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1) What is the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction? 2) Is your employer responsible for motivating you? Why or why not? 3) How can managers motivate large and diverse populations of employees?

Considering the differences between FMC Aberdeen and FMC Green River in terms of job structure, would the job structure be the same at both facilities? What would you recommend to increase motivation at Green River and would these recommendations be effective at other companies? How would you support your recommendations and argument?

Part 1 Describe the Basic Motivation Model (BMM) and discuss how it may (a) affect a leader’s values and cultural perception and (b) describe Darley’s Law and use it to explain the behavior of Enron’s leaders and the organization’s eventual downfall. Part 2 Referencing the BMM, discuss how it may (a) prove beneficial in enhancing

If Honda just announced a new incentive program that provides either $2,500 cash back or zero percent financing for up to five years on Honda LX sedans, how would the local dealership’s bottom line will be impacted by this offer in the immediate future? In the longer term?

How do you design a non-monetary incentive program for a group of people? What impact does motivational-theories have on non-monetary incentive programs? Is there a link between the two? Please provide examples and detail explanation on these subjects and also site any references utilized in your explanation.

Imagine that you have started the turnaround in your (once failing) division. You have been able to do a lot of work yourself, but now, you realize that you need help to make this transformation happen. More and more firms are relying on teams to help fulfill their mission and goals. While workers in this

What can organizations do to help develop the emotional intelligence of their managers as well as other employees?

1. Can your motivation recommendations for FMC Green River be effective at other companies? Why or why not? Use the text, other materials, and your own experience to support your argument.

What will be the pros and cons of individual incentive plans?

What are the best five practices in the areas of technology personnel motivation and employee improvement programs?