Describe at least 2 political and 2 economic issues that may arise during global expansion, and propose methods of addressing them. (Choose issues that are distinct from those that are purely domestic). Explain the importance of and implications of each issue with regard to the company’s proposed expansion to France. Find an example and explain

As Vice President of Chemical Development and Processing of Global Pharmaceutical Company (GPC), Elizabeth Moreno is highly known and renowned specialist within the pharmaceutical industry. Part of Ms. Moreno’s role as a key executive is to visit the various subsidiaries of GPC to assist in resolving development and processing issues that arise in the company.

What are the HR Strategies that management must undertake and support to create a successful global presence to insure the success of an organization in meeting its goals and mission?

Name and explain the concept of tariff barriers and name and explain one reason countries maintain trade barriers, such as tariffs, and state whether or not this reason is justified and why or why not. What is the impact of these barriers on the efficient allocation of a country’s resources? What is the impact on

List four kinds of nontariff barriers and discuss how they affect trade.

What are international cartels and who benefits and who is harmed by them? Should they be allowed to exist?

Which of the following would do the most practically to address issues of global warning? Why? a. Eliminate subsidies for energy use. b. Restore the rainforests. c. Place restrictive taxes on carbon dioxide emissions. d. Exhaustion of the world’s fossil fuels.

Consider the recent scandal at MF Global. Given the financial complexity of MF Global’s business, were the most recent board members adequately qualified? Explain

Within 20 years, we will have seen the emergence of enormous global markets for standardized consumer products. Do you agree? What actions can a firm take to minimize its global tax liability? On ethical grounds cans such actions be justified?

Lessons learned from the prior global banking crisis? What should be done to prevent such a crisis from happening again?