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Explain the Cluster analysis, how it is different factor analysis and multi-dimensional scaling? Name a real-life company has used the Cluster analysis technique to address a business problem and how might that same technique be used at your own organization?

The company cannot consider laying off any minorities due to possible lawsuits and investigations. Do we not consider seniority, performance and loyalty? Do we not get ourselves in a moral dilemma when we worry about what some government commission will think and not doing the right thing?

What information might go into routine operational reports for different kinds of organizations? Explain why an organization, or an organization that you work for would need this information regularly?

1. What was an important decision that you made that had significant effects on your life? 2. What have been the main advantages and disadvantages derived from this decision? 3. Every decision to do something is also a decision not to do other things. What did your decision keep you from doing? 4. Considering both

1. Kotter’s 8-step process for change describes characteristics of transformational change. Identify reasons why transformational efforts fail. 2. Compare and contrast the roles of shared vision, values, and actions in change leadership.

1. List five things that you learned about yourself from the personality, learning style. 2. What aspect of your personality do you think would help you win this contest?

From this statement, The role sequence execution plays is to know where change should begin, how does the sequence affect success, and if there were reasonable stopping points, it triggered a question. What kind of signs do you think companies should follow (or when) in terms of stopping a process for strategic management (attempting to

List and summarize the four common actions companies take to build successful partnerships.

The college of Business is trying to decide whether to operate a popcorn wagon that will be used to make popcorn to sell between classes in the lobby of Schneider Hall. The popcorn wagon itself would be leased from a local food service company for $2.00 per day. The materials cost (kernels and oil) to

In the book The Tip of the Iceberg by David Hutchens, what relationships did you find between the Tip of the Iceberg system dynamic and business situations?