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What is a control mechanism? Give

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What is a control mechanism? Give an example please.

What are the disruptive factors in the Manufacturing industry? What opportunities do they present for innovation?

Briefly explain what formal project closure process you would utilize as the manager of an election campaign. Provide a brief, bulleted outline (short notes) of the process.

What are some quantifiable measures of success for and within an election campaign. Speak from both the candidate and the campaign manager’s point of view.

What are the pros and cons of using an intranet system in an organization?

The number of cars arriving at Joe Kelly’s oil change and tune-up place during the last 200 hours of operation is observed to be the following: Number of cars arriving Frequency 3 or less 0 4 10 0 30 6 70 7 50 8 40 9 or more 0 Based on the above frequencies, use

The relationship d = 5000 – 25p describes what happens to demand (d) as price (p) varies. Here, price can vary between $10 and $50. a. How many units can be sold at the $10 price? How many can be sold at the $50 price? b. Model the expression for total revenue. c. Consider prices

There are two more assignments in a class before its end, and if you get an A on at least one of them, you will get an A for the semester. Your subjective assessment of your performance is Event Probability A on paper and A on exam .25 A on paper only .10 A on

Describe an organization that you have dealt with as a customer/client seems best at followign principle number 12 – cutting flow time and travel distance for you or for your order? How is this done? Principle #12: cut setup, change over, get ready & start up times. This principle deals with preparation to serve delays

Syvan’s nursery does a large business in plaintin trees for real estate developers, who invariably want service “right now”. Which 4 principles of operations mangment must Syvan’s pay attention to in order to be responsive to this customer want? Discuss.