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What do you think would be the most important changes that could be made to increase the effectiveness of corporate governance in this post-Enron era?

Research recent innovations on the Web. Find a recent innovation that you would consider a breakthrough innovation. What breakthrough innovation did you select? Why? Describe the risk that was taken. What is the target audience for the innovation? Note the size of the company and any other details that you find are important. 519 words

Have you ever thought that compensation and salary meant the same thing? What is the difference? From your work experiences, what are some examples of different forms of compensation that are a part of your overall compensation package (in addition to salary)? What are some forms of incentive based pay at your employer or that

Examine the different type of business organizations – including advantages and disadvantages of each. Include in the analysis taxation issues related to each and the steps needed for dissolution.

A small business management course at a community college may offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to: A. listen to a qualified instructor solve all of the problems of small business owners. B. meet with experienced entrepreneurs and learn from their advice. C. try out ideas on a computer simulation before risking real time and money.

What is the importance of regression coefficient and how is it related to measuring the impact of one variable on another?

Is there a difference between regression and correlation analysis, or the regression coefficient and the correlation coefficient?

The business manager of an orchestra performs two Saturday evenings each month with a new program for performance. It incurs the following costs for each performance: Fixed overhead costs $1,500 Rehearsal costs $4,800 Performance costs $2,200 Variable costs $1 per person The Orchestra’s business manager is concerned with profit. The profit margin is currently very

I’m completely understand you comment about competitiveness. I am very competitive myself and sometimes I have a problem harnessing that drive to win and succeed. What I mean is in my attempt to win I have a tendency to try and impose my thoughts and views on others. Do you have a similar conundrum? 351

What potential obstacles do you face in establishing urgency for change within your organization? (5 potential obstacles discussed)