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Can a good manager be a good leader? Can a manager be a leader? Can a leader be a manager? What is more important for leading/managing change: being a good leader or being a good manager? What is more important to a business, good managers or good leaders?  

Thoughts about all operational and sales related activities having to be customized? Doesn’t it depend on your perspective (Global, Multinational, Transnational)? AND Expatriate labor staying long enough to train up the workforce, but what about leadership positions in the host country? Do we need expatriate leaders or will they rise up from the local market in the

Discuss the autocratic, participative, and laissez-faire styles of leadership.  

I need some subtopic for importance of senior level and mid-level leaders in the evolution or organization culture to do a Powerpoint presentation. (outline)

What impact do you believe senior leaders’ assumptions, beliefs, and values contribute to an organization’s culture? Offer at least one example  

Intersect Investments executives are pointing fingers because of internal problems. Identify business methods that would help resolve their issues. Meanwhile, CrysTel Communications has employee participation concerns and the leadership element needs to connect with them. Identify concepts that CyrsTel should incorporate and why.  

“Do you have to be in a management role to be a leader?” and explain If so, and assuming that leaders do not make good managers, does this mean that in order to have good leaders, you must accept bad managers? If this is not so, is it possible to groom good managers from the

Can you identify a current candidate for an elected office and discuss their leadership style. How will this style be an advantage (or disadvantage) in their campaign?  

What are the leadership skills needed to manage a virtual team?  

How might an organization’s structure dictate what type of leader is needed for that organization?