Discuss examples of what a company might want to discuss with regard to communications to employees to legally pursuade them not to join a union

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, passed in 2002 following widely publicized governance scandals at corporations such as Enron, was intended to deter fraud in publicly traded corporations. The Act extended boards’ financial oversight responsibilities and imposed new financial disclosure requirements. Only two of these provisions applied to nonprofits. Its passage nonetheless quickly sparked discussions about nonprofit accountability

Pete Principal instructs Al Agent, his employee, to repossess some property owned by Ted Turner. Al knows that the repossession is illegal but performs it any way. Please prepare a written discussion on all aspects of the potential liability in this case. When composing the answer it states that you should consider within your answer

If you had been a voter at the time of Nixon’s impeachment and resignation, how would the Watergate scandal have affected your perception of government power? Do you think the Watergate scandal has had an enduring effect on the public’s perception of government power today or not? Explain

A compny was administratively dissolved on July 1st after it forgot to file various required documents with our state’s secretary of state. This company provides construction services to consumers. The company provided construction servcies to a consumer on July 10th which was after they were administratively dissolved. The consumer now contends that they do not

For the first years after the passage of Sarbanes-Oxley, many companies chose to go public in London (the AIM = Alternative Investment Market sponsored by the London Stock Exchange). Some are claiming that SOX is to blame. Do you agree, or is there more to the story? Has the collapse of world financial markets over

What are some significant provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002? Do any of you have to comply with these standards?

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Need some help on this # Explain the basics of contract law. # Explain contract law in a simple and concise manner. # Incorporate the terms offer, acceptance, and consideration in the report. # Include an example of a written contract that you have entered into, and identify the features that make it a valid

Amy Van Dyken Construction Company uses the percentage-of-completion method of accounting. In 2007, Van Dyken began work under contract #E2-D2, which provided for a contract price of $2,200,000. Other details follow: 2007 2008 Costs incurred during the year $ 480,000 $1,425,000 Estimated costs to complete, as of December 31 1,120,000 -0- Billings during the year

When can Business A use the same trademark as Business B without being liable to Business B for infringement?