[box type=”info”]AssignmentHOLE.com’s PRIVACY POLICY AS OF October 20, 2010.[/box]

AssignmentHOLE.com takes your privacy and information very seriously. Continue reading to learn more about our privacy policy. This privacy policy only applies to AssignmentHOLE.com.

Ofcourse this policy does not apply to any third party sites that AssignmentHOLE links to or does business with or does not control over or manage. Any acquisitions or other websites owned by assignmentHOLE will have their own privacy policies. These policies only concern the website located at AssignmentHOLE.com. The policy does not apply to people we do not employ or do not contract to. Policies for other websites may be located on their respective servers.

How AssignmentHOLE.com Uses Your Personal Information

Personal Information will include information about you like your name, address, telephone number, email, degrees and certification and other details we may collect or you may provide. The information may include your past usage records and other information that may not be publicly available.

This policy will cover how AssignmentHOLE.com will collect, receive, use this information.



We collect personal information required for you to be integrated into our website during the process of registration, when you click on AssignmentHOLE.com’s pages, when you use our products or services, engage in business with us, visit websites of our partners and associates, or when you submit documents to us as part of the independent contractor tutor program (AssignmentHOLE Specialised Tutors program).

We may as part of policy combine information about you from our partners and other private companies – on the world wide web or outside.

While only your email and a username of your choosing is required to register, we invite you to fill in fields on your profilepage that include your name, address, profile picture, social networking identifications, your educational qualifications and a brief bio. These data fields are optionally filled up by you.



You are not anonymous to us.

AssignmentHOLE.com receives information from a few business partners about you – including your name and address, and the details about the transaction – including your usage.

AssignmentHOLE.com also requires to record information from your computer (or any electronic device used to access our website) and browser, your IP address, our cookie information, software and hardware properties (or configurations) and the information you request or receive from our website.

The information thus collected is generally used as follows: to customize the advertising (at present none) and content you are presented, cater to your service needs, improve our website performance, contact you, generate research, and may use it to provide anonymous reporting for our associates – internal or external.

AssignmentHOLE does not allow children under the age of 18 to register or use the website. We ask that a guardian operate on a child’s behalf through a mutual (or family) account.
AssignmentHOLE.com will not contact under age children with advertising or marketing offers without a parent’s written permission. All accounts maintained on our website need to adult overseen.


AssignmentHOLE.com does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with third parties, other people or non-affiliated, non-associated companies other than to provide products or services you’ve requested, when you allow us to or ask us to, or under the following circumstances:

• We share the information with trusted parties and partners who work on behalf of or with AssignmentHOLE.com under adequate confidentiality agreements. These parties may utilize your information to facilitate AssignmentHOLE.com communicate with you with promotions from AssignmentHOLE.com and our marketing associates. These companies have not been given any rights whatsoever to share this information with anyone.

• We possess a parent’s/guardian’s permission to share information if the user is under the age of 13. Parents/guardians are provided the option of allowing AssignmentHOLE.com to gather and utilize their child’s information without consenting to AssignmentHOLE.com sharing of this information with parties and associates (or people or companies) who may use this information for their own reasons.

• We respond with all our database information to legal matters: subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or to protect, establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.

• We consider it imperative to share all our information (upon or about you) to facilitate with investigations, prohibit, restrict, or act against illegal activities, suspected fraud, matters concerning potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of AssignmentHOLE.com’s terms of use, or in general as and when required by law.

• We will transfer information contained in our servers about you if AssignmentHOLE.com is bought, acquired by or merged with another company. If such a thing ever happens – unlikely though possible, AssignmentHOLE.com will seek permission from you before your information is transmitted and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.
AssignmentHOLE.com uses your information to optimize advertising . Thus any advertisers (including ad serving companies) assume that people who get served their targeted ads meet the targeting criteria—for example, men aged 40-60 from Canada.

• No personal information is ever transmitted to the advertiser when you interact with, click or view an ad. You hereby agree that there could be a chance that the advertiser or ad agency will assume that you meet their targeting criteria.

• AssignmentHOLE.com advertisers include both financial firms like banks and non-financial companies like day-cares.
AssignmentHOLE.com works with many vendors, affiliates, advertisers, tutoring contractors and other service providers. For more information regarding tutors (providers) of products or services that you’ve requested please read our reference links or email us at support AT AssignmentHOLE.com .


AssignmentHOLE.com may transmit, set and access AssignmentHOLE.com cookies on your computer.

AssignmentHOLE.com allows third party companies that advertise on some of our pages set and access their cookies on your computer. Their use of their cookies is subject to their own privacy policies. No other parties have access to AssignmentHOLE.com’s cookies.

AssignmentHOLE.com uses web beacons to interact with AssignmentHOLE.com cookies – in connection with AssignmentHOLE.com products and services.

Allowing Editing or Deleting Your Account Information and Preferences

You can modify your AssignmentHOLE.com Account or Profile Information, including your marketing preferences, at any time – you may not edit your username at any time though.

Newer types of marketing strategies, ways and technologies might be added to the Marketing Options page as need be. By visiting the page – you can opt out of receiving future marketing communications from all categories, you may unsubscribe by following instructions contained in the communication they receive.

[box type=”warning”]We reserve the right to send you certain messages or communications via any of the mediums at our disposal, relating to AssignmentHOLE.com’s services and procedures, such as important or periodic announcements, messages from the administrator and the ‘AssignmentHOLE’ newsletter. Such communications are relevant to your maintaining a solid account on our site and are considered a part of your AssignmentHOLE.com account. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MAY NOT OPT OUT OF THEM. IN CASE YOU WOULD NOT LIKE TO RECEIVE SUCH MESSAGES, THE ONLY RECOURSE YOU HAVE IS TO DE-ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT AND NOT USE OUR WEBSITE. Account deletion may or may not be processed as deemed fit by AssignmentHOLE.com. Therefore certain information shall always remain in our archived records. [/box]


We grant limited access to your information – to reliable contractors or employees who would need to work with that information in order to process your service request or make your visit to our site a more pleasing experience.

We have constituted physical, electronic, and procedural safety features allowed under federal law to protect your information at all times.


AssignmentHOLE.com may update this policy at any given time – with or without a prior notice. We shall make you aware of the changes to this policy by sending either a notice to the primary email in our database or by placing a notice on our site’s homepage.


If you have questions or suggestions, please email them to us at legal AT AssignmentHOLE.com. Alternatively you may snail mail them to us at:

931 Congress Hill Road, Franklin, PA – 16323.

Dated: October 20, 2010