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Concern about the responsible preservation of the global environment is going to continue to grow in the next century. Businesses at all levels across the globe are asked in most cases to responsibly protect and preserve our planetary environment. Discuss some of the environmentally necessary market and nonmarket issues a business is required to manage

Business Ethics: Advertising in Schools

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1. Discuss the ethics of allowing advertising in schools. Is there an appropriate age in which advertising could be considered? 2. What are the benefits and drawbacks to advertising products within schools? 3. What other facts would you need to make a decision and how might your decision affect the stakeholders? 4. Discuss alternative marketing

Please read the Reverse Discrimination case in the text and complete the following: 1. Provide brief summary of the case details, including background information and identification of key stakeholders. 2. Answer the questions presented in the text for this case. 1. Do you agree with the Supreme Court’s decision? 2. What do you think Justice

Discuss public interest, administrative responsibility and some of the recent ethical obligations confronting public administrators in their day to day decision making. Also examine the recent trend in privatizing government functions and discuss if it posses any dilemma for the attainment of public interest. Be sure to use relevant examples to illustrate your point.

Whistle Blowing and Business Ethics.

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What is whistle blowing, and why is it important to the study of business ethics? Provide details. Discuss the reasons why an employee would refrain from reporting potentially unethical behavior within his/her organization. Should a corporation establish an ethics hotline? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having one.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the news has been full of examples like this one from Hurricane Katrina: During Hurricane Katrina, there were several cases of retail businesses increasing their prices. Gasoline prices went up, food prices increased as food became scarcer, and the prices of generators also became virtually unaffordable for many. As

The solution addresses the question: How do purchasing agents consider social responsibility in selecting suppliers? When an organization utilizes materials from suppliers in manufacturing, social responsibility should be a consideration of the purchasing agent. For example, raw materials made in third world country where worker safety is a huge concern can have a negative impact

Write about a particular organization, in depth, describing its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and practices (either the presence and/or absence of them). Support that organization’s approach to CSR with research.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a controversial subject when determining how the MNCs should function, especially in less developed countries (LDC). Why is it important for a MNC to consider CSR? How do they take action? The level of corporate responsibility ranges from low involvement to high, proactive involvement; explain this. What are examples of

Find 3 Academic articles about CSR and 2 of them MUST be about Limitation and Criticism of CSR. a. Provide of summary for each article (APA style) b. Examples / Methods of two or three different companies about Company A, Company B, Company C c.Feedback of CSR d. Conclusion