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The End of Glass-Steagall In 1933 President Roosevelt signed the groundbreaking Glass-Steagall act which legally separated the banking industry into commercial banking and investment banking. This law was passed in reaction the Great Depression and big wave of bank failures. Nearly 70 years later, legislation was passed doing away with most key clauses in the

If you were the manager who had to articulate the organizational goals to your staff, how would you go about it? What would you do if you did not agree with some of the goals? How might you present them and gain staff buy in when you, personally, do not agree with the goal?

What kind of structure best describes the way Walmart operates? Why is the structure appropriate? Would another structure fit better?

Why is it importance to create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)? A work breakdown structure (WBS) provides an outline that identifies the products involved in the project. This defines the relationships between different components in a particular project or deliverable down to the work packages breakdown so you are able to clearly see the first

Why is organizational structure an important issue for international companies?

How each of my three websites

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Please describe: How each of my three websites (MTV, VH1, and BET) address the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues important in eBusiness, including privacy, intellectual property, etc. Please include resources.

What is the difference between e-commerce and globalization? Can e-commerance help globalization efforts of an organization? Explain.

You are starting a business that sells pet treadmills. Initial market research shows a potential for high demand in affluent areas and cities with severe weather. You also foresee a lucrative international market and franchise opportunities. You have two options for capital: use your inheritance, which includes a multimillion-dollar home, or allow your two rich

Just need a little more knowledge and information (lecture notes) on Information Systems Strategic Planning. 1. What are the reasons that IS strategic plan is physically, technically and philosophically dynamic? 2. Define hyper-competition. How has it become an exhausting treadmill for information system organization? How does it challenge conventional strategic thinking to renew itself? 3.

Scenario: For Your Comfort (FYC), an ergonomic furniture manufacturing company was a dream founded by Ronald J. Dirksen and Richard Woodart in 1947, the year after World War II ended. War veterans were returning home and wanted to lead a life of material comfort; FYC’s trademark Easy Couch was a seller! The company expanded its