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What type of demand forecasting tool or system does your company or business use. Do you think that this is the best method?

THis only has to be about 2 paragraphs in a Microsoft Word document. This weeks discussion for my Organizational Research class is: 1.What do you think about small sample sizes? 2.What are the advantages? and Disadvantages? 3.What about Qualitative vs Quantitative designs? The teachers provided us with this Abstract: You can apply comments with what

An investment banker, states: “It is not worth my while to worry about detailed, long-term forecasts. Instead, I use the following approach when forecasting cash flows beyond three years. I assume that sales grow at the rate of inflation, capital expenditures are equal to depreciation, and that net profit margins and working capital to sales

How might the changing roles and responsibilities of managers and the emerging needs for training, customer service, and rapid response in the business environment be best served within the organizational structure?

The purpose of this assignment is to paraphrase O’Conner’s passages using no more than 75-100 words. Begin the assignment with the words: O’Conner (2003) argued that . . . 1) Read the following paragraphs, which were written by Patricia O’Conner. A good writer is one you can read without breaking a sweat. If you want

Answer the following questions about a new employee training program for the position of Media Specialist: 1. Needs assessment: What types of issues might indicate a need for training? From what sources would these issues be identified? If you were a training manager, how would you prioritize training needs from these sources? a. A supervisor

Use POM-QM for Windows to solve the following problems. The problems are taken from the textbook: Operations Management: Quality and Competitiveness in a Global Environment (5th edition) by Roberta S. Russell and Bernard W. Taylor III. Problem #11-1 (Page 516) The Harley Davis motorcycle dealer in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area wants to be able to

Good Evening, Choose two agencies from your list. Research and study each agency’s available documentation, obtained either from the agency’s Web site or other sources on the Internet. Search for information relating to how the agency determines needs and the demographic it serves. Compare and contrast the information you found for each agency What needs

Reasons why a firm might benefits from the creation of a seperate new-venture division include all of the following, except …….. a. better protection of the division’s autonomy b. less scrutiny rom top managers c. removal from day-to-day pressures of the firm d. ease in developing a culture that fosters innovation e. development of a

Which of the following is not a consequence of the increased ability of managers to use information technology as they implement strategies ? a. Flatter hierarches b. More timely information c. Greater centralization d. Increased use of outsourcing