How does it work?

Please go ahead and place an order from the Order Form, reached by clicking the large green button on your right hand sidebar.

How can I pay?

Normally, the way to go is via PAYPAL. We can also help you pay via Google Checkout – but you would have to email us.

What happens next?

What happens next is we email you the tutorial to your email – specific to the length and priority you ordered with!

Whats with the answering module under the questions?

The answering module is for students to help each other and earn some points. If we see you earning lots of ’em, we will reward you – we dont know how quite yet, but make no mistake! Literally!

What kind of questions do you help with?

You may submit academic questions from any grade level, in any subject whatsoever.

Whats the typical response time?

Regular priority times are 5 days. To ENSURE you get the help you need within the time you have, make sure to order priority (select the desired option while ordering).

Is your work customized?

Any tutorials and help you receive is developed from scratch, and has never been sold before. This is done to ensure all work our tutors do stays clear of copyright and plagiarism issues – concerns number one on all our tutors’ minds.

Who do you hire?

A tutor with us has to have an advanced degree in the field he wishes to teach. Most tutors have a graduate degree in their fields.

An American author?

Each author that would work on your tutorials would have at least a 4 year degree qualification from the US.

Contact form not working?

You can always reach us at support AT