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Why are the principles of conversation critical to effective situational leadership?

Why is it important for employees to feel that leaders are sincere with their communication?

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not? Listening is vital as leaders need to act on what their stakeholders need so organizational goals can be met.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not? Effective leadership through situational leadership is contingent upon the emotional connection that the leader has with their employee.

You have had an e-meeting via the Interner with your colleagues. It’s your job to distribute the minutes of the meeting. Should you use a media-rich or media-lean method of communicating the minutes to your coworkers?

Discuss in detail differences between the entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship processes as they relate to success in new ventures. Give examples. Your response must be 250 words and reference must be included.

David (2012) maintains that there are various matrices in the business portfolios at large which may be used by companies to make strategic decisions 1. Choose a matrix from those found in the text, and explain this matrix’ advantage and disadvantage 2. How do you compare and contrast this matrix of choice to BCG? 3.

Discuss the importance of reputation management in relation to an organization’s credibility. If a Public Relation person only has their credibility to offer and is only as good as his or her deserved reputation, how can social media help or harm that reputation?

I have to submit an assignment and I do not know where to start – Critically evaluate the use of costing techniques for management decision making as well as the specific use of absorption and variable costing systems. I know about absorption and variable – but I cannot evaluate the use of costing tehniques for

Background: The M. Milken Toupee and Lawn Service (MMTLS) is considering purchasing a new paving machine, the Beta. This new machine will replace the current paving machine, the Alpha. The Alpha was purchased two years ago for $2 million and is being depreciated on a straight-line basis, over its original economic life of 5 years,