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How can you develop training that motivates learning and incorporates the different learning styles of the trainees in your organization?

Can you help me with this assignment? I need to come up with a summary of both Milton Friedman (traditional view of business responsibility) and Archie Carroll main points (four responsibilities of business). I also need examples of organizations that use both types views.

Describe how the characteristics of a trainee may affect his/her self-directed learning. Briefly describe “self-directed learning”. Please detail two characteristics of self-directed learning.

In this posting, we look at a chosen industry’s receptivity to unionization. In so doing, the factors that led to the determination as such are also reviewed, and a labor market analysis performed so as to support any conclusions.

Question #1 The suggestion system has been a major element in any employer plan to encourage greater employee involvement. What are the factors that failed many systems? Question # 2 What are the major differences between the cost-reduction and profit-sharing program? What are the philosophic issues underlying each type of program? Provide examples of each

Explain the difference and similairties in the concept of process capability and proces control.

How can this question be answered? what is meant by a “resource-scare environment that marks higher education?”

Define them and provide examples of each of them. 1. Shared leadership roles 2. Individual and mutual accountability 3. Specific team purpose that the team itself delivers 4. Collective work products 5. Open-ended discussion and active problem-solving meetings 6. Performance measured directly by assessing collective work products 7. Real work discussed, decided on, and completed

If cross-price elasticity is positive, does that mean two products are complements? Why or why not? Positive cross-price elasticity is said to occur when the demand and price for two products are moving in the same direction.

How can the identification of complements (negative cross elasticity) or substitutes (positive cross elasticity) be used to determine a brand’s potential competitors? Cross Price Elasticity of Demand and Brand Competition Cross Price Elasticity of Demand and Brand Competition used to determine a brand’s potential competitors? For an …