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What is the largest mountain system in North America?

What geographic factors might have worked in favor of secession in Texas? Did geographic factors influence the order of secession in the other states?

How can the advancements made during the Age of the Pyramids be applied to modern day architecture?

How does the Arizona Constitution affect counties, municipalities, corporations, and schools in Arizona?

What are some of the economic costs and non monetary consequences of a terrorist attack?

Were the potential gains of the overseas extension of Chinese presence undertaken under Emperor Yongle equivalent to the expansion of overland, or Silk Road links during the Tang Dynasty? Why or why not?

How did the changes in the 1920s create a clash of values between modernists and traditionalists?

How much (if any) did the allies from WW1 contribute to Hitler s rise to power?

Did anton van Leeuwenhoek win any awards?

Formulate a set of principles to govern historical research and the teaching of history to minimize the risk of ideological distortion and political misuse of history.

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