What is the relationship between team effectiveness and servant leadership based on research that has been done in this area? Support your position with a citation.  

Assume that you are an inventory manager and you notice that a lot of merchandise is being returned. Discuss what might be the possible causes and any action that you might take. Although you have a hunch of what might be the cause, explain at least two steps you would take to verify your hunch.  

 by Tichy developed a team. 2. Identify and describe the qualities of outstanding leaders or teachers. 3. Identify and describe a situation in which the point of view of a leader or teacher changed significantly. 4. Identify and describe a situation in which you were in the role of a leader or teacher and your

In a 3 page paper define leadership and management. Defend or criticize the view that leadership and management are different concepts. Give specific examples that support your position. Discuss the implications of your general leadership views.

You are a middle manager for a company and are planning a training session for your supervisors on effective versus ineffective leadership. You know from past training sessions that the use of real-life examples (from personal, work, or current events) is an effective way to transmit your message. You decide to start your training session

Analyze the benefits of an increased number of women leaders for employers. Do male and female leaders differ in their behavior and leadership styles in organizations? Provide an explanation of why so few women leaders reach the top. What factors come into play?  

What are the leadership implications of living in a flat world? Address the overall value of the GLOBE project. How might a leader use this information? What other elements of society might benefit from this information and why? How might other elements of society apply the information? Use citations to support arguments.  

Most people have a blend of leadership styles they use. Some leaders are more flexible in applying a wide range of leadership styles while others are more consistent and generally use just one or two preferred behaviors. If two strong individuals begin a new company, their personal leadership styles will certainly influence aspects of the organizational

Reflect on the critical life experiences that have shaped one into the leaders we are today. Consider your chosen team, group, or organization to determine your organization’s story: Who are we? Based on who we are and where we are as a group, consider where we are going. Determine and describe: Why does your chosen team

1. What is the role of Organization Development vis-a-vis organizational leadership? 2. Who best implements change at the leadership level? Is it up to Organizational Development to point out the need for change? Or is it best initiated by the leaders themselves?