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Select and research an established international online business of your choice. Create a post that: * Outlines of the chosen international organization within the context of the E-business area * Describes the type of E-business model the company uses * Describes how the E-business model of the company aligns with the theories learned in this

1. Contrast eBay’s original business model with its latest proposed business model. 2. What are the problems that eBay is currently facing? How is eBay trying to solve these problems?

(approximately 200 words per question) 1. Traditionally, medicine has been a both a science and a calling. Is it appropriate to think of telemedicine as a business? Why or why not? 2. Chapter 10 of Electronic Commerce 2008 discusses e-auctions. By their nature, auctions of any sort carry great variability in price. How would incorporating

Create a flowchart of a online business that only sells a variety of earrings for women. Make sure to illustrate the process flows and online purchasing process and shipping methods and include possible customer satisfaction and customer service options. 317 words, flow chart, 1 reference

Do a search on the Internet for digital certificates? Explain (1) the definition and importance of authentication, (2) the definition, benefits, and process of using digital certificates for authenticating users, and (3) the ethical responsibility for authentication and revocation. The response addresses the queries posted in 681 words with 7 references.

How does being a market participant affect the right of a state to discriminate against out-of-state businesses? Is such discrimination justified? Also do you know if there are any cases on this?

What does the Dormant Commerce clause provide? How does it apply to the states ability to make laws?

Name and describe various categories of e-commerce. Compare and contrast electronic payment systems. Which type do you use most often? Which type is most applicable for organizations you interact with regularly? Explain how Internet technology supports business-to-business e-commerce. response is about 200+ words

How is e-commerce different from traditional retailing? What are some distinguishing features of digital markets and digital goods? What is your experience in purchasing online? Do you prefer to shop online or via a traditional outlet? Why? about 400 words, no references

How is the Internet changing the economics of information and business models? Name and describe one business model for e-commerce. What is the difference between pure-play Internet and clicks-and-mortar business models? about 500 words, 2 references