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Think about current or past supervisors you have had that were good, effective leaders. Think about supervisors you have had that were bad, ineffective leaders. For your initial post, include a discussion of these supervisors. (To protect privacy, you do not have to list the names of supervisors or the company in which you were working

Being an effective leader means being progressive; keeping your mind open to the varying ways of dealing with specific situations and not being afraid to try new techniques when handling conflict with employees. The article below addresses behavior modification of a leader and a follower. In this particular case the leader had simply given up

When making staffing decisions, such as hiring, how important is it for a supervisor to assemble a team to assist in the staffing process? Who should be on such a team and why? Is it also important to have group input into other staffing decisions such as promotions and firings? Why or why not?  

What role, if any, does the “size” of an organization play in terms of being a “good” manager/leader? How does “walking the walk” vs “talking the talk” apply to credo?  

Training that develops coaching skills, is an essential part of a management development program. Instructions *Review the information on the Web site, Employee Coaching Concepts and Responsibilities Explained. *Click Free: Click to download to download the “Coaching Employees” article. *Follow the instructions to complete the Coaching Concepts Survey in the article. *Once you

The weekly textbook concepts this week are: -Johari window -Organizational Communication -Effective Communication -Linear Communication Model -Formal versus Informal Communication -Appropriate Leader Style Select one of these concepts and find a related article at the Forbes Magazine: You’ll find one (or several articles) to analyze. Remember to focus upon your selected concept in your analysis.  

How is servant leadership viewed in Islamic view? What is an effective way to measure Islamic leadership in the workplace? What are the differences and similarites of Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu leadership?

You are the CEO of an organization with the vision to become a world leader in the development of educational toys. In the course of your development as a leader you have experienced many changes, personally and within the organization. Tell a specific story about a change and describe the effects on you and other

1. What is the relationship between power and leadership in an organization? How is power gained? As a consultant, how can you leverage the power structure of a client organization? Why is leveraging the existing power structure beneficial during a change initiative? 2 How might power affect the relationship between managers, peers, and subordinates? How might these relationship dynamics

Roberta has worked for you for almost a year. Until recently, she has been a great employee. However, this month she has been late to work five times. Additionally, you’ve noticed that she recently started checking her cell phone for messages several times an hour. You have also noticed that she is visiting non-work related