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Research the Peter Principal phenomenon and discuss two possible reasons why this occurs. Make sure to cite the sources you researched.

Why do you think more students are

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Why do you think more students are using qualitative method?

Donations in cash are easy to measure. What is the treatment that not-for-profit organizations use for donated goods and services?

Using a quantitative approach, how can you demonstrate that the relationship between leaders and their subordinates can have an adverse affect on the decision making process of the leader?

Investigate basic thoughts on the financial management of portfolio or programs. Develop a clear, direct method of assessing the relative desirability of arbitrary projects from an investment management perspective. Keep the method as general as possible.

The spot rate of the British pound to the dollar is 1.68 ($/pound). The 180 day forward rate is $1.71. What is the annualized forward premium? (Show your work/calculations/formulas.)

If you created an organization that allowed you to have employees and volunteers, would you use the same training methods for employees that you would for volunteers? Why or why not?

Using your work breakdown structure (WBS), list the key responsibilities of your project team associated with the major tasks you outlined. plus organizational chart using felicitous business . Define the following: Purpose of the roles Responsibilities of the roles Reporting relationship of the roles Skills, qualifications, and experience required

Make the following inductive (statistical) syllogism into a relatively strong argument by supplying an appropriate premise or conclusion: “People who go to Burning Man are not like you and me. Why just look at how odd Greg is!”

A business may be able to effectively sell a product if it satisfies a need. Do you think that this statement can satisfy all sorts of industries or some specific types of products?