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Many managers today were trained under assumptions of adversarial relationships with other companies. Do you think operating as adversaries is easier or more difficult than operating as partners with other companies? Why?

Define the term business ecosystem Explain what is meant by struggle for existence as it relates to the population ecology model. Define the term mimetic forces.

As a healthcare worker in the radiology department, what are the types of contracts you might be involved with professionally? What are the types of contracts you are involved with personally? Are contracts that you identified unilateral or bilateral?

Please respond to both of the following parts (A), and (B). Part A: Briefly discuss and distinguish between the following studies, and provide simple example for each type. Exploratory, Descriptive and Causal Studies: Part B: You have been asked to determine how hospitals prepare and train volunteers. Since you know relatively little about this subject,

Do think companies should use banding in selection decision? why or why not Please defend your position with examples that you can find where banding was utilized. 100-150 words

Should owners and managers be held criminally liable for unsafe and unhealthy acts? Discuss whether you agree or disagree and why or why not. To what extent should it be the organization as opposed to the manager that is held liable? What individual responsibility do managers have? What is the responsibility of top managers as

Classify and explain the various types of social responsibilities that businesses have.

(Could you use Healthcare for example please?) 1. What are some external influences on organizations? What are some of the implications of these external influences to your organizations business continuity planning? What recommendations do you have for mitigating the negative influences to your organization or one that you are familiar with? 2. What are the

I need some feed back on this and my team styles please. My style is The Pioneer (or Dc) is being in a position to direct and redirect task accomplishments. You tend to focus more on the future than on either the present or the past. You are driven by a quest for unique accomplishments

Provide an example of a company in operation today that does or should use the break-even point as a tool for management?