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Locate an e-marketplace Web site on the Internet. Describe the site and the type of producers and suppliers it connects.

I am requesting Ideas and at least a starting point about the above subject, the description below are the details. Research Paper must be at least 10 pages in length, not including the cover page and references. Use the APA format. Must contain at least five professional references and may include internet sources, books, and

Describe Paypal’s business model

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Describe Paypal’s business model. Why has it become such a success when other forms of digital cash have failed? What are the main drivers of that success?

In your opinion, what are some of the most important antecedents and consequences of organizational politics? Give an example of each.

Briefly describe the following

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Briefly describe the following: 1. Difference between Internet, Intranet and Extranet. 2. E-sourcing and E-procurement 3. How might managers use SWOT analysis to identify new applications for electronic commerce in their strategic business units? 4. The similarities and differences between XML and HTML. 5. Define “direct materials” and “indirect materials.” List the reasons that a

Short discussion on the importance

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Short discussion on the importance employee communications skills

Do you think our fast paced internet, multi-tasking society has added to emotional and physical stress on individuals. And has this fast paced led to an impatient, unsympathetic, less compassionate society? What are your thoughts

Visit an e-commerce website

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Visit an e-commerce website. Search the web for competitors in the industry and market. Describe the marketspace of the company’s industry, the size of the market, its growth rate and the company’s market share. Desscribe the customer need the company is trying to satisfy, the specific customers the company is pursuing, the technology and resources

Imagine you are a Compensation Analyst at a large manufacturing organization. The CEO recently came to your boss, the Director of Compensation, to determine how to restructure compensation for certain employees. The CEO wants to make sure that compensation aligns with the following organizational strategies: 1) Continue to make a quality product that our consumers

Select a particular market sector and assess the past, current and future customer use of the internet as a medium to select and buy products.