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Should sales forecast be “top down” or

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Should sales forecast be “top down” or “bottom up”? Why?

Can you help me with this assignment? Create a research proposal, given what you know about motivation FROM your research that explores a hypothesis that needs to be examined and incorporates job attitudes, motivation, organizational stressors, and performance. ? Include an introduction, problem statement, research questions and hypotheses (null and alternative), and a research method

Describe the features of the flowchart that have helped you to understand the process. In addition, explain how you intend to use these features to support your process improvement objectives.

Why is business budgeting important?

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Why is business budgeting important? Describe how you use budgeting in your personal life or in your company.

Why does control matter? Identify three principles that best tell us how to design a control system for an organization. Breifly describe why these principles are important for the development of systems of organization control.

Following the french election in march 1993, the CEOs of volvo and renault needed to consider what modifications to their strategic alliance might be suggested by Renauls’s impending Privatiazation. Was this the time to merge? What benefits would merger bring that were not already embodied in the alliance? How might a merger transform the alliance?

What are some examples of how social, political, and technological factors in the external environment play a role in shaping an organization’s strategic direction? Suppose that during a SWOT analysis it is discover that the company has a clear advantage in cost of production. How might this factor shape the organization’s future strategy?

A home products discount store is considering expanding its capacity to meet a growing demand for its products. The alternatives are to build a new store, expand and refurbish the old store, or do nothing. Economists have projected the regional economic outlook: a 50% probability that the economy will remain unchanged (stable); a 20% probability

Can you help me get started with this project? Assume you are the buyer for a regional grocery store chain and you will routinely have to negotiate with multiple distributors for produce items for the stores Please help recommend actions that can be taken to develop a positive reputation with the distributors. Two detailed paragraphs

Consider the following case: Peggy had been working for a real estate agency for two months. During this time she developed a friendship with another fellow real estate agent, John. John helped Peggy learn the various policies and procedures of the office. During a recent office party John asked if Peggy would be interested in