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Please answer ONE of the following questions.

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Please answer ONE of the following questions.

1.)How do you explain the disfranchisement of southern blacks during the 1890’s? What measures did whites enact to prevent blacks from voting?

2.)Although frontier history is generally treated as an Anglo-American story, in the Far West it is much more about ethnic diversity. Why?

3.)Why did the railroad network grow so rapidly after the Civil War? What consequences did this have for the country’s economic development?

4.) Why did the AFL prevail over the Knights of Labor?

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Please answer ONE of the following questions

1.) Although historians describe the decades following William McKinley’s election in 1896 as an age of Republican domination, the democrat Woodrow Wilson won the presidency in 1912. Why?

2.) Why did the suburbs become so prominent a feature of the late 19th century city?

3.)What did Theodore Roosevelt mean when he said the US should be the ‘policemen’ of the Caribbean?

4.)How do you account for the revival of the woman’s suffrage movement during the Progressive era 

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Please answer ONE of the following questions.

1.) What were the causes of World War I? What made it a “world” war?

2.) What problems in the economy and society of the US were exposed by the Great Depression?

3.) What impact did war mobilization have on women, racial minorities, and organized labor? What legislation or government rules affected their lives as workers?

4.) Why did the United States use atomic weapons against Japan? 

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Please answer ONE of the following questions.
1.) What was the long term significance of the Korean War?

2.) What were the critical events of 1968 that have led historians to describe it as a “watershed year”?

3.) What were the key elements of Reagan’s domestic policy?

4.) What factors led to the end of the Cold War?

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