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The attached article shows how global corporations have to think differently in how they approach their business. For example, Intel has 10 ethnographers traveling the globe to redesign existing products or invent new ones that appeal to different cultures or demographic groups. Ilkone Mobile Telecommunications has designed a mobile phone specificaly for Muslims that comes

Living here in America, we hear a lot about the multinational activity of many American firms. What we hear much less about, though, is the multinational growth of companys that are buying American companies, South African Breweries bought Miller Brewery Sony bought Columbia Pictures Diemler bought Chrysler Ahold bought 6 large grocery chains, among them

Give an example of how a company (pick any company) has chosen to compete globally. Give the reasons and methods (exporting, foreign licensing, foriegn assembly, soreign subsidiries) for the global move. Discuss at least one management problem that arose and how it was solved.

This is the area, I am the weakest. The strategy needed. I am hoping you can move in the right direction based on the case. It should be noted that with your help, and additional research on my part, I should be able to draft a 5,000 word document. Appreciate your help.

What are the pros and cons of Free trade? Is it the best way or is there another alternative?

Can you explain what quantifiable measures means? I need as much information that you can possibly provide. This is pertaining to a household budget.

– How has the Internet affected the global supplier base? – How would you incorporate a supplier into your TQ team?

How do you analyze special considerations in global pay systems? Can you please describe how the following, Compensation Parity, Expatriate Employees, Host Country Employees, Third Country Employees, Geographical Pay Differentials, and Compensation for Repatriated Employees will impact global pay systems. Please be detailed and give examples. If utilizing references, please list them.

When investing in the global market, what international investment and financing opportunities should be considered, and why?

What factors carry more weight than others when global business’ conduct risk analysis? Why are these important?