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True or False 26.) All benefits expected from a proposed project must be measured on a cash flow basis which may be found by adding any non-cash charges deducted as expense on the firm’s income statement back to net profits after taxes. 27.) The weight average cost of capital (WACC) reflects the expected average future

Question: On December 31, 2009, TERVO Company accepted Rudolph Company’s $20,000, 3-year note, paying 6 percent annually on December 31, as full payment for a specialty piece of equipment. The market rate of interest for similar notes is 10 percent. The following data is provided: Interest Rate Table Factors For Three Periods 6% 10% Future

Net income is $75,240 on an EBITDA of $112,500. Interest expenses were $2,000 and the company took a depreciation and amortization charge of $6,000. What is the tax rate paid by the company? Net sales of $230,000 for the most recent fiscal year, 65% of which were due to costs. Company had some equipment that

1. Discuss how the findings of the “Corporate Philanthropy: The Age of Integration” study could impact a fundraiser’s approach. Outcome: Recognize the major components of a comprehensive development program focusing on individual, corporate, and foundation donors. Learning Objective: Explain corporate and foundation relations. 2. Planned Giving Funding Proposal Description: Draft a planned giving funding proposal

What is the present value of a 30 year annuity with payments of $800 per year if interest rates are 12% annually? Answer $26.70 $2,880.00 $6,444.15 $24,000.00 $14,120.38 $54,894.73

What does the term “annuity” and what are some examples?

Suppose you want to save $250000.

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Suppose you want to save $250000. How many years will it take if you deposit $1500 at the end of each 6 months into an account where you earn 8% compounded semiannually?

1. If Susie earns $750,000 in taxable income and files as head of household for year 2011, what is Susie’s average tax rate (rounded)? 31.52% 30.98% 35.00% 31.98% 28.00% 2. If Julius has a 30% tax rate and a 10% after-tax rate of return, a $40,000 tax deduction in two years will save how much

1. Which of the following represents the largest percentage of state tax revenue? Sales tax Individual income tax Other Property tax None of the above 2. Which of the following federal government actions would make sense if a tax system fails to provide sufficient tax revenue? Issue treasury bonds Cut funding to various federal projects

1. Howard and Beatrice plan to marry either immediately before or immediately after year-end. Howard’s taxable income for 2010 is $89,000 and Beatrice’s is $85,000 before their exemptions and deductions. Neither has any dependents nor itemized deductions. Based only on tax considerations, what marriage date would you recommend for the loving couple? How much would