The general environment in which a firm exists is demographic, economic, global, political/legal, technological and sociocultural. Using the company Verizon wireless, apply the analytical techniques for monitoring the general environment. Discuss one key trend from each of the categories from the General Environment segments that will likely have a significant impact on the industry in

Create presentations for your online courses: how do you learn to present them in a more powerful way without actually giving the presentations in front of others? What are some ways that learning online can still assist you with your public speaking skills?

How and why have the forms of business organizations used to manage business commerce changed over time?

1. Comment on the future of eBusiness as it pertains to either integration with existing businesses or as a new model that will replace or supplement existing non eBusiness activity. 2. Comment on how (and which) new Web 2.0 technologies (such as AJAX, social networking, mash-ups, mobile web sites, blogging, etc.) will impact current eBusiness

1. What are some of the unique features of e-commerce technology? 2. What is e-commerce? How does it differ from e-business? Where does it intersect with e-business?

Describe the five primary revenue

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Describe the five primary revenue models used by e-commerce firms.

List and briefly explain three

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List and briefly explain three of the benefits of auction markets.

This solution explores the concept of providing secure e-commerce and briefly describes four factors that companies should take into consideration when selecting an ISP, ASP or CSP to provide web based hosting services.

What is Peer to Peer e-business

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What is Peer to Peer e-business? What e-business Peer to Peer strategy might be used to provide consumer information or educational services? Your responses must be substantive in nature. Please be sure to provide valid URLs to online resources that support your response as appropriate, and/or cite any articles or texts you have used as

Please conduct a search ( web or articles) for a case study on a Company that has implemented ERP or involved with E-commerce . Write an executive summary on the paper and review the status of the business today. Is it better or worse and what impact did the implementation have on the Company? Based