Discuss the organizational driving forces toward acceptance of a Change Program outlined below: – Dissatisfaction with the Present Situation – External Pressure Toward Change – Momentum Toward Change – Motivation by Management Reference: An Experiential Approach to Organization Development, 8th Ed, Donald R. Brown

- Why is Resistance to Change needed in Organizational Development? – Identify Theories and relate them to the first question.

1. How might the owner of a construction company determine whether a supervisor who distributes payroll and has authority to hire and fire employees has fictitious employees on the payroll and is cashing the related payroll checks? 2. Why is it desirable to have at least two officials approve pay rate changes? 3. Do you

How much authority should OSHA have to investigate incidents that take place in private organizations? 200-300 words

Delegating greater authority to subordinate managers and employees is which? creates a more horizontal or flatter organization structure with fewer management layers and usually acts to shorten organizational response times usually slows down decision-making because so many more people are involved can be a de-motivating factor because it requires people to accept more responsibility is

1. Explain the difference between Authority and Power: 2. Explain the 5 types of power: 3. Define “centralized” and “decentralized” organizational structures: 4. Explain at least 2 ways to “departmentalize” organizations: 5. Define “staff” vs. “line” responsibility (and give an example):

What is apparent authority and

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What is apparent authority and its resulting liability?

Compare and contrast the differing moral stances of consequentialistic thinking and authority based thinking. What is at the root of each? What are two positive moral decision making features that each stance possesses? 2-3 sentence reply

How do cultural differences impact the following influence tactics: (a) silent authority and (b) upward appeal?

If a principal hires an agent to manage a store and the agent hires a staff say to serve as waitstaff. The hiring of the waitstaff is an example of what type of authority?