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In the production of a car, if direct materials are $2,000, direct labor $3,000, and factory overhead $1,500, what are my total manufacturing costs? If I am computing a cost variance (variance means difference) against some target or base level, (actual variance to budget or actual variance to prior year, let’s say) what might be

What are “gold parachutes”? Provide examples and include your personal opinion as to their advantages and/or disadvantages.

1â?”2 pages Details: Many experts cite the weakening of the family as one of the causes for some of the problems that society faces today. Do you agree? In your paper, include the following information: Identify important or significant changes in families since 1960. What factors are responsible for this change? On the balance, are

Select an editorial from a newspaper, magazine, or online news source on a topic of your interest. Respond (in detail) to the following questions and requirements by writing a paragraph for the selected article: Who is the author, and what is the topic of the article? What is the authorâ??s point of view? What details

billion, and Walt Disney has 1.8 billion shares outstanding. If you hold the market portfolio, and as a part of it hold 100 shares of Best Buy, how many shares of Walt Disney do you hold? Please show your work. 2. Consider the price paths of the following two stocks over six time periods: 1

Develop three, related research questions you would like to answer for your work situation. 2) Discuss one primary data collection method you would choose to answer the questions. 3) Discuss the strengths and weakness of that primary data collection method.

Pay-for-knowledge pay programs are not suitable for all kinds of jobs. Based on your understanding of pay-for-knowledge pay concepts, identify at least three jobs for which this basis for pay is inappropriate. Be sure to provide your rationale, given the information in the text

Job Evaluation is a process many organizations look to HR to administer and lead. Certainly, each organization has unique internal job benchmarks, work structures, and pay scales, to form internal alignment. How can the external market forces be included in the job evaluation process and does it matter? How do you balance the internal input

Writing well is a hallmark of good scholarship “Scholars try to make sense of the world through specialized means, such as scientific research, gentle dialogue, gregarious debate, critical reading, and reflective writing. Scholars should distinguish themselves as effective communicators (Walker, 2003). They should practice the art of direct, clear, and focused writing free of excess.

What are profit sharing plans? List and describe at least two advantages and disadvantages of profit sharing plans.