Explain the processes of the benefits to commerce of having shareholders and other entities that shield their members protected from personal liability? Would commerce be better served if personal liability would attach to those individuals for the misdeeds of their entity? Why or why not?

What is the six paths framework

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What is the six paths framework? How can it be used to create value in e-business?

An internal study at Mimeo Corporation; a manufacturer of low end photocopiers, revealed that each of its workers assembles 3 photocopiers per hour and is paid $3 dollars for each assembled copier. Although the company does not have the resources needed to supervise the workers, a full time inspector verifies the quality of each unit

You are an economics advisor

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You are an economics advisor to a U.S. Senator. The Senator is interested in sponsoring legislation to address the impact of rapidly rising medical costs, and has commissioned you to write a briefing paper on the subject. You know medical costs have risen faster than other consumer costs over the past decade, and decide to

Given the global significance of e-commerce, international efforts have been made to harmonise specific legal issues. One of these is the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Signatures. Some critics have labelled it as not being “sufficiently comprehensive” and “a half-hearted attempt” at harmonisation. You are required to research the provisions of the UNCITRAL Model Law

What are three ways to advertise

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Advertisement (Part 1) What are three ways to advertise, in an e-commerce society, a new business venture? Networking Sites (Part 2): Identify three social networking sites any new business should link to. What are the target demographics for each site highlighted?

Describe an e-business you might like to start. Have some fun with this process. For instance, if you like dogs, you might decide to sell a downloadable information product about adopting a dog. Just please make sure your business does not include criminal or pornographic activity (your instructor is squeamish). Do not use health care

Define the following

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Define the following: Electronic Data Interchange Value-Added Networks Restaurant Inventory

What specific challenges

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What specific challenges do you believe managers will face as they move towards online stores and attempt to convey their message in diverse markets?

Consider the broad area of e-business and e-commerce, and the fact that some companies are leading associated trends while others are merely following or perhaps not even doing that. In their 2001 book, E-Business 2.0: Roadmap for Success, authors Dr. Ravi Kalakota and Marcia Robinson indicated “Your company’s success depends on the ability to innovate