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Analyzing special considerations in global pay systems. Describe how the following considerations impact global pay systems: 1) Compensation parity 2) Expatriate employees 3) Host country employees 4) Third country employees 5) Geographical pay differentials 6) Compensation for repatriated employees

If a company decided to participate in the global economy, what would be the primary motives and why?

If free trade benefits a country’s economy, (as per Adam Smith, etc), why do some nations restrict trade? How do they restrict trade?

You’ve started a company, one that translates software into many other languages, such as what Microsoft does. Assume that in the project that you have selected the task is to prepare the communication strategy. Prepare a communication strategy document for both internal and external clients. The internal strategy focuses on the fact that the communication

What global risk factors are most prevalent in today’s market?

What kind of benefit does International portfolio diversification have?

What are the major reasons for

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What are the major reasons for global business failure?

Evaluate the nature of HR information systems and their role in the creation and maintenance of successful global business operations.

1. What strategies should we use to frame business problems? 2. How can economic development theories impact trade policy? 3. Can the politics of the host country governments intrude upon the business economic aspects of development? 4. Do you think that any given country can have a significant influence on market factors influencing economic development?

You are the Director of Human Resources for a company whose revised strategy has resulted in the acquisition of another company in a foreign market. The CEO has asked you to prepare a comprehensive staffing strategy for the newly expanded company in preparation for a strategic audit of the HR systems in the acquired company.