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The number one semiconductor company in the world Applied Materials recently merged with the world’s number three semiconductor company Tokyo Elecktron. The stock prices of both companies went up significantly after the merger was announced, which shows that investors welcome this move that may create synergies and help both companies battle declining revenues in the

What do you think should be the role of MNCs toward human rights issues in other countries? What are the major human rights concerns at this time? What ideas do you have for dealing with those problems? What is the role of corporate codes of conduct in dealing with these concerns?

In this module, you will research information related to international finance, documents, and logistics. Without financial resources, your company will not be able to purchase goods and services. In your opinion, how does a company finance international transactions? When dealing with foreign countries, financial transactions can be risky. Before your company ships goods to a

Read the case below and answer the questions that follow. Coke in India, Before and After BEFORE Coke in India PepsiCo was in the Indian market during the mid-1950s, but pulled out because the business was unprofitable. Coca Cola had operated in India since 1950 but left in 1977 because the Indian government insisted on

International Business: 1. When Procter & Gamble hired a fleet of trucks to drive through village squares and hand out free trial packages to potential end users it employed a ________. A) push strategy B) pull strategy C) distribution strategy D) channel strategy 2. ________ refers to anything that disrupts the audience’s ability to receive

1. Your company wants to trade in foreign currency to build its portfolio. It is a European company and currently holds most of its value in the Euro. Visit OANDA’s Currency Converter and compare the exchange rates of various currencies, including the dollar, euro, yen, and renminbi. What is the rate for these currencies today

This is not an assignment for grading, these are just review questions. 1. Citizens of one country who are living and working in another are called ________. A) locals B) expatriates C) host country nationals D) immigrants 2. Operations outside the home country are managed by individuals from the host country in ________ staffing. A)

Why is it important for a country to have a democratic government that supports free enterprise to advance technology and grow that country’s economy? (100 words is fine but brief and to the point.)

Read the article “FDI into Africa on the up” What is the impact of increasing FDI into Africa on the global economy? If you are the African firms, what should do you with this trend?

I need help coming up with an outline for a group research paper on this topic: I’m thinking Canada or Hong Kong. Select a country (other than China or India) that your team wants to learn more about. Imagine that your company is a multinational enterprise that wishes to establish a subsidiary in your chosen