Which comes first, the development of the long-term objectives, or the evaluation of organizational strengths and weaknesses? Support your response.

How has e-business changed

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How has e-business changed your behavior as a consumer?

Please help without conducting any research with the following question solely on experience, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions. 1. The CEO as an Organizational Architect 2. To shape the rules, you have to build coalitions c. The ability to influence rule making is an advantage in the competitive game

What action do you think a manager should take when an organizational value conflicts with a personal value?

While there is value in researching competition and customers, why is it ultimately important for an organization to develop a unique strategic plan for its e-commerce operations as opposed to simply imitating other successes of other B2B and B2C sites?

What is the difference between e-commerce and e-business? Can a company engage in one without the other?

What are some of the organizational costs when managers do not handle prejudiced and/or stereotypical behavior appropriately?

Choose an internet company that has gone out of business and explain why you think they did not succeed. (e.g. etoys)

A. What are the different categories of metrics useful for managing technology-related projects? b. Who should be involved in the development of metrics within an organization? c. How should sources of data (i.e. input to the metrics) be identified and verified? d. How should resulting performance data be disseminated and utilized throughout the organization?