A. Please define in your own words: 1. Mediation 2. Arbitration 3. Alternative Dispute Resolution In your own words, please answer the following: a. Who controls the outcome and what degree of control would you have in each of these three methods? b. What is the cost/expense consideration in each of these three methods? c.

These are non-grade questions posted. I need suggestions and ideas. Thank you. A. Provide an example of an ADR clause you discovered from your research for this week. Please use the reference: American Arbitration Association. Drafting dispute resolution clauses-a practical guide. from http://www.adr.org B. If you were to develop a conflict management system for your

Identify the source(s) of power available to you as the marketing assistant. Based upon these sources of power, post your suggested appropriate strategies that you could use to resolve conflict within the project staff team. In addition, choose two of your networking group members’ responses, and post an argument for or against their positions.

Consider the conflict between industrialized and developing nations. What are the root causes of economic conflict and how might international trade policies alleviate them?

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In Superior Widget Company’s conception of a matrixed organization, you and the other department managers are assigned to a functional area (e.g. you are the manager of the Customer Service Department) and are also expected to work together to assess and solve problems across functional lines. This is often referred to as “managing the white

Compare and contrast alternative dispute resolution processes, including mediation, arbitration and negotiation; with two different companies. Scenario – Employee # 1 feels he is being targeted because of his age (sandwich generation) and his need to help his elderly parents. He is leaving work, to assist them working over, he feels as long as the

1) Given the potential conflict of interest between Security Analysts, and the Investment Bankers working for the same firm – what are the potential solutions that exist to remedy the situation? 2) Are they ethically bound to work together in the best interest of their clients?

Assuming you had a conflict that could not be resolved at your level within the organization, what options do you have as an employee? Critique the success or failure of this system. What factors contribute to a person going to the “next level” (formal grievance and/or litigation) in order to solve a conflict? Explain.

In bullet format, please evaluate the simulation “Formulating and Evaluating Public Policy” for building dams for Wamayo River Basin. Identify potential non-organizational conflicts (3-4) that may arise as company builds dams: a. b. c. d. Select 2 or 3 effective alternative dispute resolution techniques to help resolve the conflicts with a couple sentences to explain