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53. Neal Carter wants to establish a retirement fund for him and his wife. They want to have $1,000,000 in the fund at the end of 30 years. If fund assets will earn 10% compounded annually, how much will need to be invested now? 54. Mike and Amy want to start a college fund for

What role do federal enforcement agencies have in the workplace? Provide examples of how these agencies have affected your current or previous workplace.

Let’s say that the Fed decides to focus on the creating jobs in the economy. It will do this by increasing the money supply. What actions can the Fed take to increase the money supply?

Describe how trends such as increased globalization, increased demands for skilled workforce, and emerging/new technologies and influenced current training and development issues or practices in the filed of workplace learning. How can one see these types of trends influence training practices in their current work or academic environment.

The shorter the length of time between a present value and its corresponding future value, the lower the present value, relative to the future value, true of false?

How does the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) encourage organizations to adopt ergonomic job design?

If you have read the book, “Who move my cheese”, could you please help me expand on the following questions. 1) Is there a difference when change is unexpected and when change is plan? What makes the difference? 2) Share any insights you may have related to this popular organizational change.

Explain the differences between qualitative and judgmental, statistical time-series, and explanatory / causal forecasting models.

Describe some common forecasting approaches for judgmental forecasting.

Describe the meaning of

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Describe the meaning of term in control.