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Online and offline sales are different. Please give and explain differences between payment in e-commerce and in traditional (offline, brick-and-mortar) stores.

Please explain how order fulfillment can create challenges in e-commerce.

Describe the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues that must address. Describe how the site handles security, confidentiality, and international issues. Discuss the impact of legal, regulatory, or ethics issues. Discuss how the protection [or lack thereof] of intellectual property could impact overall business goals and strategies. Possible areas to cover include current laws and

Please provide a blurb about each of the following companies and their e-marketing strategies. Amazon EBay ETrade Dell Computers Companies that have successfully converted from “bricks” to “bricks and clicks”: Gateway (converted from clicks to bricks and clicks!) Staples Borders I want to determine what made these companies successful. I’ll then be applying some of

Overview of Question: Please give comprehensive responses. Resources: Provide information that supports your answer. Show where information came from. Give a Real World Example: Give examples that complement your question responses using personal, work experiences, or something you read or heard in the media. All the elements must be present in each question response. Also,

E-Commerce companies face a number of issues when dealing with various payment systems. VISA has a program called the CISP program that is a standardized audit of all systems for companies that handle on line transaction processes. However, as in the case of choice point these standards did not work the way that they were

Did the Year 2000 “” crash on Wall Street and in countless technology companies signal the slowdown of e-Business or the opposite? Given the current trends where is the future of e-business heading?

You have examined several different aspects of your start-up business. Identify what forces in the external environment (competition, political/legal, economic, social/cultural, and technological) would you believe to have the greatest potential impact on your success? Why? Small Business is a special occasion gift basket store and virtual storefront on the internet.

I need to present a powerpoint presentation on the changes the Internet has made in the way we do business across the world.

Go the the websites of two companies in the same industry. Compare the benefits and resources for each company. Are the similar? What has each company doe to distinguish itself from its competitors? Which company do you think will ultimately win in the industry? Why?