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Companies shouldn’t feel obligated to ‘give back’ to communities because they haven’t taken anything away. Companies should only pursue charitable endeavors with the underlying intention of making money. It is not our money we’re handing out but our investors. A company’s obligation is simply to create jobs and make products. What the hell have we

1. What do you think we need to do to improve ethics in contracting within the government workforce, what about on the contractor side of the house?

1. What are the primary objectives of accounting? 2. What is the basic terminology of the accounting process or financial reporting? 3. How does accounting affect your personal life emphasizing professional ethics? 4. How does technology play a role in small business accounting? Wikipedia or any other open source websites are not permitted. Please include

Explain how corporate culture influences the ethical behavior of an organization. Why is it difficult to change the corporate culture? What are possible methods used to change the culture?

Scenario: Managers are fired for taking bribes from a representative agent to buy certain products. Discuss ethics in business Be sure to include the following: What do ethics in business mean? Is it ethical for a manager to accept bribes as an inducement to buy in business? Why or why not? Why are ethics and

Should businesses be guided solely by cost-benefit analysis when setting safety standards? Why or why not? Judged from an efficiency perspective, is employment-at-will the best employment model for businesses to use? Why or why not?

1. Is the goal of a business simply to maximize profits for its owners? Why or why not? 2. Do some independent research. Find an article or editorial which identifies the stakeholder model and advances its thesis. Do you think the author makes a compelling case for this model? 3. In a local or national

Case Questions 1. How important is the dessert wine segment to the industry? to E. & J. Gallo Winery? How do these products fit with Gallo’s stated position on the quality of its products? Do brands like Thunderbird and Night Train have any redeeming features as a product, even if they are in demand by

Compare three strategic approaches to corporate ethics. Provide examples of how problems in one of the areas could potentially undermine the entire ethical climate of the organization.

Discussion Topic: Finance Congratulations! You are about to graduate with your bachelor’s degree. While you are mixing and mingling with the guests at your graduation party, your second cousin, twice removed, on your mother’s side, who received his MBA three years ago, asks you to tell him about some of the courses that you had