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I need help in knowing what the steps are to generate a topic and how effective are they. Also I need examples.

Develop a planning Assumptions

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*Develop a planning Assumptions *Develop a corporate grand strategy objective(Brick & mortar store expansion in the north west) *Develop Competition strategy that will be employed to get objective in competition. *The position of the company financially *Develop information on taking the company public to accomplish the objective of expansion(Stock offering) *Use organizational chart and financial

What are five key elements of quality management? How are quality imperative and continuous improvement related to strategic and operational control?

I would like to be assisted with the above topic of the following a. Describe how the “look and feel” differs for the three Web sites. Include an evaluation of the ease of navigation of each Web site. b. Describes the supply chain for the business area selected when in a “brick and mortar” environment.

Assume I have a online eBay business. Based upon the Classical v. Socio-Economic dichotomy, where does your organization fall on the continuum? Where should it be? Has its position on the continuum changed in the past few years and why? How does or should this principle impact your management style?

Describe the supply chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken Company when in a “brick and mortar” environment in 350 words.

Explain how the marketing differs from traditional brick and mortar marketing. Be sure to address the Four P’s of marketing.

I need help figuring out answer the below questions. Describe the supply chain for the business area selected when in a “brick and mortar” environment? Explain how the supply chain was modified from “brick and mortar” by the Web sites? describe the marketing tools used in each of the three Web sites? The three websites

Please explain the following subjects about online auctions: Origins and key characteristics of the seven major auction types Strategies for Web auction sites and auction-related businesses Virtual communities and Web portals

At the second meeting of the Digital Learning Initiative Team (D-LIT), President Learner has selected you to formulate interactive marketing benchmarks, such as website features, online services, electronic data gathering, and software applications that permit personalized digital experiences. Dr. Learner is especially interested in assuring Cyber-Health that its successful “healthcare learning for the digital future”