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Describe the key elements of technology-enabled customer relationship management and outline the advantages that technology-enabled customer relationship management has over traditional seller−customer interactions? Describe what a search engine inclusion and placement broker does and explain why an advertiser might use such a broker rather than working directly with a search engine site?

Analyze the role of e-business in a global supply chain and how it effects Johnson & Johnson.

When a site is developed for this purpose by a domain monetization service, it acts like a giant billboard space with ads that generate revenue by placing those ads in view of many potential customers.Explain

The trust and loyalty are such big aspects in any business relationship — but I think it is essential for an e-business. The larger brand names that we have grown to trust have an advantage when they opt to expand to an e-business, because the trust and loyalty has been branded with them through years

People often go online to compare prices and products; due to this, marketing an e-business is important and difficult. Personally, when I purchase a big ticket item I always go online to look into the business and product. During this search I often come across ad’s for businesses I have not heard of and research

I need help to summarize the following subjects in 200-300 words Share your impressions of Professor Rappa’s Web site (see below) in terms of what areas you have initially found helpful in learning more about governance, intellectual property and ethical issues in e-business Online Activity Tasks: Governance and Regulation: For examples of Internet governance and

Please help me answer the following questions in your own words: 1-Define product disparagement. In two or three paragraphs, present an example of product Disparagement 2- Explain the idea of nexus. Why is it an important concept in state and international taxation? In what ways is it similar to jurisdiction?

In 200-300 words please answer the following questions in your own word with no references: 1-The advantages and disadvantages of issuing business process patents have been hotly debated by legal scholars and business people. One compromise proposal advanced by Jeff Bezos, founder of, is to allow the issuance of business patents, but only allow

In 200-300 words please summarize the following subjects in your own word with no references: ● The use of payment cards in electronic commerce ● The history and future of electronic cash ● How electronic wallets work ● The use of stored-value cards in electronic commerce ● Internet technologies and the banking industry

I’ve seen these messages at the bottom of spam email regarding the removal from a listing. What people need to know is that the process for being removed from an email list may take awhile. The normal time is about 2-3 weeks. But what I have noticed is if people are more careful when visiting