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Provide evidence to support the following statement: The growth of e-commerce is due to both business and technological innovations. 200 words.

Question 11: Marketing intermediaries and collaborators can often perform marketing functions A Better than producers or consumers can perform them B Which leave producers and consumers more time for production and consumption C At a low cost – because of specialization, economies of scale, or e-commerce D All of the above are true E None

The impact of the Internet on different aspects of America o How the Internet has changed social activities and created new cultural norms o The Internet’s impact on the political process and information transparency o The Dot-com boom and bust, and the economics of the Internet

200 words What are the costs associated with low customer retention? 200 words – What are the ethical and risk factors involved in e-commerce? 200 words – Why is customer satisfaction the key driver to achieving organizational goals and objectives?

Go to the Google search engine

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Go to the Google search engine. Find the “All About Google” page and look at the descriptions of the company, its culture, its available jobs, etc. How is the culture aligned with the strategy of the company? Look at the “Reasons to Work at Google” page. What kind of nontraditional benefits does it offer? Does

There is a general rule that says 80 percent of customer look at only 20 percent of a website’s pages. Go the Citysearch city guide¬† that covers your area. Which pages do you think are used most often? Are these the pages that best serve CitySearch, or should it try to move users toward other

In 150 words: Using a favorite Internet search source, conduct a general online Internet search for “Online Banking.” Your SEARCH should initiate several websites related to this topic. One site that is really interesting to peruse is Visit several of these websites and browse their content. After visiting several websites, discuss your findings with

Describe the benefits and risks of doing business on the Internet from the perspective of both business owner and consumer. Support your view with a minimum of two examples.


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Case Study Analysis Based on the BMW Moves Beyond Just In Time Production case study. Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you: a. Answer questions 13-15 in the “Review and Discussions Questions” section. b. Summarize the case. c. Explain an appropriate measurement for BMW’s supply chain performance. d. Describe the impact of global

What do you think the effect

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What do you think the effect of free speech will have on Internet businesses in the future?