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Explain the cons of community involvement and corporate philanthropy. Provide a brief history of corporate philanthropy.

Do you think that preferential treatment should be given in university admissions? Explain your answer.

Explain the evolution of corporate governance. What problems developed? What are the current trends?

What are the two major arguments for and against honesty testing by employers? Under what circumstances could management most legitimately argue that honesty testing is necessary?

Outline the major suggestions that have been set forth for improving corporate governance. In your opinion, which suggestions have the greatest chance of being effective? Why?

Why is the population shape a concern when estimating a mean? What effect does sample size, n, have on the estimate of the mean? Is it possible to normalize the data when the population shape has a known skew? How is the mean related to a confidence interval?

What evidence do we have that the Central Limit Theorem is true? Why do so many of life’s events share the same characteristics with Central Limit Theorem? How would you demonstrate the Central Limit Theorem to your classmates?

I need some help writing 3 page report explaining why I might be asked to create a formal business report and what components I would need to include in order to produce an effective formal report.

“Get you started” document includes the following sections and info: – Lengthy discussion on “Management Influenced by Information Systems” – Details on “How are Databases Used?” – Detailed information and suggestions for “How are Network Technologies and Internet Used?” – 5 references with citations

Compare and contrast the use of confidence intervals and point estimates in research applications. Which one or both would be more useful in a business setting? Why? What is the most controllable method of increasing the precision (narrowing) of the confidence interval?