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What are some of the major issues with online credit card safety and what are some of the new techniques credit card companies are implementing to ensure consumers are better protected from online credit card fraud? Do you see these measures as legal/ethical or both and Why?

Identify one eBusiness trend and one eCommerce trend. 1a) For the first trend (eBusiness), use your place of business and describe the change, and/or impact this eBusiness trend has had in your business. 1b) For the second trend (eCommerce), think of your online interaction in areas such as shopping or banking, and describe the change,

Describe where you think eBusiness is taking us in the future. For example; Google’s “You Tube” has change content exchange for good. With it, the expression of music and visual arts, (not to mention other works), have shifted. Do you see more potential trends happening? If so, where? What sort of entrepreneurial ideas do you

B2C pattern e-marketing processes that entail exchanges between business/organization customers and individual consumer students/users (e.g., healthcare organizations and practical student learning, or government agencies and student financial aid, etc.)

Identify and discuss the greatest threat to e-commerce growth from a company’s perspective

How has the Internet affected competitiveness? Please help me with this problem. Thanks!

Under what circumstances would it make sense to take an existing brand name online? When would it not make sense? Approximately 100 words per question is considered the minimum length for a complete response.

I need help in identifying a current business trend and predicting it’s impact in 10 years. How would the results of this trend impact building a multi-national media firm, specifically a publishing house? Please be detailed. This is definitely not an assignment.

What do you think it the most significant trend in business today. How will this affect future business?

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Appendix E Expanded HTML Document When you created the Code HTML document (Appendix D), it should have included the following elements: ? Title ? Headings of three different sizes ? Two instances of bold ? Two instances of italics ? Two instances of a horizontal rule ? One list: ordered, unordered, or definition ? Two