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You are the CEO of an organization with the vision to become a world leader in the development of educational toys. In the course of your development as a leader you have experienced many changes, personally and within the organization. Tell a specific story about a change and describe the effects on you and other

1. What is the relationship between power and leadership in an organization? How is power gained? As a consultant, how can you leverage the power structure of a client organization? Why is leveraging the existing power structure beneficial during a change initiative? 2 How might power affect the relationship between managers, peers, and subordinates? How might these relationship dynamics

Roberta has worked for you for almost a year. Until recently, she has been a great employee. However, this month she has been late to work five times. Additionally, you’ve noticed that she recently started checking her cell phone for messages several times an hour. You have also noticed that she is visiting non-work related

Computime (Hong Kong) Leads through Inn. Explain what role R&D should play in Computimeââ?¬â?¢s technology strategy. Explain how R&D should coordinate with the business units. Recommend what long-term strategy Computime should implement. Describe what the implications of transitioning from designing and producing products for customers to producing proprietary branded products would be.  

What forms of incentives are most effective in motivating you to increase your performance levels? What forms are the least effective? If you have prior supervisory experience, describe the forms of incentives that you have used for your employees, along with an analysis of whether they were effective or not. If you do not have

Explain why the strategic control exercised by a firm’s strategic leaders is important for long-term competitiveness. Explain how strategic controls differ from financial controls.As a strategic leader, would you feel ethically responsible for developing your firm’s human capital? Why or why not? Do you believe that your position is consistent with the majority or minority

How is leadership different from management? Do not define each. How are they different?  

In an outside work environment, there are varying reasons why people join groups. Identify and explain two of the reasons why people join groups and provide an example of each. Communication serves four major functions within a group or organization: control, motivation, emotional expression, and information. Provide an example that illustrates one of these from your

“A project manage may need two skill sets to perform his/her job–those of a manager and those of a leader”. 1) Differences. Conduct research to explain the differences between being a manager and being a leader. Provide advantages and disadvantages of both and/or circumstances where one may be better than the other. 2) Project Management:

Can you help me with the following assignment? Integrating terminology, describe the quality of leadership within an organization. 1. Identify the factors responsible for creating organizational culture for transmitting it, and getting it to change. 2. Define organizational spirituality. 3. What role if any does spirituality play in an organization? 4. Discuss the organizational spirituality within an