-step change theory components and give an example for each of how leaders can implement it to effect change.

List five corporate documents that every performance practitioner wants to review regularly in order to stay in tune with their client’ strategic directions and redirections. Describe what information you can gain from each that will assist you in aligning your work with that strategic direction.

When interviewing an applicant for a sales job, management ordinarily should be interested in complete answers to the following three questions: How badly does the applicant want or need the job? Can the job furnish the applicant with the success he/she wants, or offer the applicant the opportunity to realize his/her goals in life? Will

Compare and contrast two (2) ideas, concepts or topics of Corporate Risk Management. Include reference except from Wikipedia.

Your company sells underwear for men and women. You decide to invest into a firm in Romania that will produce this product for you. You are sending a manager, an accountant, and an engineer for this Romanian firm. All three are from the US home office. What kind of training would you give them prior

Apply the concept of life cycle to an organization with which you are familiar, such as a university or a local business. What stage is the organization in now? How did the organization handle or pass through its life cycle crises?

Identify a training program that you have encountered at work. For example, your company might have provided computer-based training or refresher courses for its employees or hired an expert in the field to lecture or discuss sales techniques to its employees. Identify the various training methods commonly used in organizations. Identify the method of training

“Full question: Problem #1 Janis Corporation The Janis Corporation is involved with waste management and, during the past 10 years, has become one of the largest waste disposal companies in the Midwest, serving primarily Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. The company is currently considering establishing a waste treatment plant in Mississippi as well. From past experience,

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution applies to search and seizure issues relating to public peace officers. What powers do private persons, including private security personnel, have relating to search and seizure issues? Under what circumstances may private person search? In the event a private person or private security personnel violate their authority to