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****My business for this assignment is to open my own Photography Business specializing in newborn photography**** Financial forecasting is important because it adds discipline to the way an entrepreneur thinks about the venture. Forecasting helps determine cash needs and timing of these needs. It also helps the value of the venture. Thus, the financial forecasting

I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: Imagine that you are a consultant for a start-up website company that collects information and resources on health and fitness. Choose two reputable internet based companies, explaining what lessons from each business model could be applied to your company.

Analyze entrepreneurship from a business start-up perspective. -Do repeat entrepreneurs (people who start one successful company after another) search for opportunities differently than entrepreneurs who found only one company?

What are some other ways you will effect TRA using the ADVISE (Analytical, Descriptive, Visualization, Interactive, Split Testing, and Experiential Learning) Model? 1) What type of practices can a person use to transfer, retain and apply knowledge? 2) How could you use the elements of ADVISE in your work or business to be more productive?

I need some help comparing the legal obligations associated with the three ways to start a business: buying an existing business, buying a franchise, or starting up on your own business: If possible, could you address the following: – Address the different legal obligations associtated with each method of business start-up. – Compare the similarities

Identify which of your interests you could shape into a business opportunity. Be sure to think big. For instance, if you love being with friends and listening to music, a club promotion business might make sense for you. Identify and discuss the steps you would need to take over the next few years to make

Investments in your new venture

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Investments in your new venture will involve financial contracts between you and outside investors. Outside investors can be angel financers, venture capitalists, private financing companies, banks, credit unions, and so on. Financial contracts can have negative and positive impacts on your new venture. For example, an angel financer can add a clause on the financial

Why is the issue of financial contracting important in venture capital or entrepreneurship financing? Why do we care about this issue in the present context? The articles in the Module cite the term ‘Optimistic Entrepreneurs’. What is the context and why are these issues relevant here?

You arrived your working place.

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You arrived your working place. You have not been introduced as the new CEO nor have your met the majority of the employees. How do you introduce yourself while respecting the somber tone given the CEOs death? Are there key employees you would want to meet first?

The executive in your company wants to propose a new information system that may provide a strategic impact on the business by gathering data on competitors’ customers. He has asked your opinion about the new system. Provide your opinions about the system. Be sure to answer the following questions: -What would the advantages and disadvantages