Prepare a paper describing the structure, implementation, and impact of a global strategic alliance. Please answer the following questions: Exposition a priori for the IP: There are two multinational corporations: Sun Oil Corporation (SUNOCO,) based in New Jersey, USA, and YPF Sociedad Anomina, based in Argentina. Sunoco refines, finds, and exploits deposits of petroleum called

1. Out-of-home, direct mail, & specialty advertising; when do advertisers decide to use one or more of these media to either replace or complement print/electronic media? What factors must be considered? 2. How do advertisers plan a media advertising campaign? What factors must be considered in the planning? (Hint: reach, frequency, continuity, cost per thousand,

A young man has set up a lemonade

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Compare: A young man has set up a lemonade stand on the corner of College Street and Air Park Boulevard. Temperatures in the area climb to 100 degrees during the summer. The intersection is near a major university and a large construction site. Explain to this young entrepreneur may benefit from economies of scale. Also

11. Suppose you were hired to research the effect of music on the dollar amount spent by women in a department store. o In such a case, who would be your “target population?” o If you wanted to maximize the external validity of your study, how would you construct a “sample” from this population? In

Is the disparity between academic scholarship and professional practice a “great divide,” or are there areas of overlap? How do professional degrees, academic degrees, and credentials reflect the differences and/or overlaps? How would you describe the advantages and disadvantages of seeking a professional doctorate vs. an academic doctorate? Describe each in terms of orientation, intellectual

What is culture and what is the difference between material and nonmaterial culture? People can be said to be filled with their culture. Define ethnocentrism and suggest how we as humans may transcend our own culture comming to grasp a degree of cultural relativism.

Theoretical perspectives of social stratification Consider the life story of Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corporation, to analyze the issue of social stratification through the three theoretical perspectives. Mr. Gates was born to a middle-class family. His mother was a school teacher and his father an attorney. Mr. Gates is now one of the wealthiest

How does the Jewish experience resemble the experience of other minority groups? In what ways is the Jewish experience different from the experience of other minority groups?

Answer the attached questions with at least five sentences each: ? Identify the differences between an internal estimate of company value and an external estimate of corporate value. Does access to managerial accounting data necessarily lead to better corporate value estimates than relying on publicly available information? ? Identify the key issues an analyst should

1. Why do heuristics and biases play a major role in the success/failure of an IT project? What specific kinds are the most influential factors – in general and for Microsoft? 2. Prepare a summary list of job responsibilities, qualifications, and experience required for Systems Analyst. How do qualifications differ from experience?