Why is interorganizational cooperation an increasingly important leadership focus? What are some examples of successful interorganizational cooperation?  

Why is Michelle Obama considered to be a charismatic leader? Give at least 3 reasons with examples to justify.

View well-known corporations. Research one of the companies. Discuss the chief executive officer’s (CEO) leadership qualities. Answer the following questions: -Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that you think makes this individual (the CEO) an effective leader. -Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that a credible management industry source thinks makes this individual an effective leader. Support

How can you adapt the participative/democratic leadership style to address international, cultural, and ethical issues? Cite references if possible, to substantiate your claim.

How do self-awareness, self-concept, and emotional intelligence and worldview enable a leader to model the capacities or characteristics of servant leadership? How do these factors influence your leadership style? What does Kotter argue are the main differences between leadership and management? Do you believe he is right? Why or Why not?

For a company to create a culture of sustainability, leaders must possess key abilities and qualities to effectively reach this objective. From what you have studied and learned during this class what two abilities or qualities do you think are most important and why? Provide specific details as to how these abilities or qualities relate

After 25 years of being #1 on the Daytime Talk Show scene, Oprah Winfrey decided to call it quits to start her own network called OWN. Some people have hailed this as brillant, strategic and visionary while others have said why end her show when she had a “good thing going.” As leaders transition in

D Creation Lab (3DCL) specializes in innovative three dimensional color printing that enables consumers to make their computer designs tangible for various projects that may include prototypes often used for product development. This service is not exclusively extended to corporate executives; their services are also offered to every consumer who desires a 3D printing experience. The

1. Who are the influencers (leaders) in your life? 2. Think of your life purpose. Why you are here and what do you want to accomplish? 3. Which of your core values will guide your behavior as you attempt to live your life “on purpose”? 4. Given what you’ve learned from past leaders, your life

Explain why crisis leadership competence is an important consideration when hiring new leaders.