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Using websites, library sources, friends, relatives, and others, obtain information on common suggestions for successful money management. Use this information to determine a successful money management strategy. Provide a list of your sources.

Why is management control important to financial planning? What are the dangers of not incorporating management control into the financial plan? Provide an example to support your answer.

If you are asked to create a financial plan for your health care organization, what are the main components you will address in your plan? Why? I do not need to create a financial plan; only what components that will be included and why.

The student posted the following question: Why are talent management, leadership, and change or renewal so critical in today’s world? To treat employees as a replaceable resource can often lead to many inefficiencies; not only in production but also costs. The cost of constantly advertising to recruit employees, along with training them, can be high.

Develop a spreadsheet that forecasts profits, revenues, and costs using the cost model for The UPS Store Franchise Opportunity. Be sure to include all assumptions that was made as development of your forecasts. In addition, include a breakdown of expenses in terms of fixed costs, variable costs, and one-time costs.

There are four categories of employee development and four steps to career management. Discuss the four categories of both, and explain how employee development can complement career management.

1. Techno Corporation is currently manufacturing an item at variable costs of $ 5 per unit. Annual fixed costs of manufacturing this item are $ 140,000. The current selling price of the item is $ 10 per unit, and the annual sales volume is 30,000 units. a. Techno can substantially improve the item’s quality by

What value should an organization receive for investing in and aligning the planning of learning to performance improvement needs?

Risk Identification, risk assessment, Risk response Planning, and Risk Monitoring for a planned wedding.

Let’s say that you are interviewing a job candidate for a job. As you are conducting the interview, the applicant states that she has 3 kids and does not have a car. She has says that her last employer did not like the fact that she was a conservative christian. What should you, the interviewer