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An employee works at the local hamburger restaurant for 40 years and never earns more than minimum wage, which is $12,000 a year. However, this employee is able to save 6% per year, or $720 per year. Over the 40 year period, the employee’s investments average 8% interest per year. How much will the employee

1. What is the value of a share of a firm’s stock when the firm is expected to pay $2.80 per share dividend at the end of each year and the annual discount rate is 7.5 percent? 2. What is the present value of a lease on a warehouse, where the tenants have a lease

Your cost of capital is 11 percent, and here is the offer: You put in $900 per year for the first 11 years (years 1 through 11) and our company will pay you $2500 for the following 22 years (years 12 through 33). All payments will be made at the end of the year. You

The corporation projects to pay a dividend of $0.75 next year and then have it grow at 12% for the next 3 years, before growing at 8% indefinitely thereafter. the equity has a required return of 10% in the market. What should the price of the stock be?

Calculating Annuities Due

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Calculating Annuities Due You want to buy a new sports car from Muscle Motors for $32,000. The contract is in the form of a 72-month annuity due at a 7.75 percent APR (compounded monthly). Your monthly payment will be $? . (Round your answer to 2 decimal places, e.g. 32.16.) _______________________________________________________________________________ Calculating the Number of

You are evaluating two different sound mixers. The Jazzmaster costs $45,000, has a three-year life, and costs $5,000 per year to operate. The Discmaster costs $65,000, has a five-year life, and costs $4,000 to operate. The relevant discount rate is 12%. Ignoring depreciation and taxes, compute the EAC for both. Which do you prefer?

We are examining a new project.

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We are examining a new project. We expect to sell 500 units per year at $20 net cash flow a piece for the next 10 years. In other words, the annual operating cash flow is projected to be $20 x 500 = $10,000 per year. The relevant discount rate is 20%, and the initial investment

You are willing to pay $15,625 to purchase a perpetuity which will pay you and your heirs $1,250 each year, forever. If your required rate of return does not change, how much would you be willing to pay if this were a 20-year, annual payment, ordinary annuity instead of a perpetuity?

Janice would like to send her parents on a cruise for their 25th wedding anniversary. She has priced the cruise at $15,000 and she has 5 years to accumulate this money. How much must Janice deposit annually in an account paying 10 percent interest in order to have enough money to send her parents on

You want to buy a condo 5 years from now, and you plan to save $3,000 per year, beginning one year from today. You will deposit the money in an account that pays 6% interest. How much will you have just after you make the 5th deposit, 5 years from now?