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Expanded HTML Document

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Appendix E Expanded HTML Document When you created the Code HTML document (Appendix D), it should have included the following elements: ? Title ? Headings of three different sizes ? Two instances of bold ? Two instances of italics ? Two instances of a horizontal rule ? One list: ordered, unordered, or definition ? Two

Explain the flow of products in online environment. Websites such as Target, Wal-mart, K-mart.

Why do some people say portal

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Why do some people say portal Web sites are very similar to television channels?

Imagine that you are the head of the information technology for a fast growing ecommerce startup. You are in charge of development of the company’s Web site Consider your options for building the site in-house with existing staff, or outsourcing the entire operation. Decide which strategy you believe is in your company’s best interest and

Visit several ecommerce sites, not including those mentioned in this chapter and evaluate the effectiveness of the sites according to the eight basic criteria/functionalities listed in Table 4.10. Choose one site you feel does an excellent job on all the aspects of an effective site and create a presentation, including screen shots, to support your

? Explain your understanding of what comprises the IT infrastructure related to electronic business. ? What is scalability and why is it important in building an e-business IT infrastructure? ? How can Internet technologies be used to automate the supply chain? ? What might be some concerns if a company wanted to integrate its systems

What is “integrated marketing communication” and how does it fit into the technology of e-Business?

Other than a message of informational content, what are some other prime factors you must consider when communicating with organizational workforces in different countries? I would keep the time of …

How would you describe your organization’s commitment to engaging a variety of learning approaches?

The constant shifts in the marketplace require business organizations to continually react and adapt. As different departments within organizations adapt to changes, the accounting department often finds itself in a reactive position, especially if it is not involved in some of the decisions made by senior executives or other departments. In most cases, interdepartmental communication