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Why wouldn’t employees be paid or compensated for extensive overtime

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 Why wouldn’t employees be paid or compensated for extensive overtime? Is the branch following employee contractual agreements and agency/branch policies?

Is the Roanoke branch operating under different salary scales/schedules than others Phoenix offices? Is the business experiencing financial problems?

• Who at Roanoke oversees the account review process? What are the procedures for accepting a new client account and for closing completed accounts? Are these procedures being followed?

• Why are some, but not all, of the graphic designers and writers complaining? Are their complaints legitimate? Have they always complained or is this a recent development? If recent, what has changed to cause the complaints? What have the art directors already tried to do to handle their concerns? How does their negative

attitude affect productivity?

• Why did one of the top executives leave recently? In what ways has the absence affected the branch productivity and employees?

• Has the loss of some management people caused the regular procedure of collaborative review to be overlooked or are the complainers not doing their jobs


• What’s the nature of the complaints filed by the four clients with Mr. Forest? What does each request to resolve the situation?


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