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Identify a company with a visible organizational culture. Learn as much as you can about that company’s culture, using library resources, online sources, contacts within the company, and as many creative means as you can. Prepare a presentation or write a paper summarizing the culture. What do you think are the company’s values? Has the

In 350 to 450 words I need help describing the Walt Disney Company and their philosophy, mission, vision, values, and structure.

Circuit City is a company that didn’t do what they needed to meet market needs or adapt to the constant changes. That said, Best Buy has their own set of challenges. They changed their strategy a while back and it seems to be backfiring on them. What would you do differently? What happens to companies

Organizational Culture Report Write a 14-16 page (excluding charts, graphs) paper that diagnoses an organization’s culture and then present a plan to change it to a culture that is more conducive to that of a learning organization. The formal paper should include the following sections, which should be headings within the paper (with a Table

What are the four types of organizational culture identified by Fons Trompenaars? Provide a brief description of each of these cultures. Scholarly Sources needed.

1. What are the values, terminal values, instrumental values, and norms at your organization or an organization you are familiar with? How was your organization’s culture transmitted to employees? If given the opportunity, how would you reshape the organizational culture? 2. Consider an organization you are familiar with. When was the firm born? What life

In what way (or ways) is the current ‘Knowledge Revolution’ a child of the industrial revolution? Is this a new revolution or simply an extension of the 18th-century revolution? Given the history, is it perhaps more appropriate to call the current revolution a ‘Communications Revolution’?

One way to encourage a culture of compliance is through internal controls. Evidently SOX has succeeded in putting in place a laundry list of internal controls. Some of these are: independent audit committees; reports signed by management; and increased punishment for offenders. Do you think that a company can achieve this “culture of compliance” if

The case study questions:

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The case study questions: How does culture influence decision making and problem solving? How would participation in a culturally diverse team affect decision-making and problem-solving activities? In some cultures, men are considered dominant and the only “voice” in decisions. If a team had members from different cultures, there may be issues in being open to

Please define and describe the concept of organizational or corporate culture.