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Speedy Racer Corp. currently sells 18,000 motor homes per year at $40,000 each, and 6,000 luxury motor coaches per year at $55,000 each. The company wants to introduce a new portable camper to fill out its project line; it hopes to sell 12,000 of these campers per year at $10,000 each. An independent consultant has

7. The following data were obtained from a study of the times required to conduct a consumer test panel study: Crash Schedule Normal Schedule Activity Time Cost Time Cost 1-2 3 $6 5 $4 1-3 1 $5 5 $3 2-4 5 $7 10 $4 3-4 2 $6 7 $4 2-6 2 $5 6 $3 4-6

Microsoft Project 2000 has templates that can be used for getting started in project management. These are good but unfortunately, these templates don’t include costs (such as hourly and overtime rates) for resources allocated. How can I include costs?

PM best solutions needed as comprehensive and insightful as possible. Please do not only give me cut-n-paste content from the web or just definitions. You may want to include it if you like, but I am looking for your special insights. Scenario 1 A company producing electronic and audio equipment has carried out a market

This is a project planning implementation course assignment: I currently can not think of a project (I am having writers block) that I can write a 10 page paper which focuses on tasks, resources, schedules and budget. With this paper I have to add a Statement of Work, Gantt chart, Pert network and Excel Budget

A retailer following a (Q,r) policy and facing Poisson demands, places order of size Q with a supplier that does not have economies of scale in ordering/producing. 1. Describe the form of the supplier’s optimal policy in the absence of demand information sharing. 2. Describe the form of the supplier’s optimal policy if the retailer

The Guo Chemical Corporation is considering the purchase of a chemical analysis machine. The purchase of this machine will result in an increase in earnings before interest and taxes of $70,000 per year. The machine has a purchase price of $250,000, and it would cost an additional $10,000 after tax to install this machine properly.

John Smith owns a small manufacturing firm, Smith’s Spoons, which produces wooden spoons. The production overhead budgets have been prepared. Cost centre expenses and related information have been budgeted as follows: {see attachment} (a) Determine budgeted overhead absorption rates for each of the production departments, using bases of apportionment and absorption that you consider most

Rita and Sam Woodlodge makes apple crates for resale to local growers. They and their 3 employees invest 50 hours per day making 150 crates. a) What is their productivity? b) They have discussed reassigning work so the flow through the shop is smoother. They think they can increase crate production to 155 per day.

Adequate inspection and safe storage are important to proper control of materials in production planning. Why?