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1 Why do we have both a criminal justice system and a civil tort law system? Are both still as necessary and important? 2 As an employer, why should you be concerned about your employees’ previous criminal records? Is this fair? 3 Are ‘white collar’ crimes generally victimless if they are committed against a medium

Explain the human rights issues that are currently happening in China. Assess the impact of Chinese employment laws on the resolution of these issues. Identify and evaluate strategies and tactics focused on managing these human rights issues. Please explain whether you feel that companies have an ethical obligation to go above and beyond Chinese laws

What are some examples of conduct that may constitute a violation of public policy?

Scott offers to sell Cliff a boat for $500. Cliff replies, ‘I think I want the boat, but let me have a week to consider.’ Scott replies, ‘OK. I won’t sell the boat to anyone until after one week from today.’ The next day, Scott sells the boat to Bill for $600. The day after,

As a business owner, what two policies would you likely impose with respect to social media in the workplace?

As an employer, what steps would you take to educate your employees about appropriate conduct? What strategies would you use to ensure your employees are following your rules?

Text: Employmnet Law for Human Resource Practice, by David J Walsh Instructions As sad as it is, people do get fired…and this of course must be part of the study on Employment Law! Therefore, read chapters 18 and 19 of your text. Then answer the following questions: Why is it good legal advice for employers

4) The Holly Corporation has a new rights offering that allows you to buy one share of stock with 4 rights and $25 per share. The stock is now selling ex-rights for $30. The price rights-on is: Please place in Excel.

You are an employee at a nice paper mill and want to impress the boss by burning the midnight oil (but not too close to the wood pulp). For four consecutive weeks, you work forty-five, forty-two, thirty-nine, and thirty-one hours. If you are a nonexempt employee covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, how many

Sam works as a driver for Toxic Games Warehouse, a wholesale distributor and online retailer of video games and accessories. Over a ten-year period, Sam repeatedly applies for and is denied a promotion to the position of dispatcher. Sam meets the requirements for the job, which are a years driving experience and a specific license.