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Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology

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We can prepare comprehensive SWOTT analyses for you over an eclectic array of subjects. Remember, strengths and weaknesses are internal, whereas opportunities and threats are external :)


Musical slides anyone? Well, at assignmentHOLE, we can prepare for you presentations with a media overload, or even the deathly serious ones. We keep detailed notes on every slide that requires elaborating.

Excel calculations

Supply and demand calculations have you down? At assignmentHOLE, we would be happy to help you figure your regression and help solve for the elusive x at each step of the problem. All ranges of Math topics are also welcome.

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assignmentHOLE is a community of learning, trust, and integrity. We trust that you are responsible and will use materials we provide honestly. Please use our tutorials as a resource and do not submit our work as your own. Our materials are provided with the intent to assist you in your studies, not to facilitate cheating.


All writing is crafted from scratch. A refund and a complete rewrite is promised if instances of plagiarism are contained within any work crafted by us. assignmentHOLE is one of the most prolific writing companies. Yet, we continue to work with a handful of time trusted and professional degree holding writers, with an American tax ID number. Additionally, our legally binding contract ensures that the entire writeup scores above a fixed originality score .


assignmentHOLE promises to deliver on time. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Accordingly, we are happy to refund your order if we will be unable to finish your work within the set time period. You are entitled to a full refund if we are late on your order. Please use our services responsibly – only for questions where in you are allowed to take help.

Post Completion

assignmentHOLE offers free referencing with any writeup. A single complimentary reference is provided for every page that is ordered. Besides, assignmentHOLE will also format your writeup under any of the widely prevalent standards. We also offer to edit, check for plagiarism and revise your order to your satisfaction. Again, please use our services responsibly – only for questions where you are allowed to take help.


Our rates are among the lowest in the industry, when compared with other US based, legitimate service providers who can also match our quality. Rates are pursuant to the priority requested. We may also offer discounts from time to time, announced over our newsletter – so please do subscribe (we wont bore you, nor bug you, nor would we sell your information :)


We source all of our information from legitimate sources, including Google Scholar, journals, governmental or other authoritative websites as well as information that you as client will supply. Watch out for assignmentHOLE’s exclusive referencing repository to be launched later in the year. We intend to let everyone use it, so our competitors stay off of Wikipedia as well.


Revisions are offered free of cost. We will revise and edit an order to the client’s satisfaction, regardless of the number of times such revisions may become necessary. As such, before being sent, all orders go through a 9 step editing-process queue. This must be good investment on our behalf since less than 1 percent of all orders come back for revisions.


At assignmentHOLE, we take your privacy related concerns very seriously. We only require a few data fields to process your order for you, to communicate and relay the processed order back to you. Please note that we do not collect financial information on our website. That information is limited to your payment processor, for example, Paypal or Dwolla. Our business interests are sustained through a relationship with you, and we will never jeopardize our mutual interests by letting your information be exposed, ever.

A Small Team of Writers

assignmentHOLE only works with writers who have at least a 4 year degree in the field they write in – from a United States based college. Our writers are sorted in terms of their proficiency, specialization and availability (part time or full time). As a customer, you may request the Tutor ID of a particular writer for future work, given their availability and willingness to also work with you.



17 August 2019 By Lynn Schweigert in General

Combat Leadership versus Garrison Leadership

17 August 2019 By Lynn Schweigert in General

Combat Leadership versus Garrison Leadership

17 August 2019 By Lynn Schweigert in General

Combat Leadership versus Garrison Leadership


01 October 2013 By Professional in Law

Unit 9-Family & Domestic Violence

25 September 2013 By skyhighluv in Law

I wanna double check my work

17 September 2013 By Professional in Law

Unit7-Exercise-Family&Domestic Violence