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Begin by reading FMC Aberdeen case study. This should be read in its entirety and will be used for all assignments in this course. All of your individual projects will culminate in production of a formal proposal to the Plant Manager. To accomplish that objective, you are to conduct an organizational analysis for Kenneth Dailey,

Choose three physical products you would like to buy (e.g., apparel, furniture, books, etc.). 1. Locate the retail price for each of these items. 2. List the price of each item and the total price of all items. Select a state that has a sales tax, find out what that state’s sales tax is and

1. How important is wireless networking to a company? Would a company improve the sales/service process utilizing wireless networking? 2. Would you utilize a WEP enabled phone to perform stock trades? Why or why not? 3. With each of the above technologies, how is security important? Would you trust the methods that exist today to

I need your help with researching I need information/research on off the shelf systems for e-commerce and I need a comparison on the features and price. Can your answers be in paragraphs and can I get the resources? Thank you, Your HELP is GREATLY appreciated.

What are some issues related to domain name management that a company should consider in their ebusiness strategy?

What role does security play in ecommerce? What specific security technologies are used by companies to protect themselves?

What is a logical architecture

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What is a logical architecture, and what are some factors involved in choosing an architecture?

Develop an e-commerce strategy for Apple to compete more effectively against the large computer companies. In your report (maximum 3 pages), you may touch upon any or all of the questions and issues provided below: Is it possible for Apple to regain its former dominance of the personal computer and operating system markets? Should it

How and why have national book stores had to alter their operations to compete with Amazon and internet purchasing?

How have business operations changed with the advent of e-business?