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What are some points that should be taken into consideration when selecting an IM training program?

What are the differences between interactive multimedia and virtual reality, and why has virtual reality not become as popular?

Discuss who is responsible for strategic planning in an organization. Is this something that is restricted to top-level employees from specific functional areas or is it shared across functions and through lower levels of the organization? Different organizations might have widely varying positions on the structure of the strategic planning process. How does this tie

Discuss the following analogical argument: Economic sanctions simply do not work. As a weapon of international persuasion, they are about as effective as popguns. The United Nations imposed drastic sanctions upon Rhodesia ; they failed utterly. We imposed sanctions upon Poland ; nothing happened. Our government has forbidden trade with Cuba for the past twenty-five

1. Discuss the value in determining total cost of buying or owning a product or service and identify major components that make up the total cost of a product or service. Also discuss the categories of cost that influence price and differentiate between direct and indirect costs. 2. Discuss the negotiation process and when it

What is the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986? What are the purpose and ramifications of EPCRA? What is the relationship between EPCRA and CERCLA? How are the waste management actions different for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes?

Using a quantitative approach, what ways could understanding motivations to volunteer assist human resource managers develop volunteer programs?

Research the Peter Principal phenomenon and discuss two possible reasons why this occurs. Make sure to cite the sources you researched.

Why do you think more students are

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Why do you think more students are using qualitative method?

Donations in cash are easy to measure. What is the treatment that not-for-profit organizations use for donated goods and services?