Fred meets Bill at the mall on Tuesday and says: “I want my lawn cut. I am paying $20.00.” Bill replies: “I will have it cut by Saturday afternoon.” Bill shows up at 1:00 pm and demands he be paid before he cuts the grass. Fred refuses and tells Bill to cut it first. Bill

Compare and contrast the various remedies available for breach of contract. Please be very specific in your answer.

Why does Microsoft license software rather sell you a copy of the software? Please be very specific.

What are torts? Describe the three types and give their elements. Please be very specific.

In the 20th century (and the 21st century), courts have been more inclined to “reform” unfair contracts. Provisions which “shock the conscience” are voided or “reformed” by the court to be more fair. When should a court interfere with the provisions of a contract (if at all)? Under what conditions do you think it is

A geologist buys a “rock” from an inexperienced sales clerk at the Crystal and Mineral Shop for $35.00. Shortly thereafter the rock is determined by experts to be an uncut gemstone that, when cut, could be worth an estimated $1.5 million. The experienced, long-time owner of the Crystal and Mineral Shop seeks to rescind the

GAAP requires that the completed contract method be used a. when uncertainty obscures the total costs the contractor will incur in carrying out the project b. in situations when a firm has not found a specific buyer while construction progresses c. always to recognize income during construction projects d. both “a” and “b”

Would it be easier to defend a case regarding real property or intellectual property? Explain your reasoning.

Assume the role of a small Business owner. You have little funds to put into insurance and protection for your company. You have to decide where your extra funds will be stretched. Is it more important to protect your business from criminal activity, such as break-ins and robbery, or liability issues, such as slipping and

Employment Discrimination Laws Develop a hypothetical/write a STORY that involves an employer breaking an anti-discrimination law (or two). Your story should be about half a page in length. After your story, Identify at least two issues that violate Federal employment laws. Write the numbers “1″ and “2″ before each issue you identify. Conduct research about