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Think of a doctor’s office and the issues they have with scheduling. How do you balance the patient’s need for particular appointment times with the need to minimize down time/wait time? What other examples can you think of and what creative solutions have you seen?

What methods may be used for evaluating the effectiveness of a training program? Why is post-training evaluation important? Compare and contrast the various methods for evaluating the effectiveness of training.

Choose 4 of the following training modules that you would prefer best and describe how you would implement a training this way: 1) Small group activity 2) Experiential 3) Computer-Based Training (CBT) 4) Case study 5) Teleconference 6) Video-Conference 7) Conference 8) Online

Are the majority of leaders, presidents, and CEOs of the top American companies and essential non-profit organizations elected or appointed? What would happen if such process was democratized where the employees were given the responsibility of electing their own leaders? Be clear, persuasive (and polite) in presenting your opinion and in attacking the opposite point

Identify items that need particular attention during receiving process for restaurants. Specify guidelines for receiving these items, with explanations if any.

Consider the following hierarchy of waste management technologies in decreasing order of preference: 1. waste reduction 2. reuse of material 3. recycling 4. treatment or incineration 5. land disposal What criteria do you think are the most important in this prioritization of preference? Do you think this order of preference is correct and if not

Please write one paragraph stating why you would be good for this position. We are looking for a Vice President of Operations, You will be responsible for delivering results which contribute to the achievement of maximum profitable growth in line with company strategy and values. Position will implement plans and strategies to expand the Member

What are the three basic function of a firm? Do all firms/organizations (Private, Government, Not-for-profit) perform these three functions?

You are a marketing manager for Nike. Your department has come up with the idea of manufacturing a baseball bat for use in colleges around the nation. Assuming you are in the business analysis stage, write a brief analysis based on these questions of the “Business Analysis”. – What is the likely demand for the

Explain the behavioral and cognitive approaches to learning. Which is most relevant to training? Explain your answer.