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What are the key purchasing operations issues and why are they key issues? How do you manage these key issues?

When a firm chooses not to react against a competitor’s threat is called forbearance. A concept, closely aligned with forbearance is co-opetition; which refers to the combination of both competition and cooperation. T or F

Describe the importance of productivity analysis to the overall health of the organization.

The authors of our textbook argue that “…clearly, not all diversification moves, including those involving mergers and acquisitions, erode performance.” Diversification is achieved through two methods: 1) through horizontal relationships, and 2) through hierarchical relationships. The benefits of these two relationships are mutually exclusive. T F

When diversifying in related businesses, such as horizontal relationships, the firm benefits from leveraging core competencies and sharing activities. As such, this enables the firm to gain from economies of scale. An example of this is when a sporting goods store, with one or several locations may acquire retail stores carrying other product lines. This

Please explain why are you interested in the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell and why should you be considered.

Rahim suggests conflicts originate from ten different sources. Choose an organizational conflict that has recently been in the news. Provide background information on the conflict, and analyze the problem through the lens of each of these ten sources. If the classification fits the problem, demonstrate how; if it does not, explain why that is the

What are some misconceptions about creative thinking? How would you go about explaining creative thinking to someone who is strongly influenced by those misconceptions?

Corporate-Level Strategy: Related and Unrelated Diversification Please give some example of partnering strategies (entering new industries) such as Joint Ventures or Acquisitions

When should a productivity analysis be conducted? Weekly, monthly, yearly or a combination of both? Why?