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What role do you see

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What role do you see M-commerce playing in different environments?

Globalization is neither all good nor all bad, what actions will you take personally to help shape this trend? Respond as a manager.

I would appreciate your expert advice how to respond to the following:” Assess the effectiveness of Sox legation: 1) Brief historical summary on Sox enactment 2) The key ethical components of the Sox 3) Social responsibility implications regarding mandatory publication of corporate ethics. 4) One of the main criticisms of SOX is that its implementation

Please discuss the following:

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Please discuss the following: 5. Legal Forces in Italy 6. Financial Forces in Italy 7. Labor Forces Italy

1. What are the approaches international managers seek to understand when instituting change in the international arena? 2. What is culture shock and how does it affect international business? 3. What are the differences between common law, civil law, customary law, and theocratic law?

Interpret the implication of unethical behavior and address the following like addressing students: 1. Brief historical summary on the individual or organization 2. Unethical behavior/event examined 3. Reflection on ethical standards 4. Influence of leadership 5. Social responsibility response(both actual and appropriate) 6. Related cultural, environmental, and legal implications 7. Impact on stakeholders 8. Outcome

How is the global economy becoming more integrated. (focus on China, NAFTA, & European Union) Build a case for the convergence of profit maximization and corporate social responsibility. Define/Explain moral awareness, moral judgment, and moral character in regards to ethical decisions.

While traveling to Singapore on a vacation, you meet Ms. Jenny Chang, an Asian business executive, in the plane. She is happy to learn that you are the international business development consultant for a multinational company. She becomes interested in your expertise and asks you to work as her company’s consultant for a project involving

This problem describes important aspects of China’s business environment. It gives some related references.

Require a 6 sentence paragraph showing some negotiations taking place. It should be 3 events taking place in the U.S and one globally, concentrating on business and an issue of importance. For example. 1. US biz – microsoft negotiated on xyz with cisco, ford negotiated with its workers on salaries etc, MTA transit strike in