If you were responsible for improving project management in a hotel chain which was experiencing declining revenues and increasing costs. 1) What factors would you consider most important? 2) How would you implement those factors?

Select an elite figure from any of Dye’s key sectors of power. Utilizing a minimum of three sources, write a paper that addresses the following points: Dye’s key sectors of power are: a) industrial (nonfinancial) corporations, b) banking, c)insurance, d) investments, e) mass media, f) law, g) education, h) foundations, i) civic and cultural organizations,

Strategize the best location for new hubs for the service arm and the best location and set up strategies for the manufacturing arm. In your calculations, consider methodologies such as weighted, center of gravity, location break-even analysis, and transportation method (linear programming). Explain the principle on which you make these recommendations. Individual Projects: Objectives –

You are almost ready to deliver a PowerPoint presentation, but before you do, you need to polish and refine your PowerPoint presentation and also solidify your plans for your delivery techniques. You need to ensure that you are comfortable speaking about the slides and also operating the hardware while speaking publicly. You now need to

Propose a solution to help Lawrence Sports develop a working capital policy and a cash budget to optimize working capital. Remember that your solution needs to focus on the cash budgeting and working capital concepts covered in the course. Be sure to incorporate appropriate citations from your readings and research.

Compare and contrast the considerations underlying the decision to reinvest in business operations with the considerations underlying the decision to divest operations.

1. Explain the reasons why federalism was chosen instead of either confederation or a unitary system in 1787. 2. How does federalism keep government closer to the people? Is state government necessarily more responsive to the people than the federal government? 3. Distinguish between inherent, implied, and express powers. Give an example of each. 4.

- Is there a relationship between organizational innovation and so-called “out-of-the-box” thinking by the individuals that comprise the organization? Please explain. – Drawing from your own experience, what techniques have been effective in stimulating out-of-the-box thinking? – Assess how effectively a typical IT organization innovates. Are its organizational structures helping or hindering innovation? Please explain.

Identify three businesses in your community: One that is formed as a sole-proprietorship, one that is formed as a general partnership, and one that is formed as a corporation. Identify the businesses and explain what characteristics of that business form might have led the owners to choose each one.

What factors should be considered before choosing a form of ownership. Describe which form is the best?