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Which of the following conclusions would sociologists most likely agree upon when discussing the importance of the sociological perspective?

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Which of the following conclusions would sociologists most likely agree upon when discussing the importance of the sociological perspective?
It opens a window to unfamiliar worlds and offers a fresh look at familiar worlds.
It verifies our basic assumptions about life and the need to focus on human needs.
It challenges cultural tradition to provide a new framework of human understanding.
It enforces social solidarity and expands the importance of the social imperative.

The event that most inspired Auguste Comte to pose the question, What holds society together? and begin developing sociology as a science was the ________.
industrialization of society
discovery of the new world by Christopher Columbus
development of the psychoanalytic approach
French Revolution

How did Karl Marx and Max Weber differ in their theoretical assumptions?
Weber failed to recognize class differences in society.
Marx was a theoretical sociologist and Weber strictly an applied sociologist.
Weber addressed social structure, which Marx totally ignored.
Marx believed economics was the central force of social change and Weber claimed it was religion.

The use of sociology to solve social problems in business, the workplace, and other aspects of society is called ________.
applied sociology
pure sociology
theoretical sociology
existential sociology

A general statement about how some parts of the world fit together and how they work is called a[n] ________.
operational definition

What is the underlying principle of symbolic interactionism?
It measures how society uses sanctions to control behavior.
It states that behavior is controlled by factors beyond one s control.
It explains how one s behavior depends on the way they define themselves and others.
It is based on the premise that a history of man is a history of class conflict.

Many African Americans feel the flag of the Confederate States of America, the stars and bars, is a sign of racial hatred. States rights advocates view the same flag as heritage, not hatred. Such a difference of opinion over the same material object is an illustration of which sociological perspective?
symbolic interactionism
functional analysis
structural analysis
conflict theory

Viewing society as composed of groups that engage in fierce competition for scarce resources is the underlying premise in ________.
conflict theory
structural functionalism
functional analysis
symbolic interactionism

According to Robert Merton, the intended beneficial consequences of people s actions that help a social system to be more efficient are ________.
latent functions
manifest dysfunctions
manifest functions
latent dysfunctions

Which of the following statements is least accurate when addressing feminist theory?
Feminists believe men and women should have equal rights.
The roots of feminist theory can be traced to the original work of Karl Marx.
Conflict between men and women is a relatively new phenomenon brought about by equal rights legislation.
Feminists are not united in the conflict perspective, using a variety of theories and views.

Jennie is studying how the President s new economic policies are affecting employment and unemployment rates, homelessness, and the amount of money people save. In view of this, Jennie is primarily utilizing which sociological approach?
qualitative analysis

The two sociological perspectives that focus on the broader picture, or the macrosociological approach, are ________.
conflict theory and functionalism
functionalism and symbolic interactionism
symbolic interactionism and conflict theory
symbolic interactionism and neo conflict theory

What is the primary reason for the differences people have in behavior and attitude?
biological factors of each individual
location in the social structure
the race of the individual
sex and gender differences

The sociological focus of microsociology places its emphasis on ________.
social institutions
agents of socialization
social interaction
group conflict

Cordell Walker is a Texas Ranger, a husband, a father, a good friend to many, and a martial artist. Together, these titles comprise what sociologists would call Walker s ________.
social roles
social class
status set
ascribed statuses

Leo is a college graduate, cello teacher, and a member of Who s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. This would be an example of ________.
his social class
his achieved statuses
his social roles
status inconsistency

What is the primary difference between an ascribed status and an achieved status?
Achieved statuses have roles attached to them but ascribed statuses do not.
Ascribed statuses never change while achieved statuses do.
Ascribed statuses are involuntary while achieved statuses are voluntary.
Ascribed statues can also be a master status but achieved statuses cannot.

According to Durkheim, the shared consciousness that people experience as a result of performing the same or similar tasks is called ________.
mechanical solidarity
organic solidarity

The degree to which members of a society feel united by shared values and other social bonds is what Durkheim referred to as ________.
social collectivity
social integration
the social construction of reality

A[n] ________ designates social position while a[n] ________ designates socially expected behavior.
ascribed status; achieved status
status; role
achieved status; ascribed status
class; status

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