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Question: In what ways does corporate strategy affect capacity decisions?

Compare and contrast Oregon state

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Compare and contrast Oregon state laws related to Medicaid.

Discuss in detail ‘Task Analysis’ and ‘Performance Analysis’ in relation to the training and development processes followed by most organizations.

Discuss the impact that goals have had on your organization. Were they effective? Were they communicated to you directly? If so by whom, if not, why not? What changes would you recommend to senior management in terms of goals and their impact on the operations of the organization?  

Classical bureaucracy has been the defining hall-mark of health services organization. Is bureaucracy necessary to deliver effective health care? Why or why not?  

In an increasing technological environment, there will be an increase in the number of employees who telecommute to work. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting from a healthcare perspective.  

What is the purpose of a team charter as it relates to overall team development? Give examples and explain your answer.

Question: How do we keep the team focused on productivity and also, how do we ensure that all team members have a voice in the decision making process? Should everyone have an equal say? Why or why not?  

Question: Healthcare is constantly changing. How do we as healthcare managers lead this change?  

Question: How do we as healthcare managers stay abreast of changes that will impact the health service organization? Explain your answer.