Assuming the consumer is rational, how can utility affect their economic decisions? How does utility lead to more or less customer satisfaction? Give an example.

1. The administration of the U.S. monetary system is the responsibility of the Federal Reserve System (The Fed). Midtown Mercantile Bank is expanding its business holdings. Write a 250-word response explaining how the Fed’s role affects and limits Mercantile’s expansion plans. Be sure to address the following in your response: ? Explain how the Fed

What is a user interface prototype? How would you compare and contrast three service prototyping methods? What considerations would you recommend for improving service testing and prototyping?

What are some of the challenging aspects of forecasting? Why is it important to start the forecasting process with the sales budget?

What benefits are included in Social Security, who may receive benefits, and who pays for Social Security?

? List the seven steps in the decision-making process and four types of decision-making styles Explores ways to use creativity in the decision-making process, types of decision-making styles, and common decision-making errors. Just like with NFL quarterbacks, when supervisors make mistakes “on the playing field,” by Monday morning everyone has second-guessed their decisions. Even when

The two questions posed in this acquisition case study were: What are the basic differences between the acquisition of capital equipment and business services? What are the salient characteristics of each? Are the buying organization’s staff members the only ones involved in the identification, selection, acquisition, and implementation of each?

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How about the slot machines at airports? Is the airport a channel?

1. Your firm wants to lease a $500,000 piece of equipment. The equipment has a 5-year life and a salvage value of $100,000 at the end of year 5. Depreciation is straight-line over 5 years to a zero book value. There will be 5 pre-paid lease payments on the equipment. Purchasing the asset has a

4.3 Calculate the following values, assuming a discount rate of 8%: a. present value of a perpetuity (also called a perpetual annuity) of $50 received each year at the end of each year b. present value of an annuity of $50 received at the end of each year for 5 years c. present value of