Suggest how a consumer-packaged goods (CPG) company has or can adopt the marketing concept to improve revenues. Do you think that the effectiveness of the marketing concept varies with the types of products? Explain (with examples) the two most important advantages of having satisfied and loyal customers. According to you, which are the top three

You are a staff member of a human service agency serving alcoholics. Previously, each alcoholic client was seen on an individual basis. It is now being changed to a family-oriented service where services will be offered to both the client and his or her family. Design a methodology you would use to evaluate the new

Purpose of setting objectives – Converts vision into specific performance targets – Creates yardsticks to track performance Well-stated objectives are – Quantifiable – Measurable – Contain a deadline for achievement Spell-out how much of what kind of performance by when Now, please review the objectives and tell me if they are measurable?

How can communication be improved in your organization? Is the use of e-mail efficient or effective communication? Why? Do you think communication has improved due to technology? Why or why not? How does the climate of an organization affect communication?

Develop a response to the questions below about competition in the Golf Equipment Industry in 2008 : -Identify the strengths and weakness of Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Ping, and Nike. Which company has a competitive advantage in the marketplace? Why? -Based on the company selected in the previous questions, how can the company ensure that its

What can your Learning Team or work team do to maximize its productivity? What is the value of storming in the group development process?

Hello, I am looking for a little guidance on these 6 questions… How would you explain the fact that, although no two individuals have identical personalities, personality is sometimes used in consumer research to identify distinct and sizeable market segments? Why are consumers’ needs and goals constantly changing? What factors influence the formation of new

Brand Critique The Tesco brand is key to success. The brand is built on Tesco’s core purpose – to create value for their customers to earn their lifetime loyalty – and is underpinned by Tesco’s values. Exercise You have been asked by the Corporate & Legal Affairs Director to evaluate how the Tesco brand is

Some organizations have spent over a 20 year history of using the same mission, vision, and value statements. Do you think that a hospitals community’s behavior is attributed to statements created 20 years ago? Or are people modeling behavior of veteran employees? What would be the benefits / challenges of the work community revisiting those

1. What can organizations do to reduce communication barriers? How can the absence of feedback be a barrier to communication? 2. What are some advantages and disadvantages of using formal and informal channels of communication? How can managers use the grapevine or rumors to their benefit? 3. What is a group? How does a group