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What do you think employees’ general attitudes are towards the benefits packages? How can an organization communicate the value of a benefits package?

1. What level of technical knowledge do you think a non-technical manager needs? Why is the level you recommend appropriate (in contrast with more or less knowledge)? 2. How should a non-technical manager keep up with changes in technology? 3. What were the resources you found most useful in supporting your work in this module?

Why are health-care costs rising so much? What have organizations done to reduce them?

Read the case Fairness in Punishment. Discuss the Decatur School Board’s decision to adopt a “no tolerance on school violence” in terms of fairness. How did implicit attitudes, perhaps, influence the school board’s decision to punish such a disproportionate number of African-American students? Summary of the Case Fairness in Punishment: On September 17, 1999 a

From a companies perspective there are many benefits a company really cannot afford to go without offering their employees if they hope to attain a strong and competitive work force. Providing a total rewards package gives employees a piece of mind that you cannot put a price tag on. There are so many different benefits

Previous generations of workers relied on a pension plan to assist them with retirement, now in time of age a pension plan is virtually unheard of. Also with an increase of retirement age, more consideration needs to be given to a retirement package. Will our retirement packages last our life span? With the gradual increase

Are you an advocate for the comparable worth doctrine? Defend your position, and share an example of any experience you have observed where employees were paid less than their peers because of sex, race, or religion.

How does the following principles support virtual team collaboration? Complementary Thinking Connected Seeing Collaborative Teamwork Constructing Meaning Conceptual Clarity Communicating Effectively Courageous Action Caring Empathy Conversational Reflection Continuous Learning Please provide sources if any.

Genevieve applies for a job as a security guard at a diamond mine. The primary job of security guard is to perform body-cavity searches on the miners, at the end of each shift, to ensure the miners are not stealing diamonds. Part of each guard’s compensation is based upon the number of stolen diamond recoveries

Research the following theories: Behaviorist Theories, Cognitive Theories, and Constructivist Theories. Contrast and compare their strengths and applications. Discuss how these theories impact work. Please site references.