For each of the following scenarios identify which data processing method (batch or online, real-time) would be the most appropriate. a. Make an airline reservation b. Register for a university course c. Prepare biweekly payroll d. Process an order through an e-commerce Web site e. Prepare a bank deposit f. Prepare customer bills for as

Assess the impacts that the Internet and e-commerce have had on international business and how it is conducted. What are the main opportunities and challenges these technologies have presented to MNEs? Explain your answer. I require help with identifying suitable MNE’s with such opportunities and challenges .

Early e-Business sites were often maintained (content updated) by something called a “webmaster”. What is the current approach to managing eBusiness website content?

Reflecting on e-Business Promotion

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1. Reflecting on e-Business Promotion, what is important in motivating an audience to take action? Please be very detailed in your answer as you describe and discuss the need for such motivation in today’s e-business environment. 2. Describe how online communities target individuals and what it takes to make a successful online community. Further, explain

1. Develop a proposal addressing this new product, nonbreakable, water resistant cell phone, the state of its industry, and details of its market: 2. The business model approach: intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial. Details about the character of the company, its contributors, of why this approach was chosen for this project should be included in the proposal.

Choose a publicly held corporation

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Choose a publicly held corporation from an industry in which you are familiar. Conduct research on the organization using the Internet, the Library, and other credible sources. Organization needs to include the following: 1. Analyze how people, information, and information technology help the company remain competitive in industry. 2. Analyze Porter’s Five Forces Model in

Impact on telecommunications

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Impact on telecommunications and accessing the eBusiness environment in India.

1. Imagine yourself sitting in the auditorium of a larger corporation as the CEO expounds on the company’s new vision for 2020 and the way that this corporation will be making “sustainable” services and “green” products for non-industrial economies as well as for the web-enabled e-commerce societies. You are seeing the Chain of Results diagram

Develop the total Extended Enterprise Supply Chain for Dell. Create a diagram and discuss it. What is the total time from Raw to Retail? What are some of the major industries in this chain? How old is this product and how has it evolved? What are the emerging technologies that affect the current and future

Describe the similarities and differences between XML and HTML. Provide examples of at least two situations in which you would use XML and two situations in which you would use HTML. What are the benefits of each? Why would you use one over the other?