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All of the following may contribute to the development of bulimia EXCEPT:

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1. TCO 1) All of the following may contribute to the development of bulimia EXCEPT: (Points : 2)
birth order.
more angry and disruptive interactions among family members.
a less stable family organization.
a less nurturing family.
2. (TCO 2) Consuming an excess of _______ calories in one week will result in a weight gain of one pound per week. (Points : 2)
3. (TCO 3) Limiting dietary intake of animal products can help to reduce intake of cholesterol and __________. (Points : 2)
monounsaturated fat
saturated fat
omega 3 fatty acids
4. (TCO 4) In which of the following events would carbohydrate loading be the most beneficial? (Points : 2)
Weight lifting
Baseball game
Cross country skiing
100 yard dash
5. (TCO 5) Which of the following BEST describes disordered eating? (Points : 2)
A psychiatric condition that requires a physician’s diagnosis
Any condition in which one’s eating behavior changes more than six times per year
General term that describes a variety of abnormal or atypical eating behaviors
Any disorder in which one attempts to reduce one’s body weight below a healthy range
6. (TCO 6) Which of the following BEST explains why adolescents are more vulnerable to the unrealistic media images of the perfect body than are adults? (Points : 2)
The images target young people.
Adolescents cannot comprehend the objective of advertisements.
Adolescents are developing their personal identity.
Adolescents cannot control their environment in the way adults can.
7. (TCO 7) Which of the following psychiatric disorders causes the most deaths among women? (Points : 2)
Anorexia nervosa
8. (TCO 8) Which of the following BEST describes an episode of binge eating? (Points : 2)
Eating a large amount of food in a short period of time
Eating without regard to hunger
Consuming food beyond feeling satiated (i.e., until overfull)
Consuming any food outside the parameters of a self imposed restrictive diet
9. (TCO 9) Which of the following is NOT a typical warning sign of bulimia nervosa? (Points : 2)
Calluses on the back of hands and/or knuckles
Frequent trips to the bathroom
Disappearance of large amounts of food
Weight loss
10. (TCO 10) Which of the following would NOT be an appropriate treatment strategy in treating someone with anorexia nervosa? (Points : 2)
Psychotropic medications
Minimum weight gain of five pounds/week
Family therapy
Restoration of healthy eating habits

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