I’m a marketing major not a law major. This scenario is part of a new human resources management course I am required to complete to graduate. I really do not understand the two case laws presented here. The one think I think I understand is that the results of both cased helped with nondiscrimination based

Evaluate how the organizational functions of Human Resources and Operations impacts the organizational structure of Microsoft. Need a short description of approx 400 words for each, Human Resources and Operations.

I need your help explaining how a B2C website is used to manage customer marketing and relationships through the internet and can you give specifics. Can your answers be in paragraphs and can you give me at least two references. Thank you, your HELP is GREATLY appreciated. This is my answer to the question posted.

Identify specific reasons why the cost of capital with Amazon.com may differ among the selected companies. What does this say about their past financial performances and future prospects? How would you recommend that the firm lower its cost of capital?

1. How can the organizational structure of a business be influenced by an eBusiness strategy? 2. Why must the legacy systems of a business be considered when developing an eBusiness strategy? 3. Please identify a dot.com company that no longer exists. Tell me about the company, product, target demographic, etc. Then discuss why you think

Discuss the purpose and utility of diagnosis, and in the remaining modules we will be conducting the actual diagnosis. 1. Explain the purpose and the value of conducting a diagnosis for the Logistics support division 2. Briefly evaluate each of the models presented in the background reading by Falletta 3. Comment on the ease of

Describe how supply chain works in brick and mortar environment for book industry. If possible, a description on both brick and mortar, virtual enviornment and a comparison between the two.

You are an Organizational Behavior consultant and have been asked to come into XYZ Company to find out why production has fallen over the past year. Explain how you would proceed, create a scenario of questions and responses, and explain how you would present the data and make recommendations.

I need your assistance on how the “look and feel” for Sears websites and evaluation of the ease of navigation for Sear’s Web Site is for consumers.

Can someone explain how the Internet changed the Supply Chain at Sears?