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I need a foundation for the following key points: ? Job satisfaction? Importance? Relevance? ? What it takes to stay motivated? ? How to help others to be productive? ? What does it take to stay satisfied on the job?

Discuss the importance of Common Criteria for commercial products. With references.

What sources can a company use to gain intelligence about a foreign market?

1. List five personal events and the year they are likely to occur in the future. List five general events and the year they are likely to occur in the future. 2. Discuss which model of the strategic management process most closely meets the planning needs of your organization. Who in your organization would you

The reading material speaks about collecting data to create control charts or determining process capabilities. Why is it important to ensure that the data is randomly collected?

Journals and Scientific Documents 1. Discuss the purpose of journals and professional papers. 2. Discuss the organization of a technical scientific paper. 3. Use the University Library ( to find a scholarly journal article related to your final project. Read and write a brief summary of the article. Be sure to document it according to

Anybody know who can I find e-book of

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Anybody know who can I find e-book of Strategic Management Concepts by Fred R. David?

DQ #1 Can you believe everything you see on the evening news or read in you local newspaper? Why or why not? DQ #2 You have the opportunity to work in a team in an academic environment. what have been the best practices of a team, and what are some areas of improvement?

During an interchange meeting from the customer, one of the functional personnel makes a presentation stating that he personally disagrees with the company’s solution to the particular problem under discussion and that the company is “all wet” in its approach. How do you, as a project manager handle this situation?

ITeam, Inc. is a high-tech company based in Walnut Creek, California that produces, markets, and sells computer systems, peripherals, and other consumer electronic products to corporate clients and electronics retailers. iTeam has grown significantly in its first five years focusing on selling its products locally. Recently they have expanded nationally putting them in direct competition