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1. What happens when you step on a nail?

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1. What happens when you step on a nail?

2. What happens when you breathe in a virus?

3. If female vampires are venomous and male vampires are venomous and Nahuel (a Male hybrid vampire) is venomous, but all the known female vampire hybrids are not venomous. Is being a venomous a sex-linked trait or a coincidence based on other chromosomes? And why?

4. Draw the chart of Ab titer vs time showing primary and secondary infection.


This is a BIO assignment, it is for an individual that DOES understand immunology and NOT for someone that Goggled the answer. I am looking for detailed answers and at a minimum of 250 words per question except for question 4 (drawing that should be drawn on a separate paper and scanned when complete).  


Feel free to ask any question… 

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