Create a situations that illustrates what might happen if your research company’s entrepreneurial product was brought to the market though intrapreneurial means. Discuss the different risks, skill sets, organizational assets, and funding that would occur. How would the keys to success would have been different though both situation?

I need help with the following questions as I attempt to develop a description of a venture. The questions relate to an etiquette and image consultant, one-owner, corporation type business. The business operates only in the United States. 1.Describe your product or service in detail from the customer’s perspective. 2.Explain the specific features and benefits

Do you think there is a correlation between CEO salaries and the degree of success of a company? If you were to take a sample of companies with comparable size, market capitalization, and product category, and plot CEO salaries against the net profit of their respective companies, do you expect to find a linear correlation

On average, CEO’s are paid 531 times that of the rate of the average hourly worker. Are CEOs worth 531 times the average hourly worker’s pay? If so, why? If not, why not?

Hi, I need some help to provide a formal outline of an upcoming research paper. Along with the outline, I am required to provide at least 15 references for the research paper. The outline should provide an overview of the major components of the research paper. Below is an outline overview. A good outline will

What is a founders’ agreement?

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Part A: What is a founders’ agreement? Describe the purpose of a buyback clause and why it’s important. Part B: List and explain four (4) steps entrepreneurs can take to avoid legal disputes. Part C: List and briefly describe three (3) specific steps that an entrepreneurial organization can take to build a strong ethical culture.

Part A: What is intellectual property? Why is it called “intellectual” property? Why is intellectual property such an important issue for entrepreneurial firms? Part B: Identify and briefly describe the three types of patents. Part C: What is a trademark? Why are trademarks important? Part D: What is a copyright? What is protected by a

For W. Reed Hastings, Netflix founder

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For W. Reed Hastings, Netflix founder: – Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that you think makes this individual (CEO) an effective leader. – Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that an industry source thinks makes this individual an effective leader. – What do you think will be the key cultural or organizational legacy this leader will

Choose a successful entrepreneur with a successful business that interests you. The entrepreneur may be someone you know or you may select an entrepreneur from the list of entrepreneurs located at or Then, address the following elements: Business profile. Interview or research the business owner online, and answer the following questions (Hint: Answer

If anyone would give me some honest

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If anyone would give me some honest info I’d appreciate it very much! My interest of business is starting a housekeeping company in NY. Now, since I don’t have a business license or insurance, I need some help with the following… I already have a few clients… but I want to have someone start working