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What is a capacity cushion and why would a firm have one? In what ways can management influence the arrival patterns of waiting lines? Describe some of the generic differences between the production of good s and services What is the criterion for determining whether a project activity is on the “critical path” or not?

I need help examining the process that was used when you made the decision to attend your college. Evaluate the measures, objectives, and categories that led to a satisfactory decision. Support your answer with examples of objectives and measures used to support your decision. Include: An overview description of the elements of a value tree

Analysis of Action Research Analyze the role of action research in organizational theory development & implementation. Be sure to address the following: Define action research Explore the process of theory development that evolves from action research Assess the value of implementation in the action research process on creating organizational change and developing new theories

Strengths and Gaps in Systems Theory I need some help to research and analyze the systems theory. What are the strengths of this perspective of organizations? What are the gaps? Explain your rationale.

Can you give me some information on this? In practice, what are some of the challenges that come with the country risk assessments? What are some tools or resources that you think would work well in a Country risk analysis?

What is the role of methods such as the PDCA cycle and/or a DMAIC (Define, measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) in the decision making process to assure proper implementation and proper follow up?

Can you please briefly describe root cause analysis tool and if possible to bring an example?

What type of data is best described using a Time Series? Think of an example from your work place or from your day to day experience.

What are some of the major sustainable development research theories and methodological insights? What are some of the key influences that shape sustainable development decision processes in the context of stakeholder interests and interactions? What are some of the factors internal and external to the practice of sustainable development in business? What current trends are

What is correlational research and how dose correlations assess the degree to which variables are related.