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If Exxon were to acquire BP

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If Exxon were to acquire BP, what would be the outcome? Here are the guidelines……Do not need responses for the entire 1-10. just 6-9 Project — Actual Merger 1. Building the Business Plan a. External Analysis b. Internal Analysis c. Define mission statement d. Business strategy e. Implementation strategy f. Functional strategy g. Establishing strategic

Drug Company X has entered the AIDS vacine market with a new product that can prevent (not cure) people from ever getting AIDS. Great news, right? Problem is, it COSTS $5000 to make one dose. Can you imagine the actual price to the consumer? How would you, as President of the United Nations make this

The company that makes coral snake antivenom has recently stopped producing the product due to the cost. The antivenom saves about 7 people each year. So far, no organization has stepped up. Can we believe that a company will make a product where it is unable to make money?

The battery/power market is really interesting. Where to you think this market is headed in the years ahead?

Is it recommended for a business owner to choose a learning percentage of 75 percent vs. 40 percent, if other things are equal?

In business who do you know is an expert at follow up? What do they do to make them so powerful at this? How do they organize their information? How do they follow up with you? Is there a point which one could follow up too much? What might be the results?

Being a franchisor seems to be a mechanism for growth, but what are the growth prospects for entrepreneurs who are franchisees?

Is being a franchisee simply substituting one type of employment for another type of employment? The answer to this question is both yes and no. First I say yes, because you still have to (in most cases), go into work/ report to work several days a week (especially, especially when one first starts a franchise).

To succeed in today’s world, the end justifies the means. Give your perspective of the statement with two real business examples in support of your view.

Discuss the current small business

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Discuss the current small business start up success and failure rate in the U.S. market.