As a class project you have been asked to project the proportion of time a professor spends on various activities. You have decided to use the work sampling method. Your initial observations are shown. Activity Observed / Number of Times Observed Grading 4 Administrative paperwork 6 Preparing for class 5 Teaching class 5 Meeting with

The insured’s duties after a loss are usually extensive. Please describe some of the duties of the insured after a loss occurs. Do you think what can happen if the insured fails to perform these duties? Explain your answer.

Using the following project information, calculate the variance for each of the project activities. Activity Optimistic Time Estimate(weeks) Most Likely Time Estimates (weeks) Pessimistic Time Estimates (weeks) Immediate Predecessor(s) A 3 6 9 none B 3 5 7 A C 4 7 12 A D 4 8 10 B E 5 10 16 C F

In insurance terminology, a warranty is a promise something has happened or exists (affirmative warranty) or something will happen (promissory warranty). Give two examples of promissory and affirmative warranties. What difference does it make to an insured if false statement made by the insured is considered a warranty or a representation? Please cite, APA format,

Consider the job of a college student. Perform a job analysis on this job. What tasks are required in the job? What knowledge, skills and abilities are necessary to perform those tasks? Prepare a job description based on your analysis.

Please give a summary of the business research process by describing the business research process from experience in the military/workplace.

I need help with developing responses to the following questions. What are the challenges of managing a multicultural environment for a virtual, Internet-based organization? How would you manage those challenges? What is a virtual global management team? How do members of these teams interact? Discuss the advantages and challenges that these teams face. Provide suggestions

In a narrative format, discuss Walmart from a strategic perspective. Information concerning recent changes in the firms is readily available online and should be accessed. Strategic issues should be discussed in “real time.” The solution is over 400 words and includes three references.

In what way does “Appreciative Inquiry” demonstrate the importance of a leader ? Describe the importance of participation in ownership.

Give some examples of poor problem identification that cause workplace issues.