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Why is it important for a leader to be a model and cheerleader of the change initiative? 195 words  

One of the many facets of a leader is the fact that a leader must possess an extensive body of knowledge that sets him/her apart from the rest of the employees and/or management staff. For example, in IT (Information Technology) management, the leader has an advantage of knowing the end result right from the very beginning. Most

In the Creativity in Virtual Teams text, it is suggested that it is more effective to view team leadership as a relationship and team management as a position. Based on what you learned from the readings and your team experience, suggest three actions team leaders should take to build relationships when forming a new team. 427 words

I need help with thinking of a crisis situation that we are familiar with involving a group, team, organization or country and analyze it in terms of the leader-follower-situation framework. For example, were the followers looking for a certain kind of behavior from the leader? Did the situation demand it? Did the situation, in fact,

Discuss the role of education and experience in the development of a leader. Specifically, present a logical, researched argument on the characteristics of a person’s background that would make them predisposed to be a leader. 560 words plus references

Jack and Jenny have decided to meet a venture capital group in New York to discuss the possibility of internal expansion of Sandwich Blitz, Inc., and to find out if acceptable financing can be arranged. Jack has always been the one who could voice the Sandwich Blitz vision. He has usually been the visible â??voiceâ?

From an HR perspective, what do you think the greatest challenge is with leaders within organizations? Why? (Be sure to respond substantively, stating your opinion and demonstrating support for your rationale by including at least one outside reference.) response is 222 words plus reference

The concept leadership and the fundamental style of leadership are composed of an individuals’ ability to motivate their followers to do what is necessary to exceed organizational expectations. Leadership is a learned skill as a result of an individuals’ willingness to observe past mistakes and previous victories of success. Analyzing the strategies of previous organizational leaders will

Describe a change that would benefit your organization. Additionally, describe the culture within your organization’s leadership team. Given this cultural environment, how difficult do you think your proposed change would be to implement? Explain.

Why do so many leaders insist on micro-managing and following the “transactional” model vs. the “transformational” model? List references if any.