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Taking into account the discussion in the class, the readings from the eResource, the supplemental articles, and your personal perspective, identify three global macro economic variables that have the potential to create global businesses change over the next 5 years. Incorporating the strategy Hammer outlines in the reading for creating an agile enterprise, what can

The CEO has a chance to buy a vacant lot for $1.0 million. He will use it as a parking lot to cover taxes and other costs except interest. He believes it can be sold for $2 million in five years when the real estate market recovers. The company’s cost of capital is 10%. Will

What is an emerging crisis management consideration? How would you analyze this emerging crisis? What business continuation recommendations would you have for responding to that emerging crisis?

Darryl Brewster CEO of Krispy Kreme Doughnut was let go. Identify his management style. How did his style effect Krispy Kreme letting him go? Cite sources.

The Youtube segments brought up some good points about privacy on the Internet. With the global economy and rapid movement of electronic information, once information is out – it will be out everywhere. Facebook was brought up as a good example of privacy issues. Facebook’s troubles began when they made some updated policy changes on

1. Why should an organization be concerned with both proactive and reactive crisis management? 2. Cite a recent example of an organization that used either a proactive or reactive PR campaign and explain how they handled the issue and whether or not you think the outcome was considered a success. Explain why.

I am working on the infamous Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse case study. The CEO is looking for another country in which to enter with his restaurant. He has to work within certain limitations, etc. One my suggestions will be to establish more franchises within the countries where restaurants were recently opened. In other words, I am

1.What is management? Why is management necessary? How do you think management has evolved? 2. How do the four functions of management impact organizational success? Which function of management do you feel is the most important? Why?

Several advertising agencies have expanded their operations to the global level so that they can offer their services worldwide. Discuss the reasons an MNE might prefer to work with a single global advertising agency instead of a series of local or regional agencies. Explore the challenges advertising agencies face when they choose to offer worldwide

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Thinking Critically Discribe ten business task or responsibilities involved in the operation of Sowthwest Airlines Co. or a similar company. Internet Application The internet provides a wealth of information provided to help individuals as they launch new businesses. Using an internet search engine, list 5 resources that offer entrepreneurs guidance on their new endeavers. Describe